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Oprettelsesdato:2022-05-30 Name:Jan Ste
Location: Pismo Beach, Californien
Model/style:Medium-sized apartment

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (2)very satisfied -5z 5

"The Worst Refrigerator Ever Built"
I want to know who was the genius who designed the fridge that everything falls out of?! There is a lip at the back of each shelf so if you have items with their backs to the fridge they will not be level and will tend to push things in front of them when you open the door so everything falls to the floor. Great engineering job, the worst piece...ever imaginable idiots!! Bonus points: Most of all the components are so cheap that they break very quickly, like drawers or a cabinet handle on a door, so play around with it-

Oprettelsesdato:2021-05-03 Name:Lauretta J Thibeaux
Location: Royal Palm Beach, Floryda

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (3)A little unsatisfied -2z 5

"Contact service technician?"
We purchased a 10 cubic foot refrigerator as a second refrigerator in our home. It lasted less than 2 years. Home Depot has suggested that we contact you. We have sent you many emails with no reply. It supposedly has a 5 year warranty on at least parts. How to bring a specialist to our home? I prefer a direct phone number.

Oprettelsesdato:2020-09-20 Name:A. Egel
Location: 53012

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (4)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

"Garbage truck ran for two weeks, pile of scrap"
Magic Chef 4.5 cubic foot refrigerator. It ran for two weeks, now defrosting daily. Fluid is leaking over the engine.

Oprettelsesdato:2019-09-24 Name:sherry ulaszonek
Location:[email protected]
Model/style:4,5 for

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (5)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

"Magic Chef Stainless Steel 2-Door Refrigerator"
I bought this fridge freezer because it was very attractive and large in size. What a disappointment. Part of the fridge never worked properly. The temperature control remained the same regardless of the setting. The fridge stopped working for 2 months and the freezer works like a fridge, it cools but doesn't freeze. Apart from the fridge light, the fridge doesn't work at all. He is only one year old. I asked Home Depot for a refund but they refused. The salesman, when I told him about the fridge, rolled his eyes and said they would never last. Do not buy this refrigerator. I feel like I threw $299 + tax down the drain.

Oprettelsesdato:2019-07-03 Name:Gene'a Moody'ego
Location: Kamuela, Hawaii

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (6)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

"garbage nothing but garbage"
This stupid device is designed without direct cooling of the refrigerator part. All the cold air has to get out of the freezer and then somehow get into the refrigerated section: no fan, no visible means to transport the air. This is achieved, we are told, by convection of cold air in the freezer through small openings between the freezers and the refrigerator. The only problem is the lack of cold air convection. Convection is the result of warm air of lower density rising and pulling cold air with it. Not possible in this case. Whoever approved this project should be forced to eat shrimp salad after two days in this idiotic thing. Good apatite!

Oprettelsesdato:2018-05-14 Name:Patty
Location: Okay okay

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (7)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

"Magic chef, very dishonest people, very bad appliances"
I have already filed a complaint against Magic Chef Appliances Corp. located at 940N Central Ave, Wood Dale Ill 60191-2802 to BBBOn August 21, 2016 I purchased a "Magic Chef" refrigerator for $359.00 at Home Depot and two days ago I received a call from my tenant that the refrigerator was not working , I sent a mechanic who will charge $375 for the repair and that is more than I am paying. me "running" and won't send me parts. Unless I work with these mechanics. I believe Magic Chef is possible to work with some appliance repair companies as they will send me a part if I hire one of these companies to do a job I refuse as they will charge me more than what I paid for this fridge and it's not fair. I wish everyone knew, don't buy from the magic chef, I'm furious

Oprettelsesdato:2018-01-24 Name:Christopher Yeaton
Location: HELLO

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (8)very satisfied -5z 5

"No complaints here in Kona!"
We can't remember which outlet we bought this fridge from, but we bought it for approx. 7 years ago for our rental house and it kept the cold without incident, freezes well and fits perfectly in a small room. In our personal experience, this refrigerator is excellent. If I had to find something wrong with it, I would say that it makes a bit of noise when it works. When we brought this to the attention of the equipment repairman, we were advised that we should take it outside and let it fall out, as the noise could be caused by the frost. Having said that out of the many guests we have had and I only mention a few noises in the fridge, not real complaints. I would buy this fridge again. I hope they continue to invest proper time and money into this economical fridge so they don't lose quality control!

Oprettelsesdato:2018-01-18 Name:Tabitha
Location: Kauai, Hawaii
Model/style:Small fridge with freezer

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (9)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

"I absolutely do not recommend Magic Chef Refrigerations"
I bought the Magic chef refrigerator the day before Black Friday and it was exactly one month expired, the icebox was no longer cold and water was leaking, the freezer also became frosty. I would definitely not buy another fridge from magic chef and definitely won't recommend it to anyone. Worst cooler brand ever. This brand is worth nothing.

Oprettelsesdato:2017-10-23 Name:ERyan
Location: New York

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (10)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

"He died unexpectedly after a few years"
This compact refrigerator looked great, but the compressor proved to be less than satisfactory. Our last GE lasted almost 20 years, but this magical chef lacked the magic of being just under 4 years old. The little money you save on Magic Chef will cost you more in the long run.

Oprettelsesdato:2017-06-15 Name:Helen Bass
Location:[email protected]
Model/style:10 cu

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (11)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

"It lasted 14 months"
I bought it new and it lasted 14 months. It started producing frost in the fridge and freezer, then it made a loud noise and then stopped working completely.

Oprettelsesdato:2015-06-09 Name:Jim
Location: New York

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (12)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

"Garbage Made in China"
Worst fridge we have ever had. It was noisy from the day we bought it for our cabin. It kept us up some nights, sounded like a ticking bomb. After two years it finally stopped. He does nothing but sit. I need to collect a new one, but never again like this one.

Oprettelsesdato:2013-06-30 Name:diane schneider
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Model/style:10 cubic feet

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (13)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

"Two new devices failed"
I bought the 10 cubic foot model for the casita. Great size for an apartment and low price. However, it stopped cooling and freezing after only 2 days. Home Depot quickly exchanged for an identical unit. The other one was high but was cool for almost 2 years and then died out. The mechanic charged me £100 to tell me the defrost timer/thermostat had blown and he didn't think it was worth the cost to repair or at least the time to collect the part and then install it. Spend 100 more for reliability and we bought a hot tub and we'll see if it lasts.

Oprettelsesdato:2012-12-06 Name:Dallas D. Nuchols
Location: Maryville TN

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (14)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

Had it for 5 months it completely stopped working except for the light. The receipt could not be found. Home Depot or Magic Chef did not try to fix it or try to help in any way. We never got a receipt from the clerk because we came back the day after we bought it, they were supposed to try to find it but never did. The fridge still looks brand new, as it did in our little guest house, which is not used much. I'm an accountant and I know they could find the information if they tried. Will not shop at HomeDepot again. I couldn't believe something would break so quickly. It annoys me a lot.

Oprettelsesdato:2011-04-26 Name:J. Clausen
Location: Americus, Ga

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (15)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

"mcbr1010gs failed prematurely"
Only used approx. and stopped cooling after approx. 90 days of operation. It was not under warranty. Still have plastic on the doors. I invested $125 in a repair estimate. Both men recommend scrapping. It's not worth fixing. MC offered free parts with 1 additional service call required. Still undecided. I could just buy a new WHIRLPOOL with extended warranty and take the loss on the MC. It worked fine for 90 days. I threw away old refrigerators that were rusted, had an old color, but still worked well.

Oprettelsesdato:2011-04-06 Name:Anonymous
Location: Crookston, Minnesota

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (16)Something happy -4z 5

"Today I'm reviewing our newer Magic Chief mini fridge."
I bought a Magic Chief mini fridge for my new bar that we are installing in our basement. We've had the fridge since last year and everything seems to be running smoothly considering the freezer in the fridge can sometimes get clogged with unwanted ice. To solve this problem, we simply disconnect the entire refrigerator from time to time so that the ice can thaw and start again without ice. We are not sure if the unwanted ice build up will cause serious damage to our fridge so we have not had any other major problems with the fridge yet or at the moment and we are hoping that by controlling the ice build up in the freezer the fridge will not have too many problems before we look for a new mini fridge.

Oprettelsesdato:2011-02-06 Name:Anonymous
Location: Runnemede, NJ

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (17)very satisfied -5z 5

"Full to the brim"
My magical chef and I have been roommates since May 2010 when I moved into my apartment. It was attached to the apartment and it's amazing! The My Magic Chef fridge cools my water properly and also freezes all my food very well. The fridge also has sections for various groceries and I have never had a technical problem with it. As for the brand, the fridge works great. My biggest dislike for the fridge is that it is small. The size of the fridge is approximately 56" x 28", although my measurement could be wrong. My boyfriend and I love to eat and prefer a very large fridge. We also love finding deals at grocery stores, so it's understandable why a bigger fridge would be better. In general, for one person, the fridge is perfect. It can be done with two people, but I would prefer that you go for a bigger fridge. If Magic Chef as a company has bigger fridges, I can definitely recommend it!

Oprettelsesdato:2010-12-03 Name:Anonymous
Location: Waterbury, Connecticut

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (18)very satisfied -5z 5

"generally keeps food cool and the freezer keeps food frozen"
My family has had this refrigerator for several years. I think we bought it used in 2006 and still have it. We like its efficiency and the fact that things don't burn in the freezer and don't cool down quickly, I don't like the interior layout. nothing needed to be fixed and the self-defrost works fine. There is not a large accumulation of ice. I would definitely buy the same brand and recommend it to a friend.

Oprettelsesdato:2010-04-24 Name:D. Nicholsa
Location: Port Saint Lucie, Florida

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (19)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

"remove plug periodically to start defrosting again"
Magic Chef refrig/frzr MCBR1020W, 10 cf, new fall 2009, defrost stops working approx every 2 months freezer fills with frost and fridge heats up. Part replaced within 2 months. purchase. I was told to unplug overnight or periodically to warm it up. Unsatisfactory! Bought as another fridge but not reliable. Will replace it as soon as finances permit. I can't afford scrap metal, but how can I sell it?

Oprettelsesdato:2009-10-14 Name:Al Gervais
Location: Cape Coral, Floryda

Satisfaction assessment:

Magic Chef Refrigerator Reviews (20)Very unsatisfied -1z 5

I bought a new house in 1992 and it came with a Magic Chef refrigerator. It has never failed me in many storms (live in Southwest Florida). I recommend Magic Chef to everyone I talk to and tell them my story, which is why I wanted to write this comment. The only thing that stopped working is the ice machine. From time to time he surprises me and makes a batch of ice cream. I just smile and it keeps ticking...

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