Skyrim: The 10 Best Weapons Players Can Get in the Base Game (2023)

Skyrimit's full of unique items and places to explore, but weapons are the best and most important. Even if players choose not to download mods or access DLC, there are still plenty of powerful and unique weapons to collect on the map.

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Some of the strongest weapons can be obtained in casual play, simply by finding their hidden location or completing a quest. Whether players are looking for a bow, axe, sword or dagger, there are many with their own special spells and styles.

Spell drain arch

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Along with the other sinister weapons in the set, this Drainspell bow can be considered a rare hidden weapon that some players may never find if they never start Mage Academy. It can be obtained in the Labyrinth during the "Staff of Magnus" quest.

The Drainspell bow not only has a unique transparent appearance, it is also one of the most unique bows that players can collect in the game. Its spell absorbs 15 magic points with each hit, making this weapon ideal for fighting mages, necromancers, or dragon priests. To collect the bow, the Dragonborn must face the Draugr Ghostly Champion or sometimes the Lord of Death, depending on the player's level. There they can also collect two other similar weapons in the set.


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The Volendrung, or "Hammer of Power", is a Daedric artifact that can be obtained by completing the "Cursed Tribe" quest. The quest starts by visiting the Largashbur Orc stronghold near the Jerall Mountains.

This large warhammer is a gift from the Daedra Prince Malacath after completing said mission and is arguably one of the strongest warhammers in the base game. The hammer deals 25 points of base damage, but its spell also absorbs 50 hits of stamina, allowing the player to perform more powerful attacks in succession. It also swings at the speed of a greatsword, faster than most of its kind. There is plentymods that add new weapons to the game, but Volendrung is a powerful option that players in the base game can get.


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Chillrend is a unique sword in many ways and a weapon that some players can easily overlook when playing Skyrim. It can be found in the hidden tunnels beneath Riftweald Manor in Riften during the Thieves Guild mission "The Pursuit", where the Dragonborn pursues Mercer Frey.

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Chillrend has various immersion properties that many other weapons do not. It looks like a glass sword, but is light blue instead of green to make it look like ice. It also emits steam and a hissing sound that recreates the "icy" suggestion. His spell deals up to 30 frost damage and has a chance to paralyze the target for 2 seconds. Although not a Daedric artifact, it ranks right next to Daybreak and some of the other most powerful swords.


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The Dawnbreaker is arguably one of the most unique weapons players can get their hands on, with a sleek blade and a differential grip with a center beam of light. It is a Daedric artifact obtainable by completing the "Break of Dawn" quest, possibly one ofthe most difficult missions in the base game.

Players can start the quest by finding Meridia's statue or after reaching level 12 and obtaining Meridia's Lantern from a random chest. They will have to fight the necromancers and their powerful leader, Malkoran. The wing deals fire damage with each hit and has a chance to cause an explosion if the undead are killed. The explosion then spreads to other enemies and deals bonus damage to undead enemies.


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Dragonbane is an enchanted Akaviri katana that specializes in killing dragons. Players can find this gem in Skyhaven Temple, but it will only be available after completing the "Paarthurnax" main quest.

Looks like a regular Akaviri katana with no additional modifications and matches the Blades armor set. Dragonbane gets its name from the 20 to 40 points of increased damage it deals dragons. During this dragon damage, you can see a special effect of electricity flowing through the blade. But even when he's not fighting dragons, he still proves useful, dealing shock damage to other enemies.

Blades of Misfortune

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Elder Scrolls fans will recognize this iconic dagger from Oblivion. However, this version looks different. It is the most powerful dagger that players can find in the base game and can be obtained by killing Astrid in an abandoned cabin or completing quests inThe Dark Brotherhood, which has some fascinating members.

The Blade of Woe is the perfect dagger for assassins or those who prefer stealth. It has a spell that absorbs 10 health on hit, making it even easier to quickly eliminate enemies. Players who choose to join the Dark Brotherhood will later be rewarded with a blade by Astrid, and those who do not wish to complete this questline can choose to fight Astrid in The Abandoned Shack and claim the blade from her.


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While some fans might argue that it's one of the most worthless weapons in the game, the Wuuthrad is actually a great weapon to collect in vanilla Skyrim. It can be found in the Companions questline where players must collect all of its broken shards.

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Forged by Eorlund the Greyhaired, Wuuthrad is a deadly two-handed axe, with what appears to be a screaming face carved into the center. His specialty is Elven bonus damage, making him a great weapon against the Falmer and Thalmor. Since its effect does not count as an enchantment, the ax can also be enchanted with another ability. Like any two-handed weapon, it deals significant damage per here, regardless of the enemy.

Nightingale Bue

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After completing the main missions in the Thieves Guild, players have a chance to join Nightingale's elite circle. This nightingale is given to the Dragonborn by Karliah after the quest "Blindsight".

Like many weapons, this bow scales by level, increasing its damage the higher the player's level. The bow itself does about 19 points of base damage. The bow also deals frost and shock damage to the enemy that is hit. The appearance of the bow is very similar to Ancient Nord gear, but it has its own unique touch, like all Nocturnal tools, with a sleek black color and intricate carvings.

Mehrune's razor

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Without a doubt, Mehrunes' Razor is one of themthe best things every gamer needs. It is a Daedric artifact of Mehrunes Dagon, making it a recognizable weapon for any fan who has played Oblivion.

Mehrunes' Razor can be obtained by completing the quest "Pieces of the Past" and successfully killing Silus Vesuius. This is arguably the best dagger or secondary weapon in the game due to its special chance to instantly kill a target when hit. While some boss characters, mainly DLC characters, are immune to its effects, almost all other enemies are vulnerable. Assassins and players of all classes will want to get their hands on this small but powerful weapon.

Nightingale Blade

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The Nightingale Blade is another special weapon that players get when they join the Nightingales and are rewarded by Karliah. Like the rest of Nightingale's equipment, the blade has a new, sleek, original design for its kit.

Players must complete the "Hard Answers" quest to receive this weapon from Karliah. Like the Nightingale Bow, the blade has an enchantment that absorbs opponents' stamina and health upon impact, making it nearly impossible for opponents to kill and easier to hit with multiple powerful attacks. Because of its enchantment, it's probably one of the most powerful one-handed swords players can get in the base game, and one of the best looking.

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