Guide to the 15 Best Outdoor Theaters in New York (2023)

Planning a fun weekend in a city like New York is amazing and aOpen Air Theater in New YorkThe experience just adds more fun to the overall experience.

Whether it's a date or a hangout, an outdoor theater seems to fit right in anywhere.

New York Cityis known for having some of the most amazing outdoor theater options. You can plan a quiet evening with your loved ones at an open-air theater and make it an evening to remember.

If you're not sure where and which outdoor theater to choose, USA Tales has rounded up the best outdoor theater options for you to see and plan your evening.

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Best Outdoor Theater in NYC

1) Drive-in movie theater in Brooklyn

A New York City Economic Development Corporation trabalhou com a Rooftop Films para criar o Brooklyn Drive-In no Brooklyn Army Terminal em Sunset Park.

As movie celebrations are being canceled or postponed around the world, this arrangement is one way to get the movies you're looking for, including free new and unknown movies being delivered for the current year.

Since the doors opened, films reported to be hitting the big screen include Dawn Porter's short story John Lewis's - Good Trouble; Max Barbakows - Palm Springs, Amy Seimetzs - She Dies Tomorrow, Copper Raiffs SXSW Winners Presentation - Shithouse etc.

Ticket Prices – $35 for a car with 4 people.

Show Time – 8:30 pm to 11:00 pm. The door opens at 7;30m.

2) Queens Bel-Aire Diner Drive in the open-air theater

This Astoria-style cafe has been around since 1965.

Currently, the Bel Aire Diner offers outdoor drive-in theater nights in its large parking lot, taking the standard straight into nature.

Bel Aire Diner used a 25-foot screen for the layout, raised high to allow easy viewing for approximately 30-40 vehicles.

Viewers must be in their vehicle (no pedestrians) and will be able to hear the film's audio over an FM radio broadcast.

Guests can dine in advance or reserve meals on the Bel Aire website and integrate a vehicle tone and etiquette for food delivery into the restaurant.

Bel Aire Diner has been working with Long Island Movie Nights - the masters of creating pop-up drive-in events - on the new pursuit.

3) Juicy Lucy BBQ e Outdoor-Theater

This delightful Staten Island restaurant has also opened an outdoor theater. Next to trays heaped with grilled sides and smoked meats, the open-air theater will put the cinema in the spotlight.

Additionally, the venue recently aired the Yankees' first game day of the season and may include other games as the socially distanced season progresses. letters are$ 25per vehicle with at least 2 people.

The drive-in theater now features a wide range of exemplary and current films. Upcoming titles include Twister, Return of the Jedi, Easy Money, American Graffiti, The Shining and Escape from New York.

Mixed drinks are available in the evenings when R-rated movies are showing. Anyway, the menus are alcohol-free on family evenings.

4) Tribeca Film Festival e Outdoor Theatre

A grand drive-in arrangement is on its way to be installed and will conveniently sit behind New York's popular Tribeca Film Festival. Typical cinema celebrations are over the top for this year.

But in a month, Tribeca Enterprises will ship another version of a mid-year film festival as an outdoor drive-in pop-up cinema.

The arrangement will take place each weekend from July 2nd to August 2nd. Four locations were announced, including Orchard Beach and Nickerson Beach.

The experience will bring to the big screen original, exemplary and autonomous works by different producers, directors and cinematographic artists.

The IMAX giant screen specialist is ready to improve picture and sound quality for all of Tribeca's drive-in showings.

IMAX has partnered with Tribeca Enterprises to offer programming from its movie lineup. Orchard Beach can accommodate 500 vehicles for each show and Nickerson can accommodate around 250.

5) Manhattan Skyline Open Air Theatre

Another drive-thru recently opened in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, offering incredible perspectives of Manhattan's famous skyline alongside well-known cinematic masterpieces; hence the name - Skyline Drive-In Outdoor Theater.

Located at 1 Oak Street in midtown Manhattan, the Skyline operates on a lot that was used to film Fendi and Converse commercials, as well as the opening credits for Saturday Night Live.

This week's schedule includes flirting with Ferris Bueller's Day Off to Grease. There is an alternative movie every night of the week from 9pm.

Instead of the traditional takeout, food trucks will be nearby, with menus that go far beyond popcorn and raisins.

No vehicle? No problem. Bicycles are also welcome and Skyline plans to provide outdoor seating soon.

6) Floating cinema - open-air theater

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Experience open-air theater on a boat! The idea started last summer and proved successful, so they declared an untouched season.

The Floating Cinema is back, but this time with exciting news and offers. The site will consist of 12 to 24 small craft that can accommodate up to 8 people per boat.

You are expected to purchase tickets for the whole boat to ensure you are seated with your loved ones and to maintain social distancing between boats!

Movies are set to mix blasts from the past and new shipments will be reported when tickets become available at bargain prices! There's free popcorn for everyone and you can buy snacks and drinks before boarding.

7) Movies in the car – Outdoor theater

Viewers are treated to the open-air drive-in theater - "Movies in Your Car", another original approach.

Viewers have the opportunity to watch movies on a giant inflatable HD screen with sound played from a pre-programmed station.

Whether you want to enjoy a girls' night out, a night out with your friends or a night out with the kids, Movies in Your Car has a movie for everyone at 8pm, 8:30pm and 11pm.

Viewers have the opportunity to watch movies on a giant inflatable HD screen with sound played from a pre-programmed station.

Tickets are per vehicle and start at $40 for general confirmation and $60 for the VIP experience. Ticket holders have the chance to safely enjoy a glimpse of a retro movie with a more contemporary twist.

Likewise, all attendees can order snacks in advance via the website – from burgers to custom drinks, enhancing the usual drive-thru experience.

As for the local areas, the food is sourced from neighborhood restaurants.

8) The Getaway - Outdoor Theater

Guide to the 15 Best Outdoor Theaters in New York (3)

Gateway set up its drive-in auditorium this month and uses it as a meeting place. For$ 35$25 of the cost per vehicle is used to support the association.

Unlike the other drive-in movies that run on Long Island, Gateway says it has the largest outdoor screening area - estimated at 20 feet by 40 feet - and is set on a hard surface rather than an inflatable screen. .

There are no services on site, you must show up 30 minutes before the start of the show and have your tickets prepared. Download the PDF in advance and you are not allowed to use a screenshot of the ticket.

Vehicles will be coordinated and directed to be parked in the parking lot and areas designated by the state by protocols.

Some Like It Hot, Mary Poppins, The Incredibles and Jaws are showing continuously throughout the week.

9) Uptown Drive no Open Air Theatre

This open-air pop-up drive-in movie theater called Uptown Drive-In is the perfect spot for movie night.

The outdoor theater is located in the Yankees Stadium parking lot and has been open 24 hours since July.

The theater will present a conventional drive-in movie or a live show highlighting neighborhood specials. There will also be food in the car and various events.

10) Drive-in with Story Screen and Outdoor Theater

A short drive from the city, the new Story Screen Drive-In makes an ideal weekend getaway.

Story Screen's standard performance center took over a 91-year-old space that had been empty for some time in February, and now the organization is bringing it out with a 35-vehicle drive-in activity.

They show movies like The Big Lebowski and The Goonies and offer standard cinema concessions. letters are$ 10per adult and$ 8by young.

11) Four Brothers open-air theater

Located in Duchess County, one of the trendiest theaters in the area, Four Brothers is reminiscent of Mall of America drive-ins.

Where most other outdoor drive-ins have radio repeaters and a basic diner, Four Brothers has electric vehicle charging stations, a monster fire pit and backyard games, as well as a recreation center for your four-year-olds. paws walk.

Many of these amenities have had to be postponed to accommodate social distancing, but you can certainly catch two movies every night at this state-of-the-art cinema.

letters are$ 11for adults and$ 6for kids.

12) Shankweilers Outdoor-Theater

Opened in 1934, the Shankweiler Pennsylvania Outdoor Theater is America's most experienced drive-in theater and will return May 29 with a lineup of authentic highlights.

The drive-in also has a dated dining room with exemplary movie-theater snacks like popcorn stuffed with homemade Keller butter and arranged pastries.

letters are$ 10for adults and$ 7for teenagers.

13) Becky's book drive-in cinema

Becky's Drive-In Outdoor Theater in Pennsylvania is a true entertainment facility and is still operated by the family responsible for its construction.

Movie showings usually start at sunset, and you can check the website a few days in advance for exact show times.

You can choose from two arrangements of movies shown on different screens, and tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for children.

14) Warwick drive-in cinema and outdoor theater

Guide to the 15 Best Outdoor Theaters in New York (4)

If you can't get tickets or passes to one of these outdoor drive-in theaters, there is a true outdoor drive-in theater in Warwick, New York, just over the northern border of New Jersey.

According to Google Maps, the trip takes about an hour and is located on the outskirts of New York.

Warwick Drive-In was implicitly incorporated in 1950 and had a rich history as a privately held company during its early years.

15) Overlook drive-ins and outdoor theaters

This family-owned outdoor drive-in theater has been in operation since 1955 and accommodates approximately 700 to 750 vehicles.

Its box office opens one hour before the first film's scheduled showing (you can see two films for the price of one).

They have a fully stocked snack bar that offers delicious snacks and drinks in addition to their all-time famous funnel cake.

Guide to the 15 Best Outdoor Theaters in New York (5)

Final note

Listed above are some of the best outdoor theaters in New York that might interest you.

Comment your experience below!

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