The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (2023)

Skyrimcan be a pretty serious place. You start the game moments before your head is cut off, and from there you become involved in rebellions, take leadership positions in the country's main guilds, and ultimately stop an immortal dragon to save the world. Also, the world is full of bandits, undead monsters, evil necromancers and all kinds of beasts that are too eager to attack you and take your things.Yes, I bet even bears will plunder your body. This isSkyrimafter all - everyone loots everything.

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Tax capture is just one exampleSkyrimit can also be a rather strange place. Conversing with vengeful spirits, dealing with crazy demons, or haggling with a child who wants to eliminate a teacher is the daily task of a wandering Dragonborn. And this is just a taste of all the weird things you'll have to do on an average mission.

Here are some of the more alarming and downright scary quests you can do in the worldSkyrim.

Updated April 30 by Russ Boswell:Skyrim offers one of the largest maps in any game, and when it was first released, the sheer size caused players to discover things for the first time many years after the game was released. There are plenty of NPCs to meet, loot to find, stories to unravel and quests to complete.

But not all of Skyrim is Sweetrolls, there are some truly seedy and dangerous areas players will have to navigate through. These areas have been expanded with new and exciting DLC. For this reason, we wanted to return to the journey through Skyrim and look at even more quests that can give you chills. Here are some of themthe creepiest missions in Skyrim.



20 An evening to remember

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (1)

Horror and short films spent the day in the field exploring the "trust someone you shouldn't" trope. You meet a strange man in a bar, he challenges you to a drinking contest, one thing leads to another, and you end up waking up in a tub full of ice and no kidney.

No wonder it's such a nightSkyrim. In the quest A Night to Remember, you meet a nice man named Sam who you spend the night drinking with, then you wake up in Markath at Dibella's temple with a splitting headache and a very angry priestess screaming about how you destroyed their temple in a drunken stupor.

The rest of the assignment sounds pretty much like thisCome onfilm script by retracing your steps from the night before. Highlights include stealing a giant goat, proposing to the Hagrave, and spending a great night on the town with Daedric Prince Sanguine. It's all pretty weird, but it's scary to imagine being blacked out for so long and "doing things on autopilot."

19 Innocent loss

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (2)

When it comes to the Dark Brotherhood questline, things get dark pretty quickly. It's almost as if the assassin's guild was named that way for a reason.

As they wander Skyrim, the Dragonborn will eventually hear people whispering about a child in Windhelm trying to summon the Dark Brotherhood. This involves the performance of the Black Sacrament, a ritual in which the summoner creates the image of the intended victim withactual body parts. How the kid stumbled upon a human skeleton, heart and stomach is anyone's guess, but he certainly had to raise a few eyebrows.

Breaking into a kid's house will cause him to mistake you for a Dark Brotherhood assassin and order him to kill the cruel orphanage babysitter he escaped from. This is definitely one of the most disturbing ways to start a mission in Skyrim.

18 The House of Horrors

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (3)

There are plenty of players who will eagerly find this task as soon as possible to complete itget a powerful unique weapon, Mace of Molag Bala. It's a powerful one-handed mace that deals magic and stamina damage to anyone hit, and casts "Soul Trap" on it for three seconds. It's a great way to collect souls and drain stronger enemies, making them easier to defeat.

Power aside, the quest to get mace is definitely a bit unsettling. Anyone who travels to Markarth will find the vigilante Tyranus in front of an abandoned house that he claims was the site of a Daedric cult. Not only is the inspection of the place a little scary, but players will soon find themselves captured by Molag Bal himself. The Daedric Prince will inform the Dragonborn of his frustrations with the rival and his followers, and will order the players to find the NPC and kill him in cold blood. This is definitely one ofWorst quest in Skyrim.

17 Silver hand

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (4)

This one is a bit like "An Unforgettable Night", except this time you can experience everything. And you remember it too. And there are no consequences for anything you do when you finally wake up covered in all sorts of things.

To complete The Companions quest line, you must become a werewolf, which is a little different inSkyrimthan in popular mythology. Instead of being bitten, you drink a bowl of punch full of werewolf blood before passing out. When you wake up, you're a werewolf in the middle of Whiterun, tearing through the place like a raging tornado.

This one is perfect for all fans of classic horror.

16 The mind of madness

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (5)

A cute homeless man wanders around Samotnia asking passers-by if they can help him back from "holidays". He will then give you Pelagius' Hipbone and tell you to break into the Imperial Palace.

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Normal people would probably panic and call some nice people to lock this guy in a padded room, but not the Dragonborn. Instead, our hero breaks into Pelagius' wing of the palace and then into Pelagius' mind, wearing only pajamas and a nightcap. There you are greeted by two fancy-dressed guys holding a tea party, one of whom asks the Dragonborn to use a magic stick to beat the other maniac.

It's like a very disturbing, creepy and scary version of Alice in Wonderland and she is one of themthe strangest quests in Skyrim.

15 Kyne's Holy Trials

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (6)

Some of us have a pretty intense fear of the sea. It is as alien as the cosmos, containing vast unexplored areas too dangerous to explore. Who knows exactly what's hiding there?

Some sea creatures can also be quite scary, so it's understandable that mud crabs give some people the urge. After all, giant, scary, crawling crabs attack as soon as you get too close to rivers and lakes.

Normal ones are already the size of a large dog, but Kyne's Sacred Trials ups the ante by forcing you to hunt a mammoth.

14 A waking nightmare

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (7)

There are many powerful, influential and downright terrifying characters to be found in the world of Skyrim. Vaermina is perhaps one of the most disturbingdue to her position as a Daedric Prince. They call her the Dreamweaver because she is able to inflict nightmares, steal memories, bring bad omens and inflict immense mental anguish on victims. Her powers are terrifying enough, but the shield drops to eleven when players encounter Dawnstar.

At the Windpeak Inn, you'll find Erandur, a Dunmer healer, who will inform you of Vaermina's evil grip on the city, causing its entire population to lose sleep and suffer almost endless nightmares. The only way to stop this is to find the skull of corruption. It's a dark adventure with classic horror themes.

13 The only cure

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (8)

One of the more bizarre aspects of Skyrim is the number of alchemy ingredients you can find. Almost anything can be ground into a powder and put into a mixture to produce an effect, beneficial or harmful.

In The Only Cure, the Dragonborn must collect a Silver Ingot, Vampire Dust, Death Bell Flower, and Pristine Ruby, crush them, and then inhale the vapors. The Dragonborn thus awaits a psychedelic journey as well as the task of eliminating some of the stubborn followers of the Daedric Prince Peryite.

12 Unfathomable depths

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (9)

In the docks of the Rift hangs De Deepest-Fathoms, a very worried Argonian who desperately wants to get rid of the book. It's called the Lexicon, and accepting it will cause the Dragonborn to return it to the ruins of Avanchnzel where it was taken. As the Dragonborn travels deep underground, the ghostly apparitions from the ill-fated expedition will reveal how the Deepest-Judgers came across the book and what a terrible price she paid for it.

The most disturbing thing is what happens if you don't accept the book. Returning to the Riften later reveals that From-Deepest-Fathoms took his own life rather than live the memory of the lexicon and its horrors.

11 With such friends

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (10)

After eliminating this cruel orphanage lady in Innocence Lost, you pocket what little profit the child can give you and you're on your way. A few days later you get a note with a black hand and "We Know" written on it. It's a little strange, but not that unusualSkyrim.

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After sleeping, things go from weird to crazy. You wake up in an abandoned cabin instead of the bed you slept in, and in the corner a crazy ninja tells you to eliminate one of the three hooded men in front of you. The ninja says he's from the Dark Brotherhood and you need to pay them back for the badge you stole by doing the kid's quest.

The initiation into Dark Brotherhood is definitely one of the darkest aspects of the game. Other thingsbad skyrim mission.

10 Taste of death

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (11)

This quest starts with a woman coming up to you in the crypt and telling you that she likes to eat dead people, then asking you to eliminate a group of draugrs. Again, just an average Tuesday for Dragonborn. Things take a turn when she asks you to bring a holy priest to her underground cannibal coven to destroy and eat it.

The quest ends with either defeating and eating the priest or massacring the coven. A macabre finish anyway. This is not a mission with a happy ending.

9 Blood On Ice

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (12)

Waking Nightmare isn't the only mission in Skyrim that features classic horror elements. In Blood on the Ice, players and Dragonborn will encounter one known as Windhelm's Butcher.This classic horror game will lead players down the path of darkness, which unfolds as a disturbing detective story in which an unknown, deranged force attacks people and leaves them all over the city in dead pieces.

A frantic search for Windhelm and uncovering all sorts of grisly crime scenes and crazy journal entries will put anyone on edge.

8 Dibella's heart

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (13)

There are plenty of gods and demons in the world of Skyrim, and you'll want to do quests for both sides. One of the most sacred missions you undertake involves the goddess Dibella, who is the goddess of beauty and love from the Elder Scrolls. There is some overlap with the goddess Mara, who is more concerned with all motherly love and marriage. Dibella herself is much more interested in learning and loving as many people as possible than marriage.

This makes it even more interesting when the priestess of Dibella asks you to find another sibyl of Dibella. Sybil is basically like the Dalai Lama, except she's the leader of a "love" cult rather than a group of Tibetan monks. Like the Dalai Lama, she was taken from her parents at a young age and trained in her faith, which, if you remember, is "love." It's a seedy mission, and it's easy to feel uncomfortable with it.

7 Daedra's best friend

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (14)

Dogs are man's best friend, but in the world of Skyrim they are also demons.

As you walk through the town of Falkreath, you'll eventually meet a guard who says he's met a talking dog. If you don't go too far out of town, you'll run into this dog that actually talks. For some reason he also has a New York accent and never misses an opportunity to conquer the Dragonborn with wit and sarcasm.

The Hound is eventually revealed to be an agent of Clavicus the Maleficent, the Daedric Wish Prince, and despite his constant insolence, is generally the voice of reason for the maddened demon. Banished for being too helpful, he asks the Dragonborn to help him return to his master.

Unfortunately, "return" means killing a lot of people. This quest starts off sweet and whimsical, but turns dark pretty quickly.

6 To touch the sky

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (15)

Sometimes it's not the mission that disturbs, but the place it sends you to. In Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC, the Dragonborn will meet a recruitable follower named Serana. That starts the fun but long penultimate mission of the DLC's main story. The players' task will be to locate a powerful bow, which does not seem unusual for the battle-hardened veterans of Skyrim.

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Unfortunately, the first place he sends you to, Darkfall Cave, is downright scary,especially for anyone who suffers from arachnophobia.

5 Death incarnate

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (16)

At the end of the Dark Brotherhood mission line (which I remember started with a kid asking you to murder someone), the guild is betrayed from within and the Imperial Guard show up to set the place on fire. To survive, you must spend the night in a coffin with a thousand-year-old mummy, who seems to find the perfect setting to freshen up with the Dragonborn.

After a night none of you will forget (and when the fire goes out), you are released back into a world where you immediately come face to face with a traitor. Overcome with guilt, she performs the Black Sacrament on herself and demands that you eliminate her.

4 Pod Saarthalem

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (17)

This one really doesn't start out that weird. You appear at the College of Winterhold, where you are immediately assessed as magically gifted and given apprentice robes.

The strangeness begins as soon as you receive your first lessons. In the first lecture, you'll learn the basics of wards and spells, then head to dangerous ancient ruins to find even more dangerous ancient items! Remember, Draugrs are everywhere and the ruins are littered with deadly traps - the only way to learn is by doing!

It's scary how fast things move in the world of Skyrim.

3 Planned legend

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (18)

Forbidden Legend is also a fairly standard quest when it comes to Skyrim: roam around, dive into dangerous dungeons, break things, get a magical amulet, repeat several times. Basically the equivalent of a fantasy hero with an oil change.

However, things get strange around the Geirmund Hall. If you come from the south, you may run into a novice necromancer who will attack you right away. Even at a low level, you should be able to handle him with no problem, especially since the creature he summons to defend himself is a chicken.

That's right - you must fend off the undead zombie chicken to escape the clutches of this evil necromancer. Reallystrange skyrim quest.

2 Falling into Blackreach

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (19)

The first time players enter one of Skyrim's seemingly normal "dungeons" and then end up in Blackreach's vast underground labyrinth, it's quite unsettling. It's not necessarily a quest, but there are some fun things to do in Blackreach, as well as some ingredients you can collect. The area is beautiful from a visual standpoint, but the sheer size and complexity can strike fear into even the most seasoned adventurer.

There's something extremely unsettling about poking your way through Blackreach and the feeling of kicking in and realizing you're miles underground. Although the area is wide open, it's hard not to feel "trapped". All this is even more terrifying because some players at some pointaccidentally summon a menacing dragon.

1 Any quest that ends with your command

The 20 creepiest quests in Skyrim (20)

Let's be honest - if you spend some time in Skyrim and complete all the main quests and faction tasks, you will be responsible for literally everything. You are the leader of the Assassins' Guild, Thieves Guild, College of Winterhold, Companions and the Tans in all 9 major cities.

The most bizarre thing is how you, as a Dragonborn, can instantly ignore any responsibility that comes with your title and just go off to kill giants, explore caves, or get sucked into some madman's fantasy of Alice in Wonderland and absolutely no one calls to you into this case.

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