TIMVISION - the new home for football and your passions (2023)

A content-packed season is approachingTimVision, a new home for sports and entertainment. Recent contracts signed withDAZNIMediaset Infinity, which will bring all Italian and European football matches to the TIM platform from next season, TimVision confirms its position as the most comprehensive and complete streaming platform, the result of a strategy to combine the best television products available on the market.In addition to sports, TimVision also provides content found in apps from top entertainment sitesDisney+,discovery+,Mediaset Infinity,Netflix, Amazon Prime Videoand many other industry players.


TimVision is the new home of football and offers its customers the opportunity to access a lot of sports content via streaming.

Thanks to the distribution deal that brings the DAZN app to TimVision, all football and sports-related content can be seen:TIM Serie A,UEFA Europa Leagueand the best ofUEFA Conference League,BKT series, SpanishLiga, EnglishThe FA Cup,MotoGP,NFL,UFC,Match room,GGGIgolden boyfor boxing andIndycar.

All this in addition to Mediaset Infinity content from 104UEFA Champions Leaguematches per season and 17 matches available for free on Canale 5.

The full Discovery+ catalog and the full program scheduleOlympic Doctor Tokyo 2020is also available on TimVision through all additional Eurosport channels. In addition, the high-definition Eurosport 4K channel will be offered exclusively to customers via the TimVision Box, providing a unique viewing experience for the event's best racing.

There will also be cycling challenges with these threeStore ture, tennis fromGrand Slamtournaments,LigaBasketball,Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijingand all winter sports, golf with exclusivesPGA TourIEuropean tour, motorsport with24 timer i Le Mansand many other important events not to be missed.

In addition, TimVision will continue to be the home of women's Serie A, broadcasting all matches in the championship live - of which five are exclusive and one exclusive -, the last four of the Supercoppa and the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals of the Coppa Italia, for a total of over 140 matches.


TimVision will show over 80 international theatrical films fromSony pictures, many of which will be in the first payout window. Thanks to the contract signed with Sony, hits such as"Little Women",“Jumanji: The Next Level','Bad boys for life' and other blockbusters from recent movie seasons are now available. The deal also includes a selection of Sony's most important films to hit the big screen, which will then be available in the first subscription window on TimVision.

Thanks to the collaboration betweenLucky Red og TimVision,two documentaries about the lives and careers of two Italian icons,Ennio MorriconeISalvatore Ferragamowill also be exclusive soon.

  • Ennio: master", directed and narrated by Oscar-winning director Giuseppe Tornatore, tells the story of the great master's extraordinary career. Docu-film contains archive footage, interviews and the most important moments from the composer's artistic life.
  • "Salvatore: Dream Maker", directed by Luca Guadagnino, uses images and voices to illustrate the life and success story of Salvatore Ferragamo, who immigrated to Hollywood from a small town in Irpinia and became an international icon'Made in Italy'.


TimVision continues to deliver exclusive premieres of exciting series with big stars, current issues and inspired by literary works."Good game"returns on August 19 for season five of the legal drama, in which attorney Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) is forced to consider whether it is right to be involved in running an African-American law firm with Liz (Audra McDonald). Meanwhile, Marissa (Sarah Steele) and the studio keep in touch with Hal Wackner (Mandy Patinkin), a Chicago resident who decides to open a courthouse in the copy room. The complete series is only available on TimVision.

BBC dramatization"North Water"starring Colin Farrell, based on Ian McGuire's novel of the same name about a troubled expedition in the 19th century Arctic, coming soon as an exclusive, with the second season of the anthology romantic comedy,'To love life', with this chapter starring William Jackson Harper.

The series premieres in the fall"Chapelwaite"as an exclusive premiere, starring Adrien Brody and inspired by a story by Stephen King"The Fate of Jerusalem".

In the coming months, the catalog will be even richer with TV hits that have won critical and public recognition, such as"Black Orphan","The Good Doctor",'Timeless'I'Shield'.


TimVision will release 128 remastered episodes in August"Holly i Benji", the iconic series dedicated to football and loved by generations of children.

Next are seven games with"I control myself", Luì and Sofì, the craziest couple on the internet who share days with their followers.

A lot of space was also set aside for cartoons with sign language.


TimVision, in addition to the selection of films, series and entertainment programs available in its catalog and that of its partners, offers several original productions that cover topics that Italians are passionate about. Among the many prepared for September, two new programs will debut:

  • A program dedicated to Fantasy Footballwill accompany fans to TimVision for the next Serie A TIM Championship. Eight talents from the worlds of sports, entertainment and music, all in love with football, will gather around the table to play TimVision Fantasy Football. Each week they will analyze the results from the previous day, create rankings, study the formations and physical condition of the players. A fun talk show about passion for football and Fantasy Football, a game that engages millions of fans every day.
  • Smartwill introduce Fall-Winter 2021 fashion collections to TimVision. Eight episodes from the first talk show, where three experts from the fashion world will comment on fashion shows from well-known Italian and international brands. This show gives you a front-row seat on the runways, where professionals comment and advise on what to wear when the clothes hit the storefronts.

Meet with"The Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy"returns to TimVision. The talent show follows a group of young aspiring orchestra conductors, selected from all over the world, through all stages of preparation - from piano rehearsals with singers to rehearsals with the orchestra - through which Riccardo Muti conveys his interpretation idea not only to young musicians, but also to the audience. The title of the selected opera is "Nabucco" by Giuseppe Verdi. For the first time, the Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy will be organized in collaboration with the Fondazione Prada, which will host the Academy's activities in its space in Milan.

It is also the second season of the series"Doctor Georgewith Chiara Giordano, who, in her veterinary clinic surrounded by nature, together with her staff, cares for animals and everything to do with them: from the care of puppies looking for a home, to the treatment of minor illnesses, nutritional problems and reporting of missing animals.


A distinctive feature of the offer is the TimVision Box, which comes at no extra cost with all football deals proposed by TIM to enjoy the best viewing experience. Newdecoderis the most modern device in terms of technical parameters (including Android TV 10, WiFi 6 connection and the new DVB-T2 digital terrestrial TV technology) and functionality that ensures smooth high-quality streaming: thanks to one remote control, access to all content of the platform is possible.

TimVision Box gives customers easy one-stop access to digital terrestrial channels, TimVision content and all content provided by its partners such as DAZN, Disney+, Netflix, Mediaset Infinity and Amazon Prime Video and easily download any Android TV app available on Google Play store. On the website, customers can browse content and partners, new releases, suggestions and recommendations, and get instant access to shows based on airtime.

Searching for content is simple and instant, also thanks to voice interaction that searches for results in all installed Android TV applications, as well as other available information related to the content you are searching for.

Added to this are viewers who opt out of TIM's ultra-broadband connectionTIM HUB+modem i"WiFi Serie A TIM"you will be able to enjoy the best entertainment and sports experience at home, also thanks to the TIM technician certified WiFi for total home coverage.

Rome, 15 July 2021


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