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Gabrielle fra Campbellsburg, INProven reviewer

Original review: April 12, 2023

OK, I bought a refrigerator from this company a year and a half ago, two years ago, and the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer was not stable. Because I don't have an extended warranty. I called Dte to look into it. Dte sent a GE rep and said the compressor was no good. I left a negative review on the company's website saying it was a shame that the fridge didn't work after a short time. I have no expectations other than to clarify the situation to help other customers and prevent their situation.

HAIER/GE responded via email asking for the model number and serial number, date of purchase, my contact information and contact information for people who saw the refrigerator. There was no one to call or talk to about this query so I called GE and it took about an hour and a half and found out why they emailed me and why they wanted me to do all the work . It's for nothing. Maybe they'll give me a discount on parts and that's the best they can do. I didn't ask for anything in the review.

When I went to write another review on their company website, it was rejected because I was talking about a lack of proper customer service, not how dysfunctional the equipment was or is. This explains the reviews as all the reviews I see say the product is good but not great. I am very confused and if we are not allowed to complain about customer service or lack thereof and how do we know what we are dealing with. The email they sent me was a template. It had no meaning or value. Why did they send it unless it was supposed to look good.

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Islamabad T-shirt, andreProven reviewerVerified buyer

Original review: April 7, 2023

New fridge - broke on the 10th day of purchase. The gas escaped, I don't know how. I don't know how long I have to wait for this fix, my cold products are on the shelves, it's Ramadan 2023, no more excitement about a new device, instead it seems to be something buggy. I paid the labor to bring it up to my floor 10 days ago. And on the 10th day it broke. This means that you will have to pay this upload cost many times in the near future. Kachra ka dabba fridge. The first experience with the company is bad. I will never buy any Haier gear again.

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S z Wadsworth, OHProven reviewer

Original review: December 13, 2022

DO NOT BUY! I tried to find General Electric to get into this post. They don't make these refrigerators. Bought in Sep 2022. It is a French door with a bottom freezer and ice and water in the door. The design is excellent, but this fridge is so annoying that I'm willing to replace it, even if I lose the matching set I've wanted for years.

I contacted General Electric. I was informed that if a repairman showed up, that would be the only call covered under warranty. He wanted to make sure there was no problem. They didn't have a licensed mechanic, but they hooked me up with one. The service man checked it and said everything was fine; they just make noise. I have received many letters from GE asking me to apply for their "warranty program". So I have to pay for insurance on a brand new product! What does that tell you?

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Krishan fra Ghaziabad, The OtherProven reviewerVerified buyer

Original review: October 9, 2022

Bought a 2 door fridge in November 2021 considering the product features but the problems started from day one.

(1) Monitor noise starts from day one and no one was able to solve the problem in the first 15 days and some people visited the factory technician and solved the problem by the end of the month.

(2) The door starts to make noise and justify joint lubrication should be done regularly from the second month, and call the local service center every month to solve the same problem, but this problem occurs constantly.

(3) Cooling problem: The refrigerator starts having a cooling problem after 6 months and the problem is not permanently solved yet. We had a technician visit every month to remove the ice from the freezer and add a new seal to allow air to flow to the bottom but this is an ongoing problem and each time we were told the problem would not happen again but no solution with the technical team.

According to their technical and service team, I was told that they believe your product is working properly. Their service team also suggests purchasing an additional 3-year service pack to continue using their service. The problem I have started facing since 1 year, the same problem started in my old refrigerator after 11 years. I do not recommend anyone to buy their product and there is no solution to the problem with the product.

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Jain z Palakkad, inneProven reviewer

Original review: August 10, 2022

This is the worst fridge I have ever bought. Only one month after the warranty period, the refrigerator stopped working. When contacting the service, they insisted on completing the formalities and asked to bring the device to the service at their own expense, which costs approximately 10% of the total price of the refrigerator, i.e. approximately PLN 3,000. I advise against buying this product.

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Muhammad of Faisalabad, secondProven reviewerVerified buyer

Original review: June 27, 2022

I bought a refrigerator on 19 Feb 2022 and after 3 days its packing changed shape, I filed a complaint but my problem was not resolved and on 27 Jun 22 I filed 8 complaints. Now they said you have to send the fridge to our service center which is not an easy task. First I have to pick up the fridge from the second floor and then pay for transport. They don't seem to have a solution, but they make the process more difficult, so I'll stop complaining and keep using what I have. I took contact from the employee to higher authorities, but it was not fruitful. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to avoid Haier products. Once you buy it, it's yours and the company has no worries.

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Cdr Marai Malai Nagar, inniProven reviewer

Original review: June 13, 2022

Two door refrigerator purchased in 2017. The compressor and colling coil failed within a year. Compressor replaced Paid Rs 3500 for Colling coil again - 2021 Compressor and Colling coil leaked again Paid Rs 3000 for repair - Now 2022 compressor broke - service is outsourced and no phone response and no response from customer service to emails.

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Arun af Bengaluru, AndetProven reviewer

Original review: May 23, 2022

Once you buy this product they won't provide any service so buy at your own risk I brought a cooler and it stopped working after 8 months and I'm trying to get service but these guys keep coming. Got it done by local guys.

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Gudavalli fra Bangalore, indreProven reviewer

Original review: February 22, 2022

I purchased a Haier 345L refrigerator on February 22, 2016. Less than 6 years after purchase, the refrigerator stopped working. I submitted a claim in the second week of January 2021 and the radiator was replaced after being told to wait almost 2 weeks after claiming and being charged around £4k. After less than 2 weeks the fridge stopped working again and on February 6, 2022 I filed a complaint. This time I was told that the compressor was not working and after 2 weeks of waiting it was replaced again. Despite replacing the compressor the fridge still did not work and I was told the condenser needed to be replaced.

After being charged Rs 950 for the condenser, it was replaced. Despite replacing the condenser, compressor and cooling coil, the refrigerator still does not work. When I contact customer service they always say "Aap nischinth rahiye (Please relax, we will solve the problem immediately)." However, technicians arrive far after the promised time of 24-48 hours. Regarding the customer, he sticks to his policies and rules (eg: in the beginning I couldn't find the bill, so I was asked to pay for the service and the compressor). But when it comes to service delivery, they never stick to their policy (which is at least come and visit within 24-48 hours). This is hypocrisy and believe me, the customer service is so pathetic. Will make you regret buying their products.

I never write reviews but this time I was forced to write a review due to the amount of frustration they caused. In total it has been over 5 weeks now that my fridge has not worked and still is not working. I decided to wait until Thursday and then throw this fridge in the trash if she doesn't take care of it. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND HAIER PRODUCTS TO ANYONE WANTING PEACE OF MIND.

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Jim from Mosman, OtherProven reviewer

Original review: February 15, 2022

We had service for the first 2 years due to the temperature heating. He is now 2.5 years old and beeps every 10 seconds. You can't stop it. Customer service sucks. So a working fridge will now go to landfill because I can't stop it from squeaking... NEVER BUY A HAIER APPLIANCE.

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Haier refrigerator reviews? ›

Haier has established an excellent reputation for home electronic appliances, including refrigerators. They offer various options, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the customers. Their refrigerators are multi-functional and budget-friendly.

Is Haier a good refrigerator brand? ›

Haier has established an excellent reputation for home electronic appliances, including refrigerators. They offer various options, keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the customers. Their refrigerators are multi-functional and budget-friendly.

Why side walls of the Haier refrigerator are very hot? ›

This is normal. Part of the cooling process is removing heat from inside the refrigerator. In the process of pulling heat from the refrigerator, some of that heat is transferred to the sides and top of the unit to reduce condensation buildup.

Who makes Haier refrigerator? ›

Haier Group Corporation (/ˈhaɪ. ər/) is a Chinese multinational home appliances and consumer electronics company headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong.

Is Haier and Hisense the same company? ›

Both Haier and Hisense also have complex ties with their own government, which currently owns significant shares in each company although both have subsidiaries that are publicly traded. According to Forbes, the state owns 46.5 percent of Haier's appliance arm and 57 percent of its electronics firms.

Which is better Haier or Whirlpool refrigerator? ›

Haier and Whirlpool are top white good manufacturer. We recommend you to buy a whirlpool fridge if buying single/double door refrigerator however Haier is preferred one in side by side/bottom freezer technology due to its extensive convertible range.

What is the ranking of Haier? ›

According to the 2022 annual report released by Euromonitor International, Haier topped the rankings of global major appliances brands. Haier serves over 1 billion families in 160 countries and regions globally.

Why is my fridge warm but my freezer cold? ›

The thermostat is set incorrectly

If your freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm, one of the first things you should check is the thermostat. It might be set to “off” by accident, or it could be turned down too low. To fix it: Set it to the correct setting and see if that fixes the problem.

Why is my Haier fridge not getting cold? ›

If your refrigerator is not getting cold/cool: Verify the refrigerator is plugged in to a working outlet. Make sure the unit is turned on and that the thermostat control is set to a cold temperature setting. Frequent door openings.

Was GE bought out by Haier? ›

Haier announced the agreement on Jan. 15, 2016, and the purchase was finalized on June 6, 2016. The announcement of the acquisition stated that GE Appliances would still be headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, and include a board of directors with representatives from Haier and GE Appliances.

Is Haier a top brand? ›

Haier, the global leader in Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics has been recognized as the World's No. 1 brand globally in major appliances in 2022 for the 14 th consecutive year in a row. The accolade was given by Euromonitor International, the world's leading strategic market research organization.

Are Haier refrigerators made in the USA? ›

That anonymity comes despite Haier's best efforts. The company has manufactured refrigerators in Camden, South Carolina, since 2000, and attempted to purchase Maytag for $1.3 billion in 2005. The Chinese company gets to use one of America's most storied brand names for the next 40 years.

Which is the best fridge? ›

List of best refrigerators in India
Samsung 189 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator4.4 / 5
Samsung 253 L 3 Star with Inverter Double Door Refrigerator4.4 / 5
LG 242 L 3 Star Smart Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator4.2 / 5
Whirlpool 240 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator4.2 / 5
8 more rows
Mar 10, 2023

Which brand of fridge freezer is the most reliable? ›

Which are the best fridge freezers in 2023? At a glance
  • Best overall: Samsung RB7300T.
  • Best water and ice-dispensing fridge freezer: LG GSJV91BSAE.
  • Best american fridge freezer: Samsung RS52N3313WW.
  • Best integrated fridge freezer: Bosch Serie 2 KIV87NSF0G.
  • Best under counter fridge freezer: electriQ 86 litre.
Mar 6, 2023

Does Haier make GE refrigerators? ›

GE Appliances is an American home appliance manufacturer based in Louisville, Kentucky. It has been majority owned by Chinese multinational home appliances company Haier since 2016.

Which is the No 1 appliance brand in the world? ›

1) Whirlpool

Whirlpool is an American brand and is roughly valued at $16.16 billion. Whirlpool is the most dependable and best kitchen appliance brand on the planet in 2022. It is a multinational brand and specialises in household appliances.

Which is the most expensive Haier refrigerator? ›

Haier Refrigerators offers 169 new models in India with price starting from ₹ 10,899 and upto ₹ 145,990.

What is the competitive advantage of Haier? ›

Haier Group now ranked as the country third most popular brand. It is even ahead of Coca-cola which is the fourth popular brand in China. Additional competitive advantages include well-equipped with manufacturing facilities in 13 countries, 18 research, development and design centers around the world.

Why is my Haier fridge freezing everything? ›

The temperature is set too low. Set a slightly higher temperature. Verify that nothing is blocking the vents where the cold air is coming out, or being sucked in. Check that nothing is blocking air circulation and remove any item that is close to the air vents.

What temperature should a Haier refrigerator be in the winter? ›

Haier - Normal Refrigerator Temperatures. The ideal refrigerator temperature is between 35-40 degrees F (1.8-4 C).

What temperature should my fridge be set at? ›

The ideal refrigerator temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Why is my fridge warm but freezer OK? ›

Refrigerator not cooling but freezer is fine

If your freezer is cold but the refrigerator is warm, it is possible that the parts that cool the refrigerator and freezer are working properly. Instead, the problem may reside in the air that is already getting to the freezer also getting to the refrigerator.

Why is my refrigerator not staying cold enough? ›

There are several causes for a refrigerator that doesn't cool, including dirty condenser coils, poor ventilation, improper installation, faulty or dirty gasket seals, unorganized food storage, appliance location and malfunctioning internal parts.

Why is my compressor running but not cooling my fridge? ›

If you can hear the compressor running but the fridge isn't cooling, the problem is most likely either frost-clogged evaporator coils or a stuck or broken evaporator fan. If you hear no sounds and the compressor isn't running, or you hear a click, inspect the overload relay, start relay, and start capacitor.

Why is my Haier fridge not cooling but freezer works? ›

If your refrigerator won't get cold but the freezer will, you may have a defrost system failure. The defrost system is responsible for melting frost and ice buildup on the evaporator coils. If the freezer is cold but refrigerator is not, it could be because the defrost system has failed.

How long does it take for a new Haier refrigerator to get cold? ›

Question: Running time for new refrigerator in the first use

If the ambient temperature is about 20-25℃, it needs about 2 hours. It will run normally when the refrigerator enters stable state. Please put the food in the refrigerator after an open cycle.

What temperature should a Haier freezer be set at? ›

The ideal freezer temperature is 0 degrees F (-18 Celsius) for storing food and -10 degrees F (-23 Celsius) for freezing food. The temperature range is approximately +5 degrees F to -10 degrees F. For every five degrees F above zero, the recommended storage time is cut in half.

Is Haier or LG better? ›

As per the statistics, more than 80% of Chinese export of consumer durables comes from Haier. The LG refrigerators are the best that come with linear compressors that are energy efficient and help in saving more. They come with 10 year warranty and provide super silent operation.

Which company brand is best for refrigerator? ›

The top-selling brands of refrigerators in India include LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, Haier and AmazonBasics. These brands offer a range of features and technologies that make their refrigerators some of the best in the market.

Where are Haier fridges made? ›

Haier's story begun in the early 1980's when Liebherr, a leading German appliance maker, sold its technology and manufacturing know-how to a small refrigeration factory in Qingdao. Jump forward to the early 1990's when that company became Haier, quickly transforming into the number one appliance company in China.

What appliance brands are owned by Haier? ›

It owns a number of smart-appliance brands, including Haier, Casarte, Leader, GE Appliances from the U.S., Fisher & Paykel from New Zealand, AQUA from Japan and Candy from Italy , service brands such as RRS, Yingkang Life and COSMOPlat; and cultural and creative brand such as Haier Brothers.

What companies are similar to Haier? ›

Haier's competitors and similar companies include Harman, Whirlpool, Midea, Daikin and Coocaa. Haier (also known as Haier Electronics Group) is a provider of consumer electronics and home appliances.

Who are Haier competitors? ›

Haier Electronics Group's competitors include Flex, Benchmark, Ninestar, Shenzhen United Time Technology. Haier Electronics Group ranks 5th among 33 active competitors.

Who owns GE Haier? ›

Who makes Frigidaire refrigerators? ›

Frigidaire is owned by global appliance manufacturer Electrolux, which has been around for more than 100 years. The Frigidaire product lineup includes a wide range of home appliances. For the kitchen, Frigidaire makes ranges, stoves, wall ovens, dishwashers, cooktops, and microwaves.


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