How rich is MrBeast: How he makes money, fortune and more - all mixed up (2023)

MrBeast is one of the most famous youtubers in the world mainly because of his crazy videos where he distributes a lot of money to strangers, subscribers, other youtubers, twich streamers and so on.

And when you see him throwing away so much money on his videos, you have some questions. How rich is Mr. Beast? How did MrBeast get rich? How much money has he given so far? And what is his current net worth?

And the list goes on, because we humans are generally curious. And in today's article I will try to answer some of your burning questions about this amazing Youtuber.

Who is MrBeast (short biography)

If you're here wondering about his net worth and other money-related stuff, I'm assuming you already know a thing or two about him, so I won't dwell on that area too much.

However, we have to say that MrBeast's real name is Jimmy Donaldson and he was born in May 1998. This means that he is quite young, which makes the fortune he has amassed so far even more impressive.

In fact, he started posting videos on YouTube when he was 13 years old, but he didn't get noticed for several years.

But from the beginning he was interested in the “riches list” and also posted videos estimating the wealth of other Youtubers.

However, his unexpected rise to fame came a few years after his channel launched when he posted a video counting to 100,000.

He just had the idea and a little bit of luck to thrust it into the spotlight - and smart enough to stay there ever since.

Now he has over 24 million subscribers and has found a recipe that works for videos and often creates attention-grabbing clips but without the clickbait title and no real content.

He's done some crazy things during his career like watching paint dry, trying to spit a fidget spinner for 24 hours, and more.

However, he is best known today for his amazing charities: from donating thousands of dollars to pizza delivery guys to donating money to animal shelters, homeless shelters, and more.

Equally spectacular are, of course, his donations to YouTubers and Twitch streamers, as well as various competitions he organizes with big bucks. And they are all available on yourcanal do youtube.

How did MrBeast get rich?

Believe it or not, Mr. Beast wasn't always rich and there was no secret inheritance, winning a big prize or anything like that that made him rich. In fact, he made all his money on Youtube (or thanks to Youtube).

He was consistent, kept making videos, spending time making them great, and working hard to keep his subscribers entertained and happy.

He found something that worked and stuck with it. This is how most people who weren't born rich make money.

Think and imagine that he started vlogging in 2012 and for several years was not only a relatively unknown vlogger, but also earned small amounts of money from his videos (or at least not enough to call him rich).

For example, he uploaded another video from 2015, in which he shares how much money he made from a video at the time (with the result that he made around $1 per 1,000 views):

But remember, it wasn't until 2017 that his channel really took off and he reached the stratosphere.

That means he worked hard for 5 years and never gave up on his dream. How many people could do that today? Certainly not many - that's what makes it so special.

But back to Mr. Beast and how he made his money...

It is surprising to discover that the first amounts of money he earned did not belong to him per se. Here's how things work (and we'll have a video of him explaining it all):

Only in 2018 did he close a deal with a brand that wanted to sponsor him. Back then he got $10,000 and the first thing he did with the money was not get drunk or spend it on crap... instead he went out and gave the money to a homeless man.

The video became incredibly popular, and the brand wanted to do more, simply by giving him the money to donate. Which is absolutely insane - and exactly the kind of unexpectedly awesome thing that could happen today.

Now that sponsorships were happening and videos were becoming more popular, he started to earn a lot of money by getting better promotional offers and the like, and eventually he started spending his own money and giving it away to friends, family or strangers.

So basically it was just hard work combined with a little bit of luck and he kept doing what he wanted and believing in his dream.

Finally, although it took several years, it all happened. Which is still good, because many people work hard for more years and still don't earn anything...

But here is a recently released video where he explains some of the things I wrote above and basically sums up how he donated a total of $1,000,000:

How rich is Mr. Beast?

If you don't want to go through all the details below, I'll give you the answer first. MrBeast's net worth as of 2023 is around $60 million with most of it coming from his Youtube channels either through direct advertising income or sponsorships.

Whenever you try to figure out someone's net worth, you'll just guess.

Of course, these estimates can be very close to reality, but you will never know for sure if the numbers are really correct.

While we don't know exactly how rich MrBeast is unless he decides to make that information public, we have to guess and take a few important things into account.

IMPORTANT: All of the following numbers are estimates only. The reality may be quite different, but I personally believe that the following calculations will bring us closer to the real numbers.

First of all, we know that at least part of his money (if not most of it) comes from his videos on Youtube, either through direct mail or sponsorships.

He receives advertising fees for every view his videos get, and in 2015 he said it's about $1 per 1,000 views.

However, as he grew in popularity, he certainly gained more of it thanks to exclusive offers and whatnot. So we're estimating that he actually earns $2 per 1000 views (although actual numbers could be much higher).

From his channel we know that - as of writing this article - he has around 21.5 BILLION views for all his videos and is getting around 4 million new views everyday. It's amazing!

But back to the earnings calculation: his 21.5 billion views could have netted him around $43 million. Based on current ad views, he brings in $3 million a year (if he's making $2 per 1,000 views, which could be a lot more, but could also be less).

In addition to his main channel, he has 4 other YouTube channels: MrBeast Gaming, Beast Reacts, MrBeast 2 and Beast Philanthropy. However, the latter is designed to donate all proceeds to philanthropy, so it doesn't count.

Still, the other 3 channels have an additional 11 BILLION lifetime views at the time of this writing, which could also translate to $22 million. Money is piling up!

However, it is not just actual ad revenue that helps Mr Beast earn money. He also has branding deals and sponsorships that help him increase his income, as well as his own products such as burgers, sweets and merchandise.

Sadly, we have no idea how much money he's making here (especially since he's giving away some, most, or all of the money he receives from brand deals and sales), but I heard him admit it in oneGraham Stephan-Videothat his endorsement deals could top $3 million.

However,on a similar show, he says he spends around $200,000 A DAY mostly on his videos.

That is, he earns a lot of money, but he also spends a lot. He also pays taxes, so not all of the above money is profit.

After deducting expenses, donations and taxes, we come to the final numbers and my personal assessment of his real wealth:

Mr. Fortune Beast: $60 million

Again, I must say that this is just an estimate. Real numbers can be completely different - much more or much less. The only person who really knows the exact number is Mr. Beast.

Anyway, I hope I managed to answer your questions as best I can and I believe that my assumptions are closer to the truth than others.


At the end of the day MrBeast is one of the coolest rich Youtubers out there as he does all these charities and reposts and makes people happy with not only his videos but their money as well.

With that in mind, I personally believe he truly deserves all the money he's made and I can only imagine how far he'll go now that he's earning even more and can really bring all of his ideas to life.

What do you think of Mr. Beast? Do you think my estimates of your net worth are close or far from reality? Let us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.

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