Old Wood Stove Ads, Old Appliances Club (2023)

Vintage Magic Chef stove from the 1930s, six burners,two ovens, a broiler. Perfect conditions. It was in daily use without problems until the renovation of the kitchen. White enamel with black finish. It is located in Nassau County on Long Island. Right now in stock.

Priced at $3,250 based on the opinion of two prominent restorers.

ContactBestsavingsseller@gmail.comIf interested. Photos will be provided.

FOR FREE! CHAMBER B circa late 1930s 3rd vintage, broilers/frying pan, deep well.White with black top and handle. Folding cover, has cover with clock. The Missing Deepwell Pot. The enamel on the front is slightly chipped. Good technical condition, oven temperature needs to be calibrated. Contact: Jennifer Jones, Highland Park, NJ.732 729-0456jemjones@rci.rutgers.eduSpecificPhotos available upon request.

FOR FREE! ROPER 6 burner, white. Great condition!It looks like one side has never been used, the artwork inside is perfect!

Working! Think all 6 top burners work (tested 4, couldn't test the other 2). Both ovens work.



It is located in Centerville VA outside of DC

Timeline: ASAP

. Photos are available upon request.

Gas cooker MAGIC CHEF series 1000,6 hotplates, with lighting, 2 ovens, storage drawer. Dimensions: 21-1/2" deep x 53" long x 54" high. Everything works well, some porcelain chips. Not sure what year. Pictures upon request. Buyer responsible for pickup or delivery. Located in Ohio. Please contact me on the addressnewton.bill@sbcglobal.net

GRATIS - circa 1962 Two Oven Flair Stovein good condition for parts or restoration. Used about a year ago in our garage. It has good glass, lots of usable parts. Both furnaces were at least partially operational, 3 burners were still in use.Pickup in St. Louis, Mo. Please answervia e-mail. Bob (bob@bobmoss.com) If you're interested.

FOR FREE! 1964 Built-in O'Keefe & Merritt Top Burner - In Stock. Minor...buttons don't work (suggest "Valve Cream")...2 out of 4 burners won't light (suggest "Upper Burner Guide"). Porcelain grilles are finished as new. valbob@dock.net / 805-644-4614, Southern California

FREEHotpoint fridge from 1950. Single door white small freezer. In the family for years. For details, please contact: goldwingrider44820@yahoo.com/ 419 561 0999 (Ohio)

FREE!1935 Wedgewood - 4 burner, 1 oven, 2 drawers, propane fueled, stove requires t condition. It is located in Glencoe, California. Contact: (209) 293 7183 or emailbodiemac@cox.netthe carolmac1@cox.net

FREE!Occidental gas/burning stove from the 1920s. White with full chrome top. 4 burners; good condition, oven regulator overheats. Free to take (up the stairs outside) San Francisco/West Portal area.

ingojo@prodigy.net Published on 11/13/06. (Expert regulator / Carbon Bar Regeneration Service - click:http://www.antiquestoves.com/toac/thermreg.htm)FOR FREE! Speed ​​​​Queen Missing from the 1930sThe washing machine is fully functional and in good condition.
FOR FREE! Roper gas shooting range from the 1930s(four burners with lids and storage underneath, and an oven with a newer thermostat). It has both LP and NG nozzles.
Janesville, WI (South), whoever takes it should come pick it up at no cost to us. Contact Richard at drcs@tds.net or call 608-752-8759

20er Occidental gas stove, white, 24, 4 burners, complete, working, valves lubricated, 1 small crack and chip, back with shelf, w. minor surface rust, DKK 350, (707) 763-1236/ 328-9817 messages , C Heller , 10 Liberty St, Petaluma, CA 94952

The 1940s. Late 1940s Stand Out Wedgewood Stove - Complete, 40 Gauge, Model #N8368D-AGD4. Call Skip at 714-403-4469 with your needs. (California)

Stove wood/coal blue and white 6 burners, tstat needs rebuilding, heater, water tank. Set an app to display. St. Joseph, MO 816-232-4398 orTiMcGarr@aol.com

Electrolux refrigerator. very early China natl gas, not working. Perfect condition. Charles Newman, Box 653, N. Bellmore, NY, 11710, 516-781-1486, Long Is., NY

Glenwood 1927 Gas/Wood Series, Re-isolated, Reworked Connectors, on LP, NG spuds incld, very.gd.cond, Best Offer, J. Moran 508-399-7226 (MA),jpmor60@aol.com

Calorie range 1950 NG, 4 brnr, white, works fine. original cond., best offer, J. Moran 508-399-7226 (MA),jpmor60@aol.com

FREETop monitor GE 1928, receive/transmit, only the top of the compressor is available - not working. Good condition - some scratches. (619) 422-6865, Chula Vista, CA

West Bend Co. aluminum coffee pot, over 40 years old, excellent condition, for 48 cups. (503) 659-8467, Oak Grove, CA

1948 Wedge stove, clean, serviced, working, very good condition, photos at www.garystutler.com/stove.jpg, 707-246-6473, $1100obo.gondwana@sbcglobal.net

Tappan 1950 Deluxe gas stove, center oven, broiler chamber, good condition, $200, call 562-425-6748 (CA)

Chambers 90C, year 1955, white, perfect condition, several etc. chips, need 3 grates, $1000 or best offer. 217-893-1669h, 217-841-3960 Cell, Buyer Manager S&H, Rantoul, IL.

Wedgewood 1943 gas stove with wood burner, 36, all original. $900.00 (707) 544-7069, Santa Rosa, CA,jansil@earthlink.net

FREE GASKETS- Tappan 1940's - Turn off the gas, remove the range and turn the gas back on after removing the range. It still looks perfect. Please call to arrange pickup. Located in Mill Valley, California -lynn_ryder@yahoo.com

Parts for refrigerators-FilcoDoor lock.

Contact information: 727 320 3322


Digital photos, dimensions available by email.

Kenny Minshall, Florida - Restored vintage refrigerators and

expertly painted: Coca Cola, Harley Davidson, etc.

Detachable MAIN FRONT HANDLE for

1945 SOLBEAM #W-2 Waffle Maker

Pictures available.


  1. chrome housing

  2. actual waffle size: large 9" x 9"

  3. illuminated temperature selector

  4. the spring-loaded rising hinge lifts as the wafer expands

  5. black bake-lite handles and legs

  6. Size: 12 1/2" x 12" (handle to handle)

It is located in College Station, Texas

Phone: (979) 694-2277 please leave a message.


Clark's Jewel#686 circa 1925 - Side shelf (Burner side) - Center to center opening is 11 - 5/8". Right corner of lid @ top of oven top door center porcelain with Clark Jewel lettering.
gas stove late 20s, early 30s - Oven door top frame.
Rick Sharpe - e-mail:

gas range- 20s, 4 burners with warming cabinet above the oven. Quick meal, Roper or similar. Prefer Midwest area. Mark Jennings, Valley Falls, KS, 785-945-0199,400716@earthlink.net

Highest price paid for:Safety Valves - old TS-7 ("Pickle Valves"), 9s, 11s etc. SAFETY VALVES AND THERMOSTATS GRAYSON, general control Safety Valves MR2, CHAMBER THERMOSTATS, Clocks from O'Keefe & Merritt, Wedgewood, Gaffers Sattler, Magic Chef, Western Holly, etc ., salt and pepper shakers from above the ovens, original set of knobs and handles, LORAIN AUTOMATIC COOKING CONTROL, WILCOLATOR, ROBERTSHAW, BUTTONS for same. Room SHEET COVERS FOR C Model series. I prefer quantity but will consider it all periodically. Vintage stove parts, original books or service manuals. J.E.S. Enterprises, Ventura, CA. Send pictures via email to:toac@sbcglobal.net

Three Burner Gas Stoves - Contact Steve at (561) 968-5190 (FL)

Burners for Hotpoint 1929 automatic electric cooker.Four burners. 110-220, 3-wire, 8-9 kilowatts, 60 cycles. Part No. 880RA67. User #227315. Edison Electric. Front and rear - 8.5" diameter (or with 7"+ adapter). The oven uses fuses. The replacement burners used today look like a circular maze of corn - concentric Circo-Glo circles. The original burners had the Mercury logo running in the center. 765-981-2703 (IN)iamtgray@yahoo.com

For 1983 GE Dishwasher GSD1200T02: Parts WD34X588: Escutcheon Insert and WD34X836: Escutcheon Body. Contact Stephen Christy, 1747 W. Carmen Ave. Chicago, IL 60640,schristy@lfola.org

circa 1965 Maytag dehumidifier, belt tensioner information on how to repair the pulley - how to put it back. 225-925-2144 or 8268 (LA) call after 6, artn@bellsouth.net or,tlart2@aol.com

Hotpoint 1946 fridge handle, mdl. 12EA7-1. Inside is stamped W&C K-46, 406-685-3694 (MT)ramblers@3rivers.net

Porcelain Edison 1924 Electric Stove Knobs, 423-285-0122 (TN),knig8391@bellsouth.net

Cover for GE dishwasher approx. 1983, mdl Gsd 1200T02: Cladding WD34X588 and tire insert WD34X621. 773-271-3235 (IL) orschristy@lfola.org

1954 Bolt-on chamber parts - crumb tray and top burner burner assembly. 203-245-9830 (CN) orpmiller@nems-pec.com

Service fridge and propane parts in good used condition. Older style with rounded corners, go big or consider others. H. Wycuff, 740-753-3926 call early morning.

1922 Universal Auto Electric, right front burner, drip tray, rear brnr coil, broiler pan, lights, clock/hours, also literature, photos - Landers, Frary&Clark Univ. elec #E4593R/2K, 303-360-7577 (CO) clhouston01@aol.com

Tappan Electric Fabulous 400 Visualite PV-4424A Service Manual and Parts List. You need infinite controls and parts, items. 508-995-2662 (MA),ggelette@brodeurmachine.com

Magic Chef 1000 series, red disc and upper burner disc. with on/off arrow. St. Joseph, M.O. 816 232 4398 orTiMcGarr@aol.com

OKeefe & Merritt 1950s - 4 handles, red with chrome corners, 6 center-to-center screw holes and back panel, 323-933-0097 (CA) orbmommaque@aol.com

Vent-A-Hood, 1940s or early 1950s, any condition. I prefer 36, although 40 will work. Contact Laurie at 310-699-9373 orlauriego@yahoo.com

Black 1950s Tappan knobs, center is chrome circle surrounded by black bakelite, front/back written, plain black, off position blkdot.myrockymountainhome@yahoo.com

GE Monitor Top refrigerator - all in one piece. Enter No. ck-2-c16. Part of the handle is chrome-plated, set horizontally with a spring, 301 933 1226 (MD),kensingtonite@hotmail.com

Universal oven door assembly 45 - clear and blue plastic, approx. 1-1/2 radius rectangular with insert to insert chrome handle, 847-831-3988 (IL)sbuchs@aol.com

Kickplate for Wedgewood, White, 2-8 clips to clips, D.Deutsch, 707-246-6473 (CA),dondwana@sbcglobal.net

1950s and 1960s Detroit Jewel Oven Door with Window, ramonolivencia@hotmail.com, 787-722-5804 (Puerto Rico)

Universal Series Porcelain Mantle Shade for Strand 1941 or 2, 312-986-4132 (IL),siebertp@metrofamily.org

Monitor top - round compressor for 2 doors. 619-559-0564 (CA),spin16@msn.com

Electric stove, 1940s-50s for shipment to Alaska. (907) 486-6407 (AK)

OKeefe & Merritt 2 oven doors with glass windows or oven parts with same - early 1950s, 40 (208) 484-2768,jeffrey_mcvey@waob.oas.gov

Monitor The upper racks of the refrigerator, 2-3 x 16 inside the cabinet. (707) 544-7069, Santa Rosa, CAjansil@earthlink.net

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