Haier refrigerator troubleshooting | Household helpers (2023)

If you're looking for help repairing your Haier refrigerator, look no further! Our comprehensive Haier Refrigerator Troubleshooting Guide will explain common problems, give you tips and show you how to read your model's error codes.

Haier - Wine cellar won't turn on / doesn't work
If your wine cellar does not work at all:
Check that the wine cellar is connected to a power outlet.
Check that there is power in the socket.
Make sure the appliance is on and the thermostat is set to low.

Haier - Refrigerator too cold / Freezing food
If food is frozen in the fresh food section of a full-size or compact refrigerator:
The temperature is set too low. Set the temperature slightly higher.
Check that there is nothing blocking the vents where cold air is coming out or being sucked in. Check that nothing is blocking the air flow and remove any objects near the ventilation openings.

Haier - The fridge does not turn on/work
If your refrigerator does not work at all:
Check that the refrigerator is plugged into an electrical outlet.
Check that there is power in the socket.
Make sure the appliance is on and the thermostat is set to low.

sharks - smell in the fridge or freezer
Your refrigerator or chest/upright freezer contains no mechanical parts that can emit odors.
When the device is new, it smells like plastic because most of the components inside are made of plastic. This smell will disappear over time.
Odors can also come from improperly packaged or sealed food in the appliance.
You may need to clean the inside of the device.
Do not use bleach or ammonia. This may cause cracking or damage to the device liner.
The use of cleaning agents with a lemon scent is not recommended, as the lemon scent can be permanently absorbed by the plastic parts of the appliance and can have an effect on the food.

Haier Refrigerator - Leaking/water on the floor
If you find water on the floor in front of the refrigerator:
If your model is equipped with an ice maker, make sure that the water supply line to the refrigerator or the water valve on the back of the refrigerator is not leaking. Ice maker or water valve leak needs repair.
This may be caused by a blocked defrost line. This would require a service repair.

Haier - The ice machine in the fridge does not make ice
Under nominal conditions, the ice machine should be assembled every 60 - 90 minutes. Repeatedly opening the door during this cycle will extend the time between harvests because each time you open the door you are letting warm air in and letting cool air out.
If the built-in ice maker in your refrigerator is not working, check the following:
Check the water supply to make sure it is connected and turned on.
Make sure the ice maker is on.
Confirm that all air has been purged from the system.
Check that the water pressure meets the minimum requirements (20 to 60 psi).
The temperature stabilization in a new refrigerator takes about 48 hours; during this time ice production will be slower.
Check that the ice cubes are not stuck.
Remove the ice maker bucket and check to see if there is one large block of ice in the bucket.
Make sure the freezer is cold enough to make ice cream. The freezer temperature should be 10 F or below.
The ice maker can take up to 24 hours to make ice after the freezer is first turned on.

Sharks - The refrigerator is running too much
Modern refrigerators save energy by running longer, but at a slower speed. Most of the energy used in a refrigerator comes from running the compressor.
Here are the factors that contribute to the refrigerator running too often or for too long:
The compressor will run longer after initial installation or after a longer power outage.
The refrigerator will run longer if the room has high humidity or high temperature.
The door may have been opened frequently or for longer periods.
Hot food can be placed in the fresh food room or the freezer.
Check the gasket for proper sealing. Make sure it is not damaged.

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Product Reviews:

I bought a Haier refrigerator in 2010 that always had faulty seals

I bought a Haier fridge in 2010 which always had faulty gaskets that I had been gluing back into the holes for years. Second, I should have known better when I bought the Haier HWF05XCP-L 5000-BTU window air conditioner less than a year ago. Now it spits out a sticky, watery substance. I live in a city where the temperature reaches 120 degrees, this is no joke! Now I am without air conditioning. As I write this, it is now 114 degrees outside. Sharks should stop making home appliances!!!

Published:29. september 2015

Janie Fra Bullhead City, Arizona

source: consumeraffairs.com

I paid £1200 for a Haier fridge freezer. He looked good. It stopped working after 1

I paid £1200 for a Haier fridge freezer. He looked good. It stopped working after 13 months. It got hot instead of cold. Bought an extended warranty. 9 months later, still trying to fix the fridge. The company has come up with many excuses, all of which are not varied. I was pushed from post to post. They basically take your money and then they don't bother. This is a disgusting company and all I can tell anyone about buying a product from this company is NO. These are total rip offs. This is the worst company I have had the misfortune to work with. They don't deserve to run a business by cheating customers the way they do. DO NOT buy from this company.

Published:February 16, 2017

Sarah of Sunbury-on-Thames, others

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a HA10TG31SW refrigerator on February 29, 2016, which was released in June

I bought a HA10TG31SW refrigerator on February 29, 2016, which was released in June 2016. The manufacturer is Haier. I called service at 1-888-775-6937. I explain to them that the fridge was off and not cooling at all. They said because it was on the porch, even though the porch was covered, the fridge was exposed to cold and heat and voided the warranty. In the first week of March, the refrigerator was used for the first time. Average temperature (high/low): March 64/38, April 73/47, May 79/57, June 87/65 taken from US Climate Data. In other words, we had a mild temperature as long as the refrigerator was in operation. In my opinion this should in no way disable this fridge. It was just a way out of repairing the refrigerator that was under warranty.

Published:19. august 2016

Lawrence of Booneville, AR

source: consumeraffairs.com

In 2017 we purchased a Haier top freezer refrigerator from Lowe's

In 2017 we bought a Haier fridge freezer from Lowe's for our "new" home. We love it! I have a fridge thermometer in it and it always shows the perfect temperature. I have recommended this type and brand of refrigerators to customers and friends.

Published:18. October 2019

Betty fra Columbia, SC

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a new Haier refrigerator model H21TS80 in August 2014 from Lowe

I bought a new Haier refrigerator model H21TS80 in August 2014 from Lowes. I dragged the temperature control between the freezer and the lower compartment and tried to get a constant 35 degrees in the lower compartment. It is impossible. The temperature will rise by 10-12 degrees. Sometimes it is over 40 degrees, then 30 degrees again. Nobody uses it but me, and I don't use it often. I also don't put hot things in there, so none of that applies. There was also an annoying buzzing sound coming from the freezer. Totally dissatisfied with it.

Published:9. december 2014

Michael of Starr, SC

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a Haier 7.0 cf chest freezer for my mother for Christmas 2013. She

I bought my mom a Haier 7.0 cf chest freezer for Christmas 2013. She took it in, plugged it in and within 4 days ice formed around the lid. It's called HHGREGG. They said to contact Telrad service. They came out and said it was a seal. So they fixed the seal and it was still ice cold. Then she got a new freezer and this freezer. She had 4 soldiers from Telrad there and was told today that they will order a new lid for her again. Come on, that's not right. It must be removed from her home and replaced with another. Let's not keep trying this and that to see if it works. SOLVE THIS PROBLEM! Will not accept another Haier freezer. It's ridiculous!

Published:25. august 2014

Gloria fra South Bend, IN

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a fridge on March 31, 2013. 3 months later it doesn't work

I bought a refrigerator on March 31, 2013. 3 months later, nothing cools anymore. I called Haier and they sent me to a repair company in Burr Ridge, Illinois. After a third service call on August 7th they were unable to repair due to line blockage. I called Haier on August 9th. There is still no answer to the question of what Haier will do. I will NEVER, EVER buy another Haier product. And no one should. And they need to hire people who speak English! ! ! !

Published:9. august 2013

Robin z Villa Park, Illinois

source: consumeraffairs.com

The compressor was incorrectly installed at the factory. After driving for

The compressor was incorrectly installed at the factory. After 3 months of work it broke with a freezer full of meat, pork, chicken and other things. It is impossible to work with Haier and we have to wait 7 weeks for spare parts. I just want my money back, make up for lost food and forget I was ever stupid enough to buy this product. We were accused by this company of lying, buying a refurbished freezer and other things. We've proven everything, but it's just not good enough for this company.

Published:13. august 2015

Becky fra Carey, Ohio

source: consumeraffairs.com

Haier's bottom-mounted refrigerator is very attractive in this segment.

Haier's bottom-mounted refrigerator is very attractive in this segment. We can use this Bmr in different modes. A 10-year warranty on the compressor and fan motor makes life easier. This is best for older women. Value for money.

Published:July 9, 2020

ganesh of Darjeeling, Other

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a Haier refrigerator for the break room in my store on May 1, 2016.

I bought a Haier refrigerator for the break room in my store on May 1, 2016. On November 25, 2016, the refrigerator stopped cooling. I submitted a repair request and was then told that I was out of luck as the item is used in a business. This fridge uses much, much less than if it was at my house. We are a small company of 4 people. We cannot afford to replace the fridge at $350 every 7 months. I contacted a local repair shop who quoted me $150-200 to fix the damn thing. And he recommended that we ditch Haier and buy a reliable brand, which in his experience is not Haier. I am very angry with myself. I read all the bad reviews before I bought the Haier, but thought I'd be lucky and not get a scrap.

Published:30. October 2016

Stephanie z Post Falls, ID

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought this product from Lowes in March, it stopped working in September. L

I bought this product from Lowes in March, it stopped working in September. Lowes does not support this brand, which they do not state up front when purchasing this product. Haier has been serviced many times, parts have been replaced (after ordering, delivery took two weeks) and despite all the problems, the company tells me they are not replacing the units, they are just continuing to repair them. To anyone considering buying a Haier refrigerator, I would advise NOT to do so. You will lose a lot of food, time and end up with endless degradation.

Published:20. October 2017

Lisa from Austin, Texas

source: consumeraffairs.com

Went to my Haier French fridge yesterday to notice the fridge on top

Went to my French Haier fridge yesterday and noticed the top fridge wasn't working but the freezer was fine. The refrigerator temperature has disappeared on the orange LCD screen on the refrigerator door. After stress and cursing, I started hunting for a manual ready to present to the refrigerator mechanic who was due to arrive the next day. My Haier is 3 years old so I am also out of warranty. I finally found the manual and amazingly discovered that there is an option to turn off the fridge and/or freezer using the LCD panel on the front of the fridge. If I didn't keep the owner's manual, I'd be ripped off by a mechanic or have to go out and spend another $2,000 on a whole new fridge. Check the user manual and become familiar with your fridge's use and setting temperatures etc. Once you have set all the settings, press the LOCK button so no one changes the settings or accidentally turns off the fridge or freezer like it happened to me. The ideal temperature settings for the fridge should be 3 degrees and the freezer should be set to -18 degrees.

Published:19 January 2015

Bianca from Mount Martha, California

source: consumeraffairs.com

Approximately 1 year and 2 weeks after purchasing my new Haier from

About 1 year and 2 weeks after purchasing my new Haier refrigerator from HHgregg, the handle broke off in my 10 year old daughter's hand. Both HHgregg and Haier said there was no guarantee of this. Even with my extended warranty it does not include the handle! However, Haier from the Philippines said they would replace the handle if I could email them a copy of the receipt! The Haier representative gave me a fake email address to send it to!! When I call back to get the correct email address, the other rep can't even find the account again!!! So I think the American public will be defrauded again by a foreign company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I spoke to a supervisor at Haier from the Philippines named Jonathan who said they wouldn't do anything!!!!

Published:July 31, 2013

Jana from Hubbard, Ohio

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought the first one in June 2014, the freezer went crazy minus 20 fridges part 60

Bought my first in June 2014, freezer went crazy minus 20 fridge part 60. Haier refused to work with me to fix it. Lowes replaced him with someone else. This is my second one, he had it for about 2 months, now he does the same thing as the other one. I will never buy anything made by this company again.

Published:15. august 2014

Juanita of Meyersdale, Pennsylvania

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought this fridge at the beginning of November and within a week no

I bought this fridge in early November and within a week I noticed that the freezer was frosted up. So I called customer service. Being only a week old, he was still under warranty. They sent one I had to wait two weeks for. He said it couldn't be fixed and he would file the papers and give me the information I needed. I didn't hear from him so I called a week later. He said he wasn't in the office but would call me to let me know. No call and he never picked up the phone or had a machine. So I called Haier. They said that was the day they received the documents and that their engineers should accept it, which took 3-5 working days. Got a call back 6 business days later and said they still haven't heard anything. Then I called a few days later and nothing. A few days later I called again and still nothing but was told a supervisor was on the case and would call back later that day. No connection. I called the next day, told them what had happened, got mad and hung up. I called back, asked to speak to a supervisor, and Rich told me he would look into the matter personally and arrange for a replacement in due course. I said it took 21 days, which is how long I waited then for everything to be ready on time. He was upset and said he would call back the next day with the information he could get. No connection! Many **. They don't honor their warranties and sell products they know are crap! So now it's been three weeks and over a month since the first call and I still have a broken fridge and no response from Haier! Close this company!

Published:17. december 2012

Molly z Frederick, MD

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a Haier refrigerator for my new apartment. Space was limited, so I n

I bought a Haier refrigerator for my new apartment. Space was limited, so I needed the largest refrigerator that could fit in my kitchen. I have had it for over a year and it is perfect as my brother just bought it yesterday after seeing how happy I am with my purchase.

Published:7. december 2015

Billy from Atlanta, Georgia

source: consumeraffairs.com

Bought Fridge Freezer Top 5 September 2014 Model HT21TS80SP from Low

I purchased a top freezer refrigerator on September 5, 2014, model HT21TS80SP from Lowes. It looked like a great product, design, functionality and price. Chinese company, but designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. So I thought give Americans jobs, buy American. FUCK, PURE FUCK!!! 89 days, the unit died on Thursday, Haier's warranty repair company only serves my city on Tuesdays. I lost everything in my fridge/freezer. Repair Tech said "KNOWN problem, bad contact". Replaced 2 parts (thermo and timer) WHY was no recall made??? Now, 15 days later, on Christmas Eve (December 24, 2014), he is dead AGAIN. I lost everything in it AGAIN!!!! with many people coming on holiday. I will call the repair center tomorrow December 26th and wait AGAIN for the repair, I guess I will have to wait until next Tuesday. A word to all, SHARKS are JUNK PURE JUNK. Save your mind and food and buy LG. LG are the best products on the market, you pay a little more but they are great. HAIER should not be sold in or within the United States. SCORLD SCALDS SCALDS!!!!

Published:26. december 2014

S. af Lehigh Acres, Floryda

source: consumeraffairs.com

The fridge light is broken and will cost over $100 for the plus parts alone

Refrigerator light broke and will cost over $100 for parts and service alone. The fridge was less than 1 year old when I contacted Haier (terrible customer service. Delivery was a month after purchase). I will NEVER buy Haier or GE products again... and will do my best to spread the word to someone. Shame on this company. DO NOT BUY THIS REFRIGERATOR MODEL #HRB15N3BGS.

Published:26. december 2019

Diana from Buffalo, New York

source: consumeraffairs.com

Bought Haier HRF-336IDB refrigerator in Pakistan. Its Temp Set feature

Bought Haier HRF-336IDB refrigerator in Pakistan. Its Temp Set function is out of order. The temperature in the freezer zone showed -18oC from the time of unpacking and ignition and did not change even after 24 hours. In addition, the temperature in the refrigerator zone varied from No. 1-7, but without setting/locking the desired number. Triggered complaint, tech support arrived and immediately said the temperature in the freezer didn't change at all. In addition, the temperature in the refrigerator zone will change as soon as the internal temperature becomes high or low. I showed them the instruction manual and asked them to point out all the statements you just made about manually setting the temperatures in the fridge and freezer. He had no answer and again repeated the above pathetic illiterate answer. I bought him a glass of hot water to put in the zone sensors in the fridge and freezer. He did the same thing over and over and the temperatures didn't change. In the end, their tech support deemed the item to be defective. I returned the fridge directly to Haier Pakistan and collected my money using references otherwise they have no warranty/money back policy and won't accept their pathetic 3rd class Chinese defective products even if you return them for free. Never buy Haier products especially from Pakistan. Their products and services have become extremely pathetic. All this negative credit goes to their TOP MANAGEMENT and QUALITY DEPARTMENT who very tactically and skillfully loot and loot innocent people in Pakistan. Finally their QUALITY DEPARTMENT also seems to be full all the time as I found some QC PASSED and PAKISTAN STANDARDS stickers on the product but its basic functions were not working and their innocent technical staff tried to force their versions of manual setting of the freezer and fridge . zone settings.

Published:29 January 2020

Usman of Peshawar, the Second

source: consumeraffairs.com

On July 28, I reported that my refrigerator was not working. I was referred to 2. p

On July 28, I reported that my refrigerator was not working. I was referred to 2 places. Couldn't even talk about service for 2 weeks or more. The other side was told they couldn't help for 24-48 hours until they received a service order. They called back 2 days later and said I would get a call within 7 business days from the repair department. It is now August 11 at 9 p.m. Eastern time and would arrive the next day at 8:00 a.m. I can't schedule a service as soon as I work. It's a long time to try to live without a fridge when you have children. I will never recommend this device again or buy this brand again.

Published:12. august 2014

Michelle from Sanford, Florida

source: consumeraffairs.com

The performance of the refrigerator is so poor that even a star would be a failure

The PERFORMANCE of the fridge is so bad that even a star would be an insult to the star itself. Worst fridge ever. I have complained 4 or 5 times in 6 months. The compressor was replaced once and within 2 weeks the fridge would not cool and would not work again. Poor PERFORMANCE poor MAINTENANCE and poor CUSTOMER SERVICE. Plz plz SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DON'T BUY THIS. They have the worst compressor ever. Everything is pathetic with this fridge and company.

Published:15 May 2019

Zainab of Lahore, second

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a $700 Haier wine cooler and the nightmare began. Vol

I bought a $700 Haier wine cooler and the nightmare began. The door did not close properly and was not level at the top. After removing the door, I discovered that the factory drilled holes for the top mounting bracket (top right corner of the door) were not drilled correctly. They were drilled out of line and incorrectly during the manufacturing process and not in the correct position. This resulted in incorrect hardware installation and misalignment of the door. I replaced the door with mounting holes on the left side and luckily the holes in the upper left corner of the unit were drilled in the correct position during the manufacturing process. Also with absolutely no help or support from customer service. I called customer service 3 times and none of the representatives who answered the phone could understand or help resolve the issue. I was also promised a call back in response to photo emails I sent and no company representative bothered to respond. Your call center called Haier America is far from everything that epitomizes America, quality and values. The three call center reps I spoke with are paid to answer calls and provide support and they all failed. So you have lost a customer forever and believe me, I will never ever buy another Haier product. One would think that Haier would build its business by expanding its customer base. I finally contacted the management reps and they deemed the wine cooler to be defective and required me to tow this cooler back to Lowes Home Centers to try and get a replacement. This is not acceptable. I no longer own a pickup truck and do not have the funds to haul this heavy refrigerator back to the store. They won't budge on their unsettled, so I'm screwed. Never again!!!

Published:12. april 2016

Brad fra Montgomery, New York

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a great GE refrigerator that arrived with the door dented. GE

I bought a great GE refrigerator that arrived with the door dented. The GE mechanic ordered a door from Haier Appliances Parts LLC, which did not arrive the day he came for repair, so he ordered another door. I then had 2 large boxes with doors in my living room. Came and replaced my door, then had to contact Haier to find out how to return the new and old doors to them. I was told which company to pick up and when I asked they didn't have a confirmation number or pick up date. I was told to wait for a call. A few days after no phone call I called again. I got the same information and no date for when the door will be picked up. All I had to do was wait for the company to contact me to arrange pickup. A week later, the door is still in my living room, so I called again. I was given the same information but this time I was told that the door would be picked up on Wednesday and that I could leave it at the front door and it would be picked up. I come home Wednesday night and find the door outside my door. Let them stay there all night and half of Thursday. No reception. I called Haier again and was first told that they had made three attempts to answer the door, which is not true as evidenced by the phone operator who told me that the answering machine had the wrong phone number (provided by Haier), and for this reason they could not contact me to arrange a collection time. This time I was given a tracking number and a phone number to call the receiving company... So as you can see, hassle-free returns have not been my experience. I pulled the boxes back in. This return was a huge hassle and I will have to admire these two large boxes for another 3 days before they are picked up.

Published:10. august 2017

Izabela Fra Tampa, Florida

source: consumeraffairs.com

After 2 years of H*LL with my 4-year-old Haier refrigerator (cold freezer, year

After 2 years of H*LL with my 4 year old Haier fridge (freezes cold, fridge too hot, teeth don't blow as often as it should - seems to be the common denominator for Haier fridges!!) I broke down and called Elder and most reputed home appliance sales/repair center in my city. They said NEVER buy Haier! These economical brands are not built with longevity in mind!! Seriously??? I got $50 shoes that lasted a lot longer than that pile of junk! My reputable dealer/repair center NOT only SELLs Haier but will NOT service it. Apparently it's too much to get spare parts etc! Well done Sharks! BITE ME! (Seems like my fridge is only happy when the AC is on! What? Need HELP keeping it cool? Never again Haier! And don't expect to ever be nice to anyone to talk about you & I HAVE A BIG MOUTH when I'm unhappy and boy am I unhappy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Published:4. august 2015

Jean fra Crystal Lake, Illinois

source: consumeraffairs.com

I am writing in connection with the warranty and replacement of the refrigerator. I have s

I am writing in connection with the warranty and replacement of the refrigerator. I started contact about my refrigerator in March. Nobody contacted me. I sent another email in April. No one else contacted me. In June I returned to Harvey Norman. Then they organize themselves, someone comes and watches. A man came and said it needed to be replaced. We received an email and were given options to choose a refrigerator. We choose one of these options, but he makes us pay $300. The fridge we get is not that price. I asked for it 10 times. Every time I called they said "We'll call you back". The manager is off. After 2 weeks I finally managed to talk to someone. I paid the amount. And the next day I got a call that she had ordered a delivery for August 9th and tomorrow morning. I'll wait until 12:00. Nobody called. I called them again to check. They said, "We'll call you back." 14.40 I called again. She said, "I'll call you back." At 5.35 I called back and they said that the department is closed. I can't check, I can't say. I said that since morning I only ask one question when my refrigerator arrives. Then she said that delivery was not ordered. I was so sad. Waste my whole day. He took time off for that. And they don't communicate at all. Then they called the first time on Monday morning and said they could deliver the fridge on Thursday morning at 11 a.m. We thought it was good that it would finally work out, but no. Because today is Thursday at 9. She said she called from Fisher and Paykel when you wanted to order a delivery. Today I took the day off again because of this. And now they said when you want. Worst company customer service. They promise to call back, but never do. They promise a delivery date and they don't deliver. How they keep changing. I lost 2 days salary. Very unhappy

Published:14. august 2019

Sona from Melbourne, second

source: consumeraffairs.com

Bought 10 months ago Haier freezer with extended warranty (defect). Freeze

Bought 10 months ago Haier freezer with extended warranty (defect). The freezer does not cool properly. Called Haier's customer hotline with no service. For 3 DAYS we could not bring a technician to our area. He will lose hundreds of dollars on food. Haier said he would do his best since it takes so long to process complaints through THEIR system. Will never, ever, ever buy or trade with Haier again.

Published:28 January 2015

Ronnie z Meridian, MS

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a new 20 cubic foot Haier refrigerator from Lowes. Never got a coal

I bought a new 20 cubic foot Haier refrigerator from Lowes. It was never cold and Lowes said he was not responsible but to call Haiers Repair Service. The service said it would be a week before someone could look at it and then they might have to order parts. Meanwhile, the food is thawing and neither Lowe's nor Haier's service staff have made any attempt to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. I called an independent service center and they told me to never buy a Haier machine. Parts are often not available and the service would not repair any Haier equipment because it was so poorly made.

Published:20 January 2015

Janet fra Chesterton, IN

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a fridge online on July 22 and it was delivered in July

I bought a fridge online on the 22nd of July and it was delivered on the 26th of July, it broke a week later, service was called, a service man came and found the compressor broken. I called and told them I didn't want the fridge and asked for a replacement and I had to decide if they would replace it. Almost 2 weeks later they said they would replace it. I called again a week later to find out why I hadn't heard anything only to find that the order had been canceled and they would refund me, as of that date I am still waiting for them to pick up the fridge and give me my money back. The experience was horrible and completely unacceptable. When they canceled the fridge replacement because it was out of stock, I was never notified. They also did not offer a replacement. I would never buy another GE or Haier product again and have told my friends and family to do the same.

Published:10. september 2017

Mildred fra Philadelphia, PA

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a 2-in-1 refrigerator with a removable model Haier FF refrigerator HRB 2764PMG

I bought a 2-in-1 refrigerator with a replaceable model Haier FF refrigerator HRB 2764PMG-E, WE BOUGHT ON 03/07/2018. AFTER A YEAR AND 3 MONTHS THE FRIDGE KEPT WORKING. When service people came to check, they said the problem was a gas leak from the compressor, the gas line was rusted. It is really a waste of money to buy such a worthless product which is of very low quality. I couldn't give a minus rating, Haier products are really worthless.

Published:19. June 2019

Sriraam from Chennai, second

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a Haier 5.0 cu freezer from Walmart, I think it's my first

I bought a Haier 5.0 cu freezer from Walmart, I think this is my first mistake. I didn't have it for 9 months and the compressor broke. I first contacted Walmart, after I bought it there, they suggested I call Haier. I called Haier and the lady who took my information was very nice and apologetic. I spoke to and emailed a few people after that, yes I emailed... The case manager never picks up the phone and often you can't leave a message because the answering machine is full. I was then told that they do not return calls as it is an inbound call center. Really, WOW!!... So I have pictures of what I could have done that were already in the trash. I didn't take pictures of everything because it smelled so bad! I sent all my pictures, receipts, food costs, I lost, etc. I lost over $500 worth of food. They refunded me for a piece of crap and $210 for food. It was unacceptable, but since I didn't write everything down there and prove it was there, that's all they could do for me. I also found out that Haier is a GE product, so I will NEVER buy a Haier product again, and knowing that GE is a subsidiary of this company, I will not make any freezers through them either.

Published:19. October 2017

mrsb fra Sioux City, IA

source: consumeraffairs.com

DO NOT BUY a Haier product! I have owned Kenmore refrigerators for 25 years

DO NOT BUY a Haier product! I have owned Kenmore refrigerators for 25 years and they still work and I have NEVER had a problem with them. Four years and 9 months ago I made the wrong decision and bought a Haier fridge that was on sale at HH Gregg. I even paid for an extended warranty. The fridge has already stopped working and it hasn't even been 5 years! Who buys a refrigerator for 5 years or less! Terrifying! Don't throw money away! The company is terrible and has a list of excuses as to why they cannot repair the product.

Published:29 May 2019

Lynn from Westminster, South Carolina

source: consumeraffairs.com

Unfortunately, I did not purchase an in-store protection plan from Lowes. AND

Unfortunately, I did not purchase an in-store protection plan from Lowes. I've never bought them before because I've never had to use them. Anyway, after a pretty good hunting season, I needed a freezer fast. First, I had a pretty good 8 point buck and needed another freezer to hold my future herd in, and 2 more whitetail deer I could collect, one of which is my fiancés first can. 1 day short of two months to the day after buying the freezer I went to get some venison and when I opened the freezer most of it was thawed and spoiled. Still no response from the dentist. I don't know if the covered mutton is salvageable or not, it was at the bottom of the box so it was probably a bit cooler than many of the other paper wrapped freezer strips, ham steaks and ground meat in Ziplock Freeezer bags soaked in blood and collected at the bottom of the unit. Furious, I decided to leave the device at the front door of the local Lowes store with the lid open so customers could see what the product was all about. Meanwhile they got rid of him. It's the same old story, bad products, as a consumer you have no choice. You end up paying for a product you don't even have or wouldn't want again. Corporate America... foreign outsourced garbage and hard working people like me will end up going crazy in the end. I struggle to make ends meet and try to live off God's amazing country as much as possible. And NO, I do not belong to any of these lumber companies or anyone else who would get rich renting land to a loser for $1000.00 a year!!!! Uncle Ted Nugent I hope you read this story about wasting the best and most nutritious red meat. A delicious white-tailed deer from North America. I have pictures of the inside of the freezer, the goat to be installed, and her first harvest of deer.

Published:February 6, 2014

Jimmy from Jasper, Texas

source: consumeraffairs.com

After buying the fridge in 2013, it no longer cools

After buying the fridge in 2013, the base no longer cools. I realize there is no warranty anymore, but the fridge should last more than 5 years. I am having trouble finding a local repair company to repair this product. No one wants to work on it. I will never buy a Haier product again.

Published:5 listeopada 2018 r

Betty from Dayton, Ohio

source: consumeraffairs.com

DO NOT BUY THIS FRIDGE! I have had problems with this fridge since day one

DO NOT BUY THIS FRIDGE! I have had problems with this fridge since I bought it. I had to call the company 7 times and the company came and fixed it twice because of screws falling out and the noise it makes. It was such a headache. I give NO STARS.

Published:26. august 2019

Tessa of Perth, Second

source: consumeraffairs.com

On 8/14/12 I noticed my refrigerator was not working. I called HH Gre

On 8/14/12 I noticed my refrigerator was not working. I called HH Gregg where I bought the unit and it turns out it was still under the manufacturer's warranty. I called Haier on 8/15/12 to initiate a claim and was told a service technician would call me to set up an appointment. I called back two days later and was told the appointment was set for 8/20/12. No one called or showed up for an appointment. Since then I have called fourteen (14) times and was told that they would replace the unit and that it would be shipped within 7-10 days. Needless to say this did not happen and as my warranty expired on 2nd September 2012 I am stuck contacting Haier as the repair was started under warranty on 15th August 2012 and is now out of warranty. I contacted HH Gregg on 9/13/12 and they have been in contact with Haier to resolve this issue. I received a call from Haier's manager (Larry) on 9/14/12 to tell me that he had escalated the matter and would work to get me a replacement refrigerator immediately. He also wanted to extend the $50 voucher to inconvenience me. I called today September 18, 2012 to check and the rep told me that the replacement authorization was placed in the wrong place and that Haier would start shipping in a few days. I have never experienced anything like this before and I have to say this is the worst company I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with! I told HH Gregg that I would not buy another product from them because they are a reseller of a company that offers this type of service! I plan to go to court and if anyone else wants to start a class action please email me at **!

Published:18. september 2012

Gregory of Chesapeake, Virginia

source: consumeraffairs.com

This fridge came with the house my son bought. we have never heard of

This fridge came with the house my son bought. We have never heard of this brand of refrigerator. This is an excellent refrigerator! Keeps things really cold. In fact, we can set the cold setting too high, or the things in the fridge actually freeze! I don't know how old the fridge is. We've had it for a few years now and it's as cold as the day we moved in.

Published:25. marts 2019 r

Connie Fra Ocala, Florida

source: consumeraffairs.com

I bought a new Haier refrigerator in July 2014 (Original refrigerator d

I bought a new Haier refrigerator in July 2014 (the original refrigerator needs to be replaced immediately due to a broken light that could not be repaired). In July 2015 the fridge stopped cooling. Haier twice sent a contractor to do various repairs in two weeks, but the fridge will be 59 degrees one day and 39 degrees the next. When I called Haier's customer service, they wouldn't let me talk to the manager that I asked. I will send them a picture of the temperature. This is my first purchase of a Haier product, but most likely my last. I have had other brands of refrigerators go 20 years without needing a repair.

Published:July 31, 2015

Jeff from Rockville, MD

source: consumeraffairs.com

Consumer Reports said the Haier was a great refrigerator, but after 40 years, that was it

Consumer Reports said Haier was a great refrigerator, but for 40 years it was the worst brand we ever owned. We bought it from blue household magazine. The freezer was filling up with ice and the refrigerator was reaching room temperature, probably because the freezer vents were blocking the ice. It's supposed to be a defrost freezer, but we've never seen that feature work properly. In the span of 4 months, the blue home furnishing warehouse forced us to replace Haier refrigerators 5 times before they finally refunded our money. We knew appliance installers by name, where their children went to school, who had birthdays this week. It was pathetic. We bought a Whirlpool refrigerator and 8 years later we have never regretted it. Haier was FAIL's main consumer report and we never bought a subscription again.

Published:July 27, 2019

Dan from Newton, NJ

source: consumeraffairs.com

Haier double door refrigerator. Worst product ever. I never recommend it to anyone

Haier double door refrigerator. Worst product ever. Never recommend anyone. I bought a Haier refrigerator in the month of May 2015. Today I filed a complaint for the third time. Engineers to this day are unable to fix the problem and the company does not even want to supply a replacement product.

Published:14 listeopada 2015 r

JITIN of New Delhi, second

source: consumeraffairs.com

First, you buy expensive electronics from a trusted company that goes

First, you buy expensive electronics from a trusted company that will last for many years. Then you realize that this fridge only has one working light bulb and doesn't cool the food. While all the food spoils inside, the company sends in a repairman after many days. The mechanic is doing a temporary repair so we have to call Haier in a few days and they will send a repairman after many more days. This cycle has been going on since the first week we bought this expensive scrap. Not only has the company not reimbursed us, but insists that we eat food out of this moldy metal box. Which causes concern among the responsible authorities, who are either corrupt or uninformed about such criminal behavior. The matter must be resolved as soon as possible, not more than 24 hours, because the longer it takes, the more we will suffer, and in the end you will find a dead family of people who believed in Haier and trusted the Indian system for the best quality of life.

Published:26. september 2017

Verhaen from New Delhi, inside

source: consumeraffairs.com


Haier refrigerator troubleshooting | Household helpers? ›

If your refrigerator is not getting cold/cool: Verify the refrigerator is plugged in to a working outlet. Make sure the unit is turned on and that the thermostat control is set to a cold temperature setting. Frequent door openings.

Why is my Haier fridge not getting cold? ›

If your refrigerator is not getting cold/cool: Verify the refrigerator is plugged in to a working outlet. Make sure the unit is turned on and that the thermostat control is set to a cold temperature setting. Frequent door openings.

Why is my Haier fridge not cooling but freezer works? ›

If your refrigerator won't get cold but the freezer will, you may have a defrost system failure. The defrost system is responsible for melting frost and ice buildup on the evaporator coils. If the freezer is cold but refrigerator is not, it could be because the defrost system has failed.

What are the common faults in refrigerator? ›

Due to rigorous use and wear and tear, a refrigerator may develop issues like cooling problem, defrost problem, faulty wiring, broken drain plate, sparking from socket, door closing problem, drain blockage etc. that require refrigerator repair service.


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