Free car vacuum cleaners: list of the best places (2023)

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Keeping things clean can be a tricky business, especially if you're a little messy like me. Traces of dirt and snack crumbs quickly accumulate, leaving the interior of the car untidy.


Every car owner should at least familiarize themselves with public places that are kind enough to offer a free car vacuum. Saving a penny here and there finally adds up!

The18 Best Places for Free Car Vacuumsis below.


  • Key takeaways
  • Free car vacuum cleaners: list of the best places
    • 1. Arco
    • 2. BP
    • 3. Kwik Tour
    • 4. Citgo
    • 5. Phillips 66
    • 6. Breeze through the laundry room
    • 7. Instant car wash
    • 8. Go to the laundry hall
    • 9. Pete's Express Car Wash
    • 10. Raceway car wash
    • 11. Auto Spa Tidal Wave
    • 12. Tommy's Express bilvask
    • 13. Quick car wash
    • 14. CarWashSeeker
    • 15. Howl
    • 16. Find free car vacuums on Google Maps
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    • How to use a car vacuum cleaner at a gas station?
    • Can I use a car vacuum cleaner without washing the car?
    • Is it worth buying a car vacuum cleaner?

Key takeaways

  • You can find a free car vacuum at many well-known gas stations, including Arco, Bp, Kwik Trip, Citgo, and Phillips 66. Note that many stations require the purchase of gasoline or other products before allowing the use of a car vacuum.
  • Some car wash companies offer free car vacuums. But in most cases you have to pay a one-off or annual fee first. Just ask your local car washes about their requirements for a free vacuuming service.
  • Other ways to find free car vacuums include CarWashSeeker, Yelp, and Google Maps. Alternatively, join Reddit threads and Facebook groups, or check out independent local gas stations and car washes.

Free car vacuum cleaners: list of the best places

Your shiny status symbol can quickly become real eye candy without proper care.

We understand the importance and importance of vacuuming your car. Fortunately, several gas stations and car washes offer free car vacuums – some with cords, of course. We are here to bring you the best list of free car vacuum cleaners.


1. Arco

Arcohas over 1,500 locations in 17 states.

Many Arco gas stations charge $0.75 to $2 to use a car vacuum. However, most new centers offer free vacuuming at their car washes.

For example, the Arco gas station at ulWigwam Parkway med Hendersonoffers a free car vacuum cleaner.

You can clean the car by refueling and taking your favorite snack.

2. BP

Theblood pressureThe company has approximately 18,700 gas stations worldwide, with the largest branch being BP America in the United States. In addition, the United States has over 7,200 BP stations spread over several states.

BP stations charge about $2 for five minutes of vacuuming. But BP also offers a free car vacuum with car wash (which costs between $8 and $10). In addition, loyal BP customers can count on a free car wash with vacuum cleaner after five visits.


You can choose between two different car wash programs:

  • Premium wash
  • Basic sink

If you prefer to wash your car yourself, you will find that many BP service stations offer jet washes.

You can search for the nearest BP gas station in the BPme app atiOSLubAndroidunits.

3. Kwik Tour

Kwik-turis just as famous as Arco and BP, but has over 700 locations across the state. Kwik trip also offers a free car vacuuming service after your car has been washed.

While most gas stations charge about $3 for a car vacuum, you can use a car wash and a free vacuum for $3 at a Kwik ride.

The $3 car wash consists of washing and drying the body and undercarriage. However, other services can be added, including 14 blow drying or rust inhibitors. Note that this will cost you a few extra dollars.

4. Citgo

Citgohas approximately 5,000 gas stations in the United States.


Most Citgo stations offer car washes. They put a vacuum cleaner behind it.

Citgo vacuuming costs about $2 for five minutes. However, most Citgo gas stations will let you vacuum your car for free if you fill up with gas — especially stations with old-school units that don't charge.

5. Phillips 66

Philips 66has 7,550 Philips 66 locations in 48 states, ranking as one of the most popular gas stations in the United States.

Most Philips 66 stations charge only $0.75 to $1.50 per station. vacuum. However, all Phillips 66 stations are independently owned. That's why hundreds of locations are more than happy to let customers use their car vacuums for free.

You can usePhillips 66 placeringsfinderfind the nearest gas station. In addition, the Phillips 66 gas station offers cashbacks and discounts when you use their apps and certain cards. You can, for example, use the collected discounts on vacuuming.

6. Breeze through the laundry room

Breeze Thru Car Washhas 12 convenient locations in northern Wyoming and Colorado.

All Breeze Thru Car Wash locations offer free vacuum cleaners. However, they usually limit vacuum services to paying customers.

You can sign up for their unlimited car wash card, starting at $12/month for a basic wash up to $39 for premium services. In addition, all Breeze Thru Car Wash services typically include a free vacuuming.

7. Instant car wash

Instant car washhas various locations including Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


All their stations include free vacuum cleaners. However, vacuum cleaners are usually only available to customers.

If you're ready to take the risk, you can sneak in a few minutes of free vacuuming – most Flash car washes don't call in non-paying customers who use car vacuums. Alternatively, ask the staff for permission to quickly use a car vacuum cleaner to get rid of crumbs and dirt from the car.

Please note that the car wash includes a free car vacuum cleaner.

8. Go to the laundry hall

Go to the car washhas car washes at seven locations, including:

  • California
  • Kansas
  • Missouri
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Virginia

Consider becoming a member of Go Car Wash to receiveGo unlimitedadvantage. You always want to drive a car that stays clean.

Unlimited GO benefits include a members-only lane to save you time on busy days and free vacuuming anywhere.

9. Pete's Express Car Wash

Pete's Express Car Washhas only 5 locations in Pennsylvania. However, they all have a central car vacuum system that you can use for free every time you have a car wash.

Their locations include

  • North Wales, Pennsylvania
  • East Norriton, Pennsylvania
  • Strafford, Pennsylvania
  • Warrington, Pennsylvania
  • West Chester, Pennsylvania

Getting a car wash is only $5 for a quick and easy exterior car wash. In addition, you can use their vacuum cleaner afterwards – it's a bargain!

10. Raceway car wash

Raceway car washhas more than 35 locations nationwide, including Arizona, California, Nevada and Texas.

All their branches offer free vacuum cleaners. However, you technically need to become a member before you can access their free vacuum cleaners.

Race Car Wash is ready to help you keep your car in top condition. They offer four memberships including:

  • Pitstop: 12,95 USD
  • Full throttle: $16.95
  • Winning Wheel: $24.95
  • Grandmaster: $29.95

Considering that most vacuuming services cost around $2 per session, unlimited car washing and vacuuming for around $13 a month doesn't sound bad at all!

11. Auto Spa Tidal Wave

Auto Spa tidal wavehas 100 different locations in 11 states.

Some branches offer free self-service vacuums to the public unless their spaces are full. However, other branches may have stricter restrictions that only allow paying customers to use their vacuum services.

You can enroll in Tidal Wave Auto Spa's unlimited services by signing upUnlimited laundry club. Also, if you have multiple vehicles, sign up for their family plan and save yourself a few extra bucks.

12. Tommy's Express bilvask

Tommy's Fast Car Washis another popular car wash in the US. It has 206 locations in 30 states.

Tommy's is also one of the few major car wash companies that allows customers to use car vacuums for free. In addition, their car vacuum cleaners have a double hose design, so you can effortlessly reach every nook and cranny of your car.

You can just go to Tommy's Express Car Wash and use their car vacuum. Vacuum cleaners are generally available after leaving the laundry room.

13. Quick car wash

Quick car washoperates in over 150 locations (constantly expanding) in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Texas
  • Utah

Self-service car vacuum cleaners can be found in Quick Quack Car Wash. Vacuum cleaners are free or recharged with every car wash purchase. Alternatively, pay $1 per use if you do not wish to use the car wash services.

14. CarWashSeeker

Car wash finderis an online library or "one stop shop" for comprehensive car wash information. You can use the directory to find car washes that offer free vacuum cleaners.

Find a car wash nearby by entering your zip code or use the map to find locations that offer this service near you. If you use their map service, find the nearest place to wash or vacuum your vehicle. But first, turn on the location option and zoom in to see all the car wash companies near you.

CarWashSeeker will tell you the location, past reviews, hours of operation, etc.

Many free car vacuuming sessions are limited to vacuuming the floor of the driver's car. But paying for a full car wash includes a free vacuuming of the entire interior of the car.

15. Howl

Whineis an online directory with pages dedicated to places and reviews, including restaurants, shops and schools. However, you can also use their site to search for free gas stations or car washes near you.

Simply enter your location information in the search box to find the best results for your area (with reviews).

16. Find free car vacuums on Google Maps

You can pull out your phone or iPad and search for "free car vacuums near you" on Google Maps. It will give you a complete list of gas stations that offer free car vacuums along with their location and contact information.

You can contact each station for more information about their vacuuming.

17. Reddit threads and Facebook groups

If you're having trouble finding gas stations with free car vacuums, consider joining Facebook groups and Reddit threads to help you out.

Local drivers and community members are talking about nearby facilities that offer free public vacuum cleaners.

Reddit can also be a valuable source of free coupons and codes for a car wash or quick vacuum.

18. Small independent gas stations and car washes

It also helps you become familiar with smaller, independent gas stations and car washes.

Many independent services will allow non-paying customers to use car vacuums for a few minutes. Of course, you'll most likely need to buy something first, like gas or snacks. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

Most local car washes offer free vacuum cleaners. However, most car washes probably only offer free vacuuming if you pay for the car wash or register as a member.

Suppose you have independent gas stations or car washes nearby. If so, it's worth calling or stopping by to see if they offer free vacuuming.

Here are three frequently asked questions for more information about free car vacuums.

How to use a car vacuum cleaner at a gas station?

Gas stations have a dedicated area where car owners park and insert coins into the car's vacuum machine to take advantage of a few minutes of service. You must insert extra coins to add minutes. They have that tooair pumpsometimes too.

Can I use a car vacuum cleaner without washing the car?

Most car wash companies will allow you to use a car vacuum without washing your car if you are a member.

Is it worth buying a car vacuum cleaner?

A car vacuum cleaner is more powerful than a regular vacuum cleaner. In addition, it is much more desirable, convenient and cheaper than a trip to the nearby car wash.


Which company vacuum cleaner is best for cars? ›

Car Vacuum Cleaners To Keep Your Vehicle Clean And Tidy (May, 2023)
Vacuum CleanerApprox Price On Amazon
Voroly High power portable car vacuum cleanerRs 1,999
ThisWorx for Car Vacuum CleanerRs 1,999
Aysis Car Handheld Vaccum CleanerRs 1,149
iGRiD Car Vacuum CleanerRs 2,349
7 more rows
May 22, 2023

What vacuum do car detailers use? ›

Vacuums For Mobile Detailing and Auto Detailing Shops
  • Metro Vac Super Vac N Blaster. ...
  • Master Blaster Vac Pac System. ...
  • Metro Vac N Blo Pro-83BA. ...
  • Metro Vac - Vac 'N' Blow VNB-73B. ...
  • Vac N Blo Pro Commercial Series Vacuum and Car Dryer PRO83BA-CS. ...
  • Vapamore MR-500 Vento Vacuum System. ...
  • Tornador ZV-240 Velocity Vac Dry.

Can I use my house vacuum to vacuum my car? ›

Due to its large size, weight and electrical supply, a normal vacuum is not convenient for cleaning cars and probably should not be used to do so. Car vacuum cleaners are a lifesaver for quick, efficient and on-the-go cleaning. These are specifically designed for this purpose, and will get the job done in no time!

What is the number 1 vacuum cleaner? ›

The best vacuum cleaner we've tested is the Dyson V15 Detect. This high-end stick vacuum is remarkably potent, delivering similar debris pickup performance to many corded models.

What is good suction power for a car vacuum? ›

The best suction power will vary from 80 to 90 watts for a car vacuum cleaner. This will ensure that it will pick up all the dust, dirt, and debris from your car. There are wet/dry type vacuum cleaners also available in the market which will aid you in cleaning the wet and dry dirt of your car.

What do car detailers use to remove stains? ›

Using Specializes Soaps

Detailers do not use ordinary soap. They will instead use a specific extractor soap. It is a unique soap designed for automobile interiors for those unfamiliar with extractor soap. The soap penetrates the fabric of the seats and carpet and begins to dissolve stains.

What do car detailers use to clean dashboard? ›

You guessed it, microfiber towels are the heroes of car detailers everywhere. Wipe off the wax haze using circular motions. As the towel loads with wax, refold it to a cleaner section.

Should I wash or vacuum my car first? ›

It's best to start with interior cleaning first. Cleaning dirty interior first also makes sense because: Car seats and carpets will have ample time to dry out. You'll be done with the most difficult cleaning part first.

How often should I vacuum my car? ›

A thorough vacuum every couple of weeks (or at least once a month) should suffice. Vacuum the interior of your car twice! Vacuum once to get the surface dirt out. Then, beat the seats with something like a tennis racket to bring embedded dirt to the surface and vacuum again.

What do professionals use to clean car carpets? ›

Hot Water Extractors and Steam Cleaners

If you go to a detailing shop to wash your carpets, the team will likely use a hot water extractor or a steam cleaner (or both) to complete the job quicker and get better results.

What should you not do with a vacuum? ›

6 Things You Should Never Vacuum Up
  • Glass. A broken glass is a big mess, but don't reach for your vacuum cleaner to pick it up. ...
  • Liquids. Spilled milk is not a job for your vacuum. ...
  • Large amounts of hair. Isn't a vacuum meant to suck up hair?! ...
  • Small items. ...
  • Anything sticky or wet. ...
  • Fine particles.

How do you get dust out of a car without a vacuum? ›

How can I clean my car's carpet without a vacuum?
  1. A handheld broom and dustpan. Use these to sweep out any loose dirt and debris.
  2. Soap or upholstery cleaner and water. Using these should go a long way towards freshening up the carpet!
  3. Scrub brush.
Oct 4, 2021

Are more expensive vacuum cleaners better? ›

It's important to remember that while it may be tempting to save money by purchasing a lower-priced vacuum cleaner, high-quality products are often worth the higher price due to their durability, performance, and effectiveness.

How much vacuum should a car have? ›

Normal Engine Operation

At idling speed, an engine at sea level should show a steady vacuum reading between 14 in. and 22 in. Hg. A quick opening and closing of the throttle should cause the vacuum to drop below 5 in., then rebound to 23 in. or more.

How many watts should a car vacuum be? ›

The average suction power for a car vacuum is around 100 watts. This allows you to clean up small and medium messes. However, if you want to be able to pick up larger or heavier pieces of debris, consider a more powerful model.

How much suction is required for car cleaning? ›

Suction power is the ability of the car vacuum to collect more dust in less time. The higher the suction power is, the greater the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is. It can vary between 250W and 600W. We recommend no less than 350W.

Can I use Dawn to detail my car? ›

Never use dish soap to wash your car. According to Consumer Reports, dish soap isn't formulated for use on a car's paint. Even a detergent like Dawn is an abrasive cleaner and can strip away a vehicle's protective top coat.

Can you use Windex to detail a car? ›

You can use Windex® Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner on your car's tinted windows, mirrors, glass, chrome, stainless steel, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. For a streak-free shine, clean car windows when the surface is cool and out of direct sunlight whenever possible.

Can you use vinegar to detail car? ›

Though vinegar can be used alone as an effective cleaner for most areas of a car, it can also be combined with baking soda for additional cleaning power when removing stubborn stains. Be sure to use the vinegar and baking soda solution immediately before the products can neutralize each other.

What is the best thing to clean the inside of your car with? ›

Dusters and microfiber cloths are soft enough that they won't scratch your vents, and they're designed to capture dust rather than spreading it throughout your vehicle. After removing the dust from your dashboard, use disinfecting wipes to kill germs and bacteria living on your dash.

Can you use Windex to clean car dashboard? ›

Wash the Car

Windex is a great cleaner for inside your car, getting rid of built-up gunk on windows, dashboards, steering wheel, and upholstery. It's non-greasy, so it won't leave everything slippery nor damage the upholstery and faux wood surfaces.

Can I use wd40 to clean car dashboard? ›

Maintain Your Car Dashboard

Once your textile surfaces are clean, you can move onto the car dashboard. Using a handy can of WD-40 Specialist® Motorbike Silicone Shine , spray all of your dashboard liberally with the handy solution. Work the product in using a clean microfibre cloth, and buff away any remaining residue.

How do I detail my car like a pro? ›

Interior car detailing pro tips
  1. Remove loose items. ...
  2. Start from the top. ...
  3. Look for the dust. ...
  4. Slide the seats forward. ...
  5. Brush and vacuum carpet and upholstery. ...
  6. Deep clean carpets and upholstery. ...
  7. Clean hard-to-reach places. ...
  8. Wipe and wash plastic surfaces.
Feb 8, 2022

Should you wash a car from top down? ›

Wash the car from top to bottom. You do this because the worst pollution is low on the car. Wash the car part by part in the longitudinal direction, to be sure you don't skip any parts. It's not necessary to put a lot of pressure on the paint.

What time is best to wash a car? ›

Time of Day – Avoid the Sun and Conserve Water

If possible, we recommend washing your car early in the morning, before 10 AM, or in the afternoons after 4 PM. Alternatively, you could wash your vehicle in your garage, carport, or another shaded area.

What is the first thing to do before vacuuming? ›

When doing your thorough cleaning, dust the room before vacuuming so you can vacuum up the particles that float into the air as you work and settle on the floor.

Should you empty the vacuum after every use? ›

According to the Vacuum Experts, rather than allowing your vacuum's canister to fill up all the way, try emptying it out every single time you use it. At the very least, “empty the vacuum once it reaches half to two-thirds of the way full as a matter of habit,” a Vacuum Experts blog post recommends.

Is it better to vacuum slowly? ›

Take your time. Vacuuming slowly will allow your machine to suck up more dirt and dust, and ultimately get your rugs and carpets much cleaner. Slow vacuuming allows the brush to agitate the carpet properly and suck up the unclean bits that emerge.

Does vinegar clean car carpet? ›

Vinegar makes a good DIY carpet cleaner. You can clean salt from car carpet with a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar. You will need some household white vinegar, warm water, a spray bottle or bucket, a soft cloth and a towel or paper towels.

Can bed bugs escape from vacuum cleaner? ›

Bed bugs are pretty nimble to escape through the vacuum hose and still survive inside the vacuum for months even without food!

Can bed bugs crawl out of a vacuum cleaner? ›

So, when asked the question – can bed bugs crawl out of a vacuum? Yes, they can. The vacuum cleaner is not equipped to kill the bed bugs. Therefore, if you vacuum and place the vacuum cleaner for a while around your home, they can crawl out and back into your home.

Do I need to rinse after vacuuming to waste? ›

If you vacuumed on waste, you will need to turn your filter to the “rinse” setting, turn on the pump and let it run for about 30 seconds, and then turn the pump back off.

What is the best way to vacuum without a vacuum? ›

Broom and Dustpan

You can use a small dustpan or one with a handle to reduce the need to bend. Start at one end or corner of the carpet and work toward the other end to avoid missing areas. Use short, quick strokes. If debris begins to pile up, sweep it into the dustpan before you reach the end of the job.

What time should you not vacuum? ›

Generally speaking, between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm, you're pretty safe to vacuum. This will vary from place to place, and you should always consider the needs of your neighbors. Generally speaking, between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm, you're pretty safe to vacuum.

Is vacuuming bad for your back? ›

Just like the slouching tendency, keeping your spine rigidly over-extended while vacuuming is potentially damaging. In this case, though, it may irritate spinal arthritis-related issues. Or, it can intensify your normal low back curve, which, in turn, may lead to extra tight (and painful) back muscles.

What is best for wiping dust off cars? ›

Compressed air is one of the better ways to remove dust in hard-to-reach areas, like cupholders or vents. Check out my post on using compressed air for more ways you can use it to detail your vehicle, like when using a cleaning gun.

How do you clean a dusty car engine? ›

The first step is to remove any surface dirt, leaves, and other debris. Use a nylon brush to scrub away as much dry debris as possible, vacuum it out, or blow it away with an air compressor. Once you've done a dry scrub, spray the engine with water and do another scrubbing.

How good are auto vacuums? ›

Our rigorous lab tests have found robot vacs generally don't clean as well as traditional barrel or stick vacuums. Of course, given that you're not the one doing the cleaning, you might be fine with that – and you can always schedule your robot more often to compensate.

How often should you vacuum your car? ›

A thorough vacuum every couple of weeks (or at least once a month) should suffice. Vacuum the interior of your car twice! Vacuum once to get the surface dirt out. Then, beat the seats with something like a tennis racket to bring embedded dirt to the surface and vacuum again.

How do I get the best vacuum? ›

Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Cleaning Needs
  1. Traffic and Carpet Soils. The amount of traffic and the type of carpet soils is an important factor in your choice of vacuum cleaner. ...
  2. Carpet Fibers. ...
  3. Vacuum Cleaner Performance. ...
  4. Filtration. ...
  5. Quality and Durability. ...
  6. Ease of Use. ...
  7. Noise Level. ...
  8. Capacity.

How long do battery powered vacuums last? ›

All cordless vacuums have limited battery life and need to be recharged. On average, you can expect a cordless vacuums' battery to last between 15 to 40 minutes, which is hopefully all it takes to clean your floors or furniture. Once the battery dies, expect to charge it anywhere from 2 to 16 hours.

Are animal vacuums better? ›

Do Pet Vacuums Provide any Benefits? Yes, most of them do provide some unique features that make them worth it. When it comes to carpet, you require a vacuum with a beater brush, the rotating brush under the vacuum, to thoroughly clean the carpets. For hardwood floors, the beater brush requires to be off or not there.

Are bagged vacuums worth it? ›

In general, bagged models tend to work more efficiently than bagless vacuum cleaners because they have an extra layer of protection for their filtration system. If someone in your household lives with allergies or asthma, it's in your best interest to choose a model that will filter out the air as best as possible.


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