Magic Chef Microwave Not Working (How To Repair/Reset) - DIY Ready (2023)

Most of us use a microwave oven on a regular basis and we can use it for various reasons. At one time it works as a timer and at another time we can cook a roast. If your Magic Chef microwave is no longer working, how do I reset or repair it?

To reset your Magic Chef microwave, unplug it from the outlet. This is called a hard reset and can be done by unplugging it from the wall or turning off the power switch. Wait a few minutes to allow some power to dissipate, then reconnect. Your microwave is now reset.

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While resetting your microwave this way is a good way to factory reset it, it won't fix all problems. In other cases, you can perform a softer reset if this is a common problem or if you make a mistake during programming.

The way to soft reset your Magic Chef microwave oven is to press the off/cancel button. Each time you press this button, you go back one step you last took. You will eventually get to the point where you are back on the clock and your microwave has been reset.

Also, hard reset may not solve all problems. It's a good idea to try that first, especially if you seem to have a strange error or even if you get an error message.

Resetting the microwave restores the factory settings and removes any settings you have. Therefore, after performing a hard reset, you must reset the watch.

Magic Chef Microwave Not Working (How to Fix/Reset)

Before you start working on your magic microwave, it's important to realize that safety is always a factor to consider. You must work safely or you may die as a result of this DIY project.

Working on a microwave oven is not like working on an ordinary household lamp. There will still be a significant amount of energy inside the microwave when the power is off.

This energy is held by the diodes and helps regulate the power sent to the magnetometer during operation. Given the amount of energy needed to operate a microwave oven, which is considerable, it can contain enough energy to cause an electric shock.

You can get around that by discharging the diodes when you start working in the microwave. Most DIY enthusiasts don't know how to do this, and trying this without success can be problematic. It is better if you just have someone else work on the unit.

Another safety concern for the casual DIYer working on a microwave oven is the magnetometer itself. Magnetometer insulators contain a very strong material that will kill you if it gets into your lungs. If you do not know how to work a magnetometer properly, you should not attempt to work on it yourself.

After resetting the microwave, you may find that there is still a problem that needs to be fixed. We'll cover some of these specific problems below, but first let's consider the possibility of an electrical problem.

Simply put, if the Magic Chef microwave isn't on, it won't work. You need to track down the power issue, which is usually easy.

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First of all, unplug your Magic Chef microwave and check the plug and power cord. If you notice any damage, especially the plug itself, do not use the microwave until it is repaired.

There may also be a problem with the outlet. Although trash cans are fairly stable household items, they fail from time to time.

Try plugging the microwave into the other plug in the outlet if available. You can also test the outlet by plugging in a lamp or other device.

If the power cord and outlet are fine, you may have an overload problem. Microwaves absorb an excessive amount of energy, so it is generally not recommended to include them in a circuit with other things.

If you use a microwave and another kitchen appliance, such as a toaster, at the same time, there is a risk of overloading the circuit. This would trip the circuit breaker.

If there is power to the microwave, you may need to check the circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. The breaker will be slightly offset from the other breakers in the box and you may see a red mark on the side of the breaker indicating that it has tripped.

If the breaker tripped, turn it off completely and then turn it back on. You will hear the switch click into place in both cases. Your circuit breaker is now reset.

It's not uncommon to reset the breaker from time to time, but having to constantly reset the breaker when trying to start the microwave is a problem. If you are not using other components on the breaker, you may need to have an electrician inspect the breaker itself.

If you smell a burning or rotten egg smell on the electrical panel, the circuit breaker is faulty. Do not use the device until it is repaired.

There are also many internal components in the Magic Chef microwave that can break. Here are a few to consider.

door contact– The microwave oven switches off automatically when the door is opened. This is a safety feature built into the Magic Chef microwave oven.

If the door switch is not working properly, it may allow the door to open slightly, or it may sense that the door is not open properly. In either case, the microwave oven will not operate until the door switch is repaired or replaced.

Thermal protection– The thermal fuse is an internal fuse that disconnects the microwave from the power supply when a high temperature is detected. Unfortunately, the thermal fuse can sometimes fail and will cause the microwave to remain disconnected. You will need to replace the thermal fuse if this is the problem.

thermal protection– This looks like a thermal fuse, but you can think of it more like a circuit breaker than a fuse. The thermal protection will trigger itself when a high temperature is detected and in many cases should be reactivated. If not, you may need to reset it.

control panel– If the internal control board is damaged, it must be replaced. You can't test the control panel, but you can often tell it's a problem if none of the buttons work and the microwave doesn't work. You can also visually inspect the control panel for damage such as burns or cracks.

Magnetron– Megatron is an item in the microwave that actually heats food. If it is broken, you may hear strange noises such as humming or vibration, and you may smell a burning smell. If you suspect that the magnetron has failed, unplug the microwave and replace or repair it.

Finally, you must decide whether or not it is worth repairing your microwave. Microwaves are typically not expensive, although some Magic Chef microwaves can cost hundreds of dollars.

If your microwave is older and needs to be replaced soon, it may not be worth the money to repair it. This is a personal decision, but one that should be considered.

Let's take a look at some specific problems you may encounter when using your Magic Chef microwave oven and how to fix them.

The Magic Chef microwave does not heat

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When we put food or liquid in the microwave, we expect it to heat it up quickly. If your Magic Chef microwave no longer heats up, what can be done to troubleshoot and restore the microwave?

The most common reason for a Magic Chef microwave to stop heating is due to a faulty thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is an internal fuse that cuts off the power to the magnetometer if it detects a high temperature inside the microwave oven. If it is damaged, it can cut off the microwave's ability to heat up properly.

Fortunately, the thermal fuse is relatively easy to replace. First, get to the fuse, remove it, and then check the continuity with a multimeter.

If continuity is not detected, replace the thermal fuse. This is not a serviceable microwave part.

Another feature that can cause the microwave to stop heating is the failure of the magnetron itself. This will often be detected before a failure by a hum or other strange sound. You may also smell a burning smell.

Since the magnetron is responsible for cooking the food, any problem with the magnetron will prevent the food from heating up. You can replace the magnetron, but in many cases it will be cheaper to replace the microwave.

The Magic Chef microwave does not rotate/rotate

One of the often overlooked features of the Magic Chef microwave oven is the ability to turn the turntable. It seems simple, but when it turns, it allows you to heat your food or drink evenly. What can you do if it stops spinning?

A common reason for a Magic Chef microwave oven to no longer turn or spin is because the glass plate has fallen off the track. It must sit correctly in the ring under the glass plate so that it rotates with it. It doesn't click into place, but it locks when positioned correctly.

Whenever you work with the glass plate inside the Magic Chef microwave, do so with care. Breaking this element is not only inconvenient, but also quite expensive to replace.

You can also ensure that things are cleaned under the glass plate. This is often overlooked, but in many cases it can cause the disc to stop spinning. Remove the glass plate and the guide and wash in warm water.

If the problem seems to go deeper than the glass tray, the motor that rotates the tray may no longer be working properly. Remove the glass tray and view the motor drive shaft while the microwave is operating.

If the propeller shaft does not rotate, you probably need to replace this motor. Be careful when disassembling the microwave as the diodes hold energy which can cause electric shock.

Often it is missed to determine what is causing the microwave plate to stop rotating. Look for simpler items first and hope to find the error quickly.

The Magic Chef microwave does not respond

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When we approach a microwave and press a button, we automatically expect it to respond to our command. It usually responds with an audible beep and when we press the start button, it starts working. What can you do if it stops responding?

The Magic Chef microwave will stop responding if the appliance is not turned on. In this case, nothing in the microwave works, including the buttons, and the clock will not be on. Once power is restored to the microwave, it will resume operation.

It is not uncommon for a microwave oven to trip a circuit breaker, especially if the circuit breaker powering the circuit is rated at 15 amps. 15 A is relatively low for a modern microwave oven. 20 amps is often recommended, but you need the right wiring and switches to upgrade.

It is also generally recommended that the Magic Chef microwave be self-powered from an electrical circuit. Attempting to operate it with other appliances, especially high-energy appliances used in the kitchen, often causes the circuit breaker to overload quickly.

Check the breaker in the breaker box to see if it has tripped. A tripped breaker will be slightly out of line with the other breakers and you will see a small red stripe on one side.

This article and its content belongs to Ready To DIY and was first published on 22/06/2022

You can reset the switch by turning it all the way to the off position and then back to the on position. This should restart the microwave.

If you find that the circuit breaker keeps tripping, make sure you are using the microwave without any other appliances connected to the same circuit. It may also be necessary to replace the switch itself.

Other problems that can cause your microwave to become unresponsive include a faulty outlet, bad wiring, a power outage in your home, or even a faulty control panel.

The Magic Chef microwave light does not work

When you open the microwave door, the light turns on and you can easily look inside. The light must also come on when you use the microwave and cook. What can you do if the bulb no longer works?

The most common reason for the Magic Chef microwave light bulb not working is that it needs to be replaced. Like any light bulb, it has a limited lifespan and may need to be replaced at times. Make sure you have the correct bulb for microwave use, then replace it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

If you replace the bulb in your microwave and it burns out quickly, it could be an installation problem. The microwave light will burn, so never touch the bulb with your fingers.

This is not to prevent your fingers from burning, but you'd rather not get oil from your fingers onto the bulb. It would burn faster.

There may be other problems that also cause the light not to work in the microwave. This can include problems with the microwave not getting power or with the bulb holder.

Magic Chef microwave oven buttons/touch panel not working

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When we press the buttons or the touchpad on our microwave oven, we expect it to respond accordingly. What can you do if the touchpad and buttons do not work?

A damaged control panel is the most likely cause of a non-functioning touchpad. Since the control panel is responsible for the operation of almost everything in the microwave, it will prevent the panel and individual buttons from working.

The control panel, on the other hand, might not necessarily be to blame if you press some buttons and they work, but others don't. In fact, it may be a problem with the touchpad, which can be replaced independently of the control panel.

The Magic Chef microwave screen does not work

We get used to changing the display when we press the buttons on our microwave. This generally means that the food is on its way. What can you do if the screen no longer works?

The Magic Chef screen not working problem is related to the display board. Since the display board or control board cannot be repaired, it must be replaced. Sometimes it may be necessary to replace both the display board and the main control board at the same time.

Although it is not possible to test the control panel, you can perform a visual inspection to see if there are any problems. Controller board problems often show up as burned areas in the circuits or cracks in the circuit board.

The control panel or display board can be replaced in the Magic Chef microwave, but care must be taken. The diodes in a microwave oven can store a lethal amount of energy even when the oven is unplugged.

The Magic Chef microwave does not work

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Many people do not realize that the microwave contains a fan. Helps keep the temperature inside the microwave low when cooking. This is especially beneficial when you're cooking a big meal, but what can you do with a fan that no longer works?

The most common reason for a Magic Chef microwave not working is due to a faulty motor. To determine this, remove the fan motor from the microwave and turn it by hand. You will need to replace the fan motor if the blades do not rotate freely.

Unfortunately, this is a type of engine that is generally beyond repair. If you've gone to the trouble of removing the fan motor from your Magic Chef microwave, you may just need to replace it with a new one.

There may be other reasons why the fan no longer works, such as burning the main control board. If the control board is not working, you will have problems with many areas of the microwave.

The Magic Chef microwave keeps beeping

We expect our microwave to beep when we press buttons or when our food is ready. What can you do with a Magic Chef microwave that keeps beeping?

The mostly beeping microwave is trying to tell you something. It either alerts you to an error or tells you that you forgot to take the food out of the microwave. Instead of just unplugging your microwave so it doesn't bother you, it's best to check what went wrong.

All too often we overlook the safeguards in our devices that alert us to errors. This could be resetting the microwave when an error message appears or unplugging it when it beeps.

Get to the bottom of the problem and correct the problem that is leading to this irritation. Otherwise, you can always mute the microwave by following the instructions that came with the unit.

The Magic Chef microwave keeps blowing the fuse/circuit breaker

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Microwaves use too much power. Generally, they would run on their own track, which would minimize the problems. However, it can still happen that the microwave oven blows the fuse.

A blown fuse is relatively common, but if your Magic Chef microwave continues to blow fuses or circuit breakers, there may be an underlying problem. The most common reason for this is that other devices are operating on the same circuit. It can be anything from a toaster to a lamp, but adding a drain to the circuit can cause a circuit breaker to trip.

To solve this problem, you will need to isolate the problem as much as possible. This includes looking for other devices connected to the same circuit.

You may also consider the possibility that the circuit breaker is faulty or there may be a problem with the wiring. If the circuit breaker is overheated and continues to trip, consider calling an electrician.

There may be other warning signs of a bad breaker, including the smell of rotten eggs when the breaker trips. Do not ignore this problem as it is an extreme fire hazard.

The Magic Chef microwave still works

We push a few buttons on our microwave and it stops working. Once the food is cooked, it stops working. What can you do if it doesn't stop working?

When the microwave continues to operate after pressing the stop button, the most common problem is in the control panel. Even if you press the button, it does not send a warning signal to turn off the microwave. Unplug the microwave until the problem is solved.

It is one problem when the microwave works with the door closed, but quite another when it works with the door open. If the microwave oven continues to operate after opening the door, unplug it immediately.

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The same energy that goes into cooking food in a microwave oven will also cook human flesh when the door is open and the microwave oven is running. This especially applies to eyeballs and genitals. Think about it when this problem occurs and you will quickly close it.

My Magic Chef microwave keeps turning off

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One of the advantages of having a microwave oven is that we can cook food for a certain amount of time. If you want to cook food for one minute, set the timer to one minute. Unfortunately, it can also happen that the microwave oven switches off in the wrong way. What can you do to solve this problem?

If your Magic Chef microwave oven runs for a few seconds and then shuts off, it may be due to a faulty door switch. The door switch is a safety feature that prevents the microwave oven from operating when the door is open. Visually inspect the door contact area for burnout or bending problems and repair the problem if necessary.

In addition to the door switch, it could also be a wire fuse in the microwave that has blown due to overcurrent. If the mains fuse has blown, it must be replaced before using the microwave oven.

How to Reset a Magic Chef Microwave

In rare cases, it may be necessary to reset your Magic Chef microwave. These include problems with error messages or excessive beeps.

To reset the Magic Chef microwave, disconnect it from the power supply. Wait a few minutes before restoring power, then reset the clock. This is a hard reset and is often enough to fix any minor errors that occur.

Sometimes you may need to perform a longer hard reset as well. The LEDs in the microwave hold power for up to 24 hours, so you may need to leave the microwave unplugged for a day or more when required by error messages.

Is there a reset button on the Magic Chef microwave?

Magic Chef Microwave Not Working (How To Repair/Reset) - DIY Ready (8)

If you need to reset your Magic Chef microwave, you may be looking for a reset button. Does it exist?

Magic Chef microwave ovens do not have an automatic reset button. To perform a soft reset, press the Power/Cancel button repeatedly until you return to the clock view. To perform a hard reset, disconnect the microwave from the power supply for a few minutes before reconnecting the power.

Magic Chef decided not to put a reset button on the microwave so people wouldn't reset it unnecessarily. Resetting the microwave will return it to factory settings and will require resetting the clock.

How to Factory Reset/Hard Reset Magic Chef Microwave

Want to factory reset your Magic Chef microwave? This can be done by performing a hard reset.

To reset your Magic Chef microwave, unplug it from the outlet or turn off the circuit breaker that supports it. Leave the power off for a few minutes to let the energy dissipate. When power is restored and the clock is reset, factory settings are restored.

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It is not always necessary to reset the microwave in this way. A hard reset is usually performed to overcome a fault or when the microwave "hangs" and does not work properly.

How to Reset Magic Chef Microwave Clock

Magic Chef Microwave Not Working (How To Repair/Reset) - DIY Ready (9)

Want to reset or change the clock on your Magic Chef microwave? It's easy.

The easiest way to reset the Magic Chef microwave clock is to unplug the microwave for a few seconds and plug it back in. You can then press the clock button on the microwave control panel and follow the instructions.

Since we use the clock on our microwave ovens a lot, it is always best to set the time as accurately as possible. This also allows you to pre-program some dishes that may need to be prepared while you are away.

How to Reset Magic Chef Microwave Power

When we have a Magic Chef microwave, we expect it to perform flawlessly every time we step up to the panel and press a button. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and sometimes minor mistakes can cause a reset. How is it done?

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The Magic Chef microwave can be reset by disconnecting the power supply for a few minutes. When the energy disappears in the microwave, you can turn the power back on. At this point, reset the clock and your microwave has been reset.

While this seems like a simplistic maneuver, there is actually a lot more going on behind the scenes than most people realize. It's not just about unplugging and plugging the microwave in, you have to give it time to reset.

In fact, there are many cases where the microwave may be partially reset due to the power flickering in our homes. This is why sometimes you go into the microwave and the clock flashes.

Do not consider this a full reset as sometimes the power has not been off long enough.

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If you need to hard reset your Magic Chef microwave, follow these steps.

1. Disconnect the power– The first step to perform a hard reset is to unplug the microwave. If you have access to an electrical outlet, you can unplug the microwave. Otherwise, you can turn off the circuit breaker on the circuit breaker panel.

2. Vent– In most cases, small errors can be reset with a hard reset by turning off the microwave for a minute or two. This is long enough to dissipate much of the energy in a microwave.

Occasionally a full reset may be necessary, for this you must completely drain all energy from the microwave. This includes LEDs that hold an exceptional amount of energy for up to 24 hours or more.

If you are trying to fix a small error, a short reset is possible. Otherwise, it may be necessary to leave the microwave off for a day or more before it can be considered fully reset.

3. Restore power– After waiting enough time, turn the Magic Chef microwave back on. This is done by plugging it into the socket or turning on the switch.

4. Set the clock– The final step in performing a hard reset is to set the clock. In many cases, you will not be able to do anything with the microwave until the clock is set. Start by pressing a button that automatically guides you through the process.

Sometimes it may not be necessary to perform a full reset of the microwave. There are actually some issues that would just require a soft reset.

Press the Power Off/Cancel button to reset your Magic Chef Microwave. Each time you press the button, it will go back one step through all the steps you have taken before. You will eventually return to the watch, at which point the soft reset is complete.

A soft reset is usually necessary if you made a mistake programming the settings to cook a meal, or if you interrupted the kitchen timer before it hit zero.

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If your Magic Chef microwave is no longer working, it is likely a power issue. When the microwave is not on, no buttons work and the clock does not light up. Check the power switch, outlet, and power cord for problems. When the power is restored, the microwave will start working again.

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