It's fascinating to see how Timion accelerated from a small project in the yard, what it is today!For our decade anniversary, we made a movie to try to capture the story of how Timimons grow over the years.You will find the most important events every year as a tale.


Timion was founded in November 2006 by the Swiss orthopedist Daniel Meyer and his South African wife and physiotherapist Anika. They met while working with disabled children in Sierra Leone and Iraq in 1998-2003. After spending a year studying the Bible with YWAM, they felt called to settle in South Africa to support marginalized children with disabilities. Because Anika had strong ties to UCSA (Uniting Christian Student Association) in Jeffreys Bay, she moved there in October 2006.

2006 I 2007

When Anika and Daniel began assessing disability needs, they connected with a very dynamic District Rehabilitation Coordinator in Port Elizabeth, Tabiza Caga. Working with her and the therapists of the clinic in Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage, Anika and Daniel began to see children with cerebral palsy in clinics in clinics in the cities and in the Uitenhage Provincial Hospital. Many children needed special equipment. In government hospitals, funds were often in short supply or could not be obtained by these units. At that time , The situation differs depending on the province to the other, but until 2006, many disabled children in the Eastern Cape still did not receive the right equipment.

Daniel and Anika founded a close -up company called Timion Child Equipment.The choice of business form later turned out to be a mistake when the work they did was purely non-profit.Financing for the project was provided by donations from friends, family and Daniels church in Switzerland.Timion's donations came from a completed project for homeless people in Iraq, which Daniel started in 1998.

Daniel worked in the production of simple wooden equipment about three days a week. This took place in the yard of the couple's apartment, before a garage at UCSA. Anika designed and sewed cushion covers and upholstery for equipment and did the basic administration and record keeping. One to two days a week Anika and Daniel traveled to the clinic, in cities or to the hospital in the Uitenhage province to see disabled children.


It was the year when Daniel considered it necessary to get practical support in the workshop. In the beginning, most of the help of students at Christian School of Leadership from Zimbabwe and Zambia came, but Timion also received support from the local population - for over a yearIrene and Stuart Bradley invested in the project half a day a week.

In 2008 we welcomed our first Swiss volunteer, Debors Müller. She was a role that helped keep Timi -volunteer. Until the end of 2013, Timion hosted over 25 volunteers! In addition to providing practical help, volunteers are moral support and Let's see things with fresh eyes again.

The same year we started withprayer partner program.It is always possible for our disabled children to be "adopted" by prayer partners who commit to praying for the child on a regular basis.Timion then hired its first full -time employee for the workshop.The workload was steadily increasing.


In 2009 we had our first two camps at the UCSA Campground in Jeffreys Bay. We realized that there is a huge emotional need for mothers and grandmothers of our disabled children. In the camps we are able to remedy this because we have the opportunity to to spoil mothers and their children for several days.


We began to change the approach to children. Until then, we met with mothers and children in clinics in the city or at the provincial hospital in Uitenhage. However, this prevented us from getting to know the real situation. We also realized that relatives often had difficulties by delivering equipment to homes by public transport. Since then we have visited families to get to know the origins of these families better.

This allowed mothers to be more relaxed and solved the logistical problem of transporting equipment. By hiring Oswald, Daniel now had two people helping him in the workshop.

Until then, Timion tools and machines were do-it-yourself products. Surprisingly, they held up quite well for daily industrial use. In 2010, Timion had the opportunity to buy industrial woodworking machines at a very favorable price.


We moved! We moved a workshop from UCSA -Bill camp to the industrial area of Jeffreys Bay.We doubled our workshop space! It was also the year of establishing the Timion Association in Switzerland. Members of the association coordinated Fundraiser in Switzerland and also advised Daniel aboutto complete a project.


It was the year when Timion could hire its first occupational therapist, Elbé. Every day Elbé made a home visit with the families we had a relationship with.Later in the year we could hire Christofel, who as a logistist could bring more structure to Timion's work.He also recorded Timion to become a non-profit organization.


We could move to a bigger workshop again. Timion needed additional administrative support, so he hired a part-time secretary. At this time, Timion had five employees in addition to Daniel.

Anika, who founded Timion with Daniel, has decided formally withdrawing from the work of Timion.However, she is still involved in the procurement process, education and advisory role.Timion has now become a registered non-profit company.At that time, Timion included NPC board members Wilbur Wright, Selmari Potgieter and Daniel Meyer.Timion also received its NPC number and tax exemption status from SARS.

Thanks to the large and successful collection of money in Switzerland, Timion could buy VW Caddy. Till now it is used daily for home visits and has a lot of space for equipment or people.


Timion hired a full -time advisor, Nolubabalo.She started coming home visits, especially to support mothers emotionally and spiritually.She also coordinated the cell groups and house churches that emerged from the camps we drift.Timion's goal is for each camp to be followed by a support group that meets regularly.

In February, Timion employed the first professional carpenter as a volunteer. Nicolas is from France, and at that time he served with us as a civil servant. He helped to improve the qualifications of our employees, improve the quality of the equipment and increase the production efficiency.


Tymoteusz started working for Timion this year. Our dream has always been to receive young people from difficult environments and help them develop their skills. It was an exciting time when Timothy was with us, observing his personal development and as a carpenter.

Elbé, our long-time occupational therapist, went to work full-time in Jordan helping disabled refugees with disabled children. Karlien and Anne, South African occupational therapists, joined Timions this year. Having two permanent therapists who make home visits has really increased our capabilities .

We received a generous donation via caisse secours from the French Mennonite Church as well as a generous donation from a Swiss family and as a result we were able to purchase an additional caddy for use on our home visits. With two therapists, both cars were used daily for our home visits in the cities.

Anglican Help, an Australian humanitarian organization, began providing financial supportTimion Counselling ProgramFor guardians of disabled children. Timion also began to facilitate and support the creation of support groups for caregivers in many municipalities. Timion was accepted by the government as an official supplier of verticals. This 3-year contract allows us to sell verticals to government hospitals , and we hope that thanks to this we will be able to raise funds to support the project.

Hannah, who has already worked as a physical therapist with Timion, became our manager after Christofel went to the Philippines.Scliford joined our production team to help us with increased workload and worked with us until the end of 2016 before coming to Elbe at Elbe Middle East of the season.


This year we were welcomed to host Swiss officials who are trained carpenters. Raphaël pioneered this role as our first Swiss official.

On February 12, we were shaken by a tragic car accident in which our volunteer Alena Hübscher died and Raphaël was seriously injured. This is a very sad and difficult time, but the team and family truly experienced the comfort of God's community and love during that time.

Timion has been blessed with many volunteers who have played important roles.

In 2016, we employed Wian, who is responsible for our CNC machine, which we bought used. The CNC machine helps us increase our design ability and precision.

Lusanda joined our team as an advisor and Vuyani joined the workshop.

In Domino Sponsored Run, arranged by the Basel-based YMCA, Timion was the main recipient.This event raised enough money for Timion to build its own workshop.We are very excited and grateful for this prospect of having our own custom -built workshop.

In the meantime, a lot of money was also collected to create your own daycare in one of the cities where we earn.


The safety concerns of our Outreach Team resulted in the decision that a minimum of two people would go on the field visit.

The production system in the workshop has been rebuilt so that instead of a team working on a product, each team member produces a product for which they are fully responsible. The production team enjoyed this new approach because it gave everyone greater ownership of their work.

CNC manufacturing took on a greater role and the machine enabled more sophisticated designs. We have designed a new parking chair for children with severe disabilities. Other products have been remodeled.

Hannelie became our new secretary when Sammy left us to follow her to work more with young people and mothers.

We celebrated the tenth anniversary of Timion with about 300 people in a hall in one of the cities where we work.


Sonja and Tom Tschopp, along with their two children, left their home in Switzerland to work long -term with Timion in Jeffrey's Bay.
Sonja has started craft groups with mothers of children with cerebral palsy. The purpose of these groups is to learn new skills such as crocheting and sewing, while offering a platform where they can share their lives and encourage each other.
Tom founded a metal workshop to complement our timber disabled access equipment and supply metal elements where it is more structurally viable.

After more than a year's search for a suitable place for a day care center, a cheap former government house in Kwanobuhle municipality near Uitenhage was purchased.The house has been renovated and modernized by the Timion team to meet the requirements of the kindergarten.

A new closure camp has taken place.A closure camp allows us to help mothers find closure and healing from past events that have negatively impacted their lives.

In addition to the Debriefing Camp, we also conducted two respite camps and two therapy camps.

At the workshop we have built our own large CNC machine to further improve the quality and extent of our work. Sale of tables for wheelchairs increased sales of products and brought much necessary income to supplement donations.

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Alena's Love Daycare 🌿This semester we discover David and Johnathana☀ friendshipHere is our tree, which is a beautiful reminder of friendship 🌳"God uses true friends to show us the way. Serve God in what we do and say. 💛


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To cultivate God's way 🌱We spent a good time with women in Joe Slovo, where we had the opportunity to teach them the principles of "growing god" 🌿🌱


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Who is Timon in Greek mythology? ›

Timon Of Phlius, (born c. 320 bc, northern Peloponnese, Greece—died c. 230, Athens), Greek skeptic philosopher and man of letters. Poor in his youth, Timon earned his living as a dancer before studying with Stilpo at Megara and with Pyrrhon of Elis.

What is the story of Timon? ›

Wealthy and popular, Timon of Athens helps his friends, gives many gifts, and holds a feast. After ignoring his true friends' warnings, Timon runs out of money, and none of his "friends" will help him. He runs away to a cave where he curses humanity, finds gold, funds someone to destroy Athens, and dies.

What is the epitaph of Timon? ›

Here lie I, Timon, who alive, all living men did hate, Pass by, and curse thy fill, but pass and stay not here thy gait.

Who wrote Timon? ›

Timon of Athens, tragedy in five acts by William Shakespeare, probably written sometime in 1605–08 and published in the First Folio of 1623 from an authorial manuscript, probably unfinished. Some parts of the play may be by Thomas Middleton.

What witch animal is Timon? ›

Meerkat. In the film: Timon, the wise-cracking sidekick of Pumbaa (we'll get to him later). In real life: Meerkats are communal animals who often look out for one another.

What animal is Timon originally? ›


Why was Timon banished? ›

Timon's banishment was a punishment inflicted on Timon by the Duke Meerkat due to him abandoning his guard post and unknowingly letting a cobra infiltrate the colony and kidnap Princess Tatiana, the Duke's daughter.

What is a Timon in English? ›

timon in British English

(ˈtaɪmən ) obsolete. an apparatus by which a vessel is steered; a helm.

What does Timon mean in lion King? ›

Timon is one of the few characters in the film who does not have an African name. The tall and skinny suricate's name actually means “respect” or “to honour” in Greek, we're not sure if this one is quite so accurate… However, as a biblical name, it means “worthy” and he certainly is a worthy friend!

Why does Timon leave his family? ›

He is the adoptive uncle of Bunga and Simba. Initially, Timon lived with his colony in a territory outside the Pride Lands. However, after he failed to warn his colony about a hyena attack, he left to find his dream home.

What is Timon of Athens based on? ›

The story of Shakespeare's sharp satire on wealth, greed and betrayal, which was probably written around 1605–1606. Timon is a rich Athenian, famous for her wealth and generosity. As the play opens a group of people is gathering outside Timon's house, waiting to offer her flattering gifts or beg favours.

Who is Timon the friend of? ›

In Act 2, however, the play comes to focus on a number of particular friends of Timon, referring to them by their proper names: Lucius, Lucullus, Sempronius, and, again, Ventidius (2.2. 211–13, 246–52).

How old is Timon? ›

Being 12 when he gets selected for the Lion Guard makes sense, then 14 in Season 2 and 16 at the start of Season 3. Him aging four years throughout the show makes a meta-kind of sense to me too, because the show ran for four years (don't ask me how him aging two years in one wet/dry season makes sense though).

Is Timon a weasel? ›

Meerkats are weasel-like animals that are members of the mongoose family. The mongoose family Herpestidae includes small terrestrial carnivorous mammals. Perhaps the most recognizable meerkat is the character Timon in Disney's The Lion King.

Does Timon have a dad? ›

Timon's father is flighty and suspicious. He is content with his simple way of life and takes pride in his colony's tunnels. He and his son often clash, as Timon wishes for a better way of life, while Timon's father has accepted his place in the Circle of Life.

What is Timon's full name? ›

In the series, Timon's last name was revealed to be Berkowitz. According to Pumbaa, Timon's middle name is Leslie, which is one of his secrets.

Who is the mother of Timon? ›

Julie Kavner as Ma, Timon's caring mother.

What is Timon personality? ›

Boisterous, loving, and loyal to his best friend Pumbaa, Timon is talkative and always willing to belt out a rendition of "Hakuna Matata." However, he can be a bit self-centered, often passing off Pumbaa's ideas as his own while—admittedly, selfishly—wanting to take in a young Simba just so he'll protect him from being ...

What does Timon eat? ›

Grubs are a species of invertebrates from The Lion King franchise, first introduced in the 1994 Disney animated feature film, The Lion King. They have been commonly featured in many media inspired by The Lion King - specifically in media connected to Timon and Pumbaa and serve as a source of diet for the two.

Is Timon a mongoose? ›

Thanks to their amusing habits and appearance, both mongooses and meerkats have been immortalised in screen and print. Along with the gang from BBC's Meerkat Manor, Timon from the Lion King is a meerkat, while Rudyard Kipling's Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is a mongoose.

Is Timon a good character? ›

Timon isn't a perfect character, as he often doesn't give Pumba the credit that he deserves, overlooking his opinions and then taking them as his own. However, he is very caring towards his friends and that is something that makes him very popular as one of Disney's best-ever sidekicks.

What does Timon mean in Hebrew? ›

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Timon is: Honorable, worthy.

What is timone in Swahili? ›

Timon is one of the few characters whose name has no meaning in Swahili. Instead, Timon is a historical Greek name meaning “he who respects”.

What kind of monkey is Timon? ›

Timon / Rhesus Macaque

Timon is a male rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) born on March 28th, 2009 in a laboratory.

What African name means lion? ›

With African origins, Tau is a gender-neutral name meaning “lion.” Tau is a simple yet instantly memorable name with a meaning that symbolizes strength and—wait for it—pride. Belonging to the Tswana and Bantu languages, this short and sweet name is popular in languages spoken by millions of people to this day.

What does Nala mean in African? ›

Nala is a feminine name originating from many African cultures. In Swahili, this name means “queen,” “lion,” and “successful”. Nala is most notably the name of Simbas's lifelong friend—a spirited heroine who eventually becomes queen of the pride in The Lion King.

What does Mufasa mean in Arabic? ›

The name Mufasa is boy's name meaning "king".

How many stripes does Timon have? ›

On his back, he has five short horizontal stripes that are several shades darker than his predominant color. His eyelids, hind paws, and digits are a dark brown, as well as the tips of both his tail and ears.

What is the second Lion King called? ›

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.

Who was the most intelligent man in Athens? ›

His reputation as a philosopher, literally meaning 'a lover of wisdom', soon spread all over Athens and beyond. When told that the Oracle of Delphi had revealed to one of his friends that Socrates was the wisest man in Athens, he responded not by boasting or celebrating, but by trying to prove the Oracle wrong.

Is Timon a Shakespeare character? ›

What kind of God is Athens? ›

In ancient Greek religion, Athena was a goddess of war, handicraft, and practical reason. Essentially urban and civilized, Athena was probably a pre-Hellenic goddess later taken over by the Greeks.

Who married Timon's daughter? ›

Austin (1894 – 1963) Timon's daughter, Eva Timon, was born on 24 April 1928. She went to live with her aunt, Ethel in London when she was 7 years old. She was educated in England, studied Psychology at London University and worked as an Educational Psychologist in Surrey. She married Dermot Molony in 1960.

Does Timon have a family? ›

For example, it is now canon that Timon has two known relatives: his mother, which is officially known as Ma, and his uncle, who is named Max.

Who is timons best friend? ›

Pumbaa. Pumbaa is the best friend of Timon since Simba ran away from the Pride Lands.

What does Timon mean in lion king? ›

Timon is one of the few characters in the film who does not have an African name. The tall and skinny suricate's name actually means “respect” or “to honour” in Greek, we're not sure if this one is quite so accurate… However, as a biblical name, it means “worthy” and he certainly is a worthy friend!

Who is Timon from lion? ›

Timon is an adult male meerkat, and the best friend of Pumbaa. He is also Simba's adoptive father and Bunga's adoptive uncle. He is a supporting character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and a recurring character in The Lion Guard.

What happened to Timon in lion king? ›


After 1994's The Lion King, it was implied that Timon and Pumbaa moved to Pride Rock to be alongside Simba in his kingdom.

Is Timon a mongoose lion king? ›

Along with the gang from BBC's Meerkat Manor, Timon from the Lion King is a meerkat, while Rudyard Kipling's Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is a mongoose. Get in touch today to book your ringside seats and find out more about these interesting creatures.

Where does the name Timon come from? ›

Timon is a masculine name of Greek origin that means “respect” or “honorable.” Baby is going to be such a rewarding addition to your family—show how high you hold them with a name like Timon.

What color is Timon? ›

Timon is a skinny pale tannish-brown meerkat with a vaguely triangle-shaped head and cream-colored underbelly and palms.

What are some fun facts about Timon? ›

Unlike real meerkats, Timon is able to walk about on his hind legs. Real meerkats walk on all fours, although they do occasionally stand on their hind legs to survey their surroundings. 5. Timon was voiced by Nathan Lane while Pumbaa was performed by Ernie Sabella.

Who is Timon girlfriend? ›

TitlesPrincess of Duke Meerkat's colony
Relationship information
FamilyDuke Meerkat (father) Timon (mate; formerly)
14 more rows

What does Mufasa mean in African? ›

Simba means lion, Nala means gift, and Mufasa means king.

Is Timon a hyena? ›

Timon is a male meerkat. He is the adoptive uncle of Bunga and Simba.

Is Timon a Otter? ›

Timon is a slim adult meerkat.


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