Elex: Side quests in Goliath - walkthrough (2023)

Last updated: Sunday, November 27, 2022

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This page contains walkthroughs for various side quests that you can complete while in the gameGoliet. Completing most of them will earn you the favor of the Berserker leaders.

  • Second shift
  • Mutant attack
  • A special piece
  • Bad debt
  • Clan problems
  • Forbidden technology
  • Seedling in the forest
  • False teaching
  • Free beer
  • Mysterious aura
  • Autumn time

Second shift

How to unlock:Talk to EldurGoliet.

Elex: Side quests in Goliath - walkthrough (1)

The Eldur cultivator works in the northern partGolietand will ask the hero to find Alvar, the missing guard who was supposed to guard the main gate. Go back to the village entrance and talk to the other guard, Drogo. He will send you to the tavern where you will need to talk to the innkeeper Oran. Then you'll have to ask a few questions to Alvar's mate - Argor - who guards the way toJamawest of the village. He, in turn, will send Ragnar to search inside the fortress.

Return to the village and go toThe ruins of the Goliet Hotel. Explore the area behind the hotel (the southern part of the building) and use the jetpack to reach the bottom of the building. Now you have to find the cabin shown in the picture. Inside you will find Alvar - dead. Examine the body (50 XP) and liftA crumpled note(read it in your inventory). You can now tell the bad news to Eldur. you will receive700 XPI200 Elexitu.

Mutant attack

How to unlock:It is automatically unlocked after a mutant attackGoliet.

While exploring the northern partGoliet, the village may be attacked by mutants who will start a new mission. Help the peasants and guards defeat the five Weakened Rotboars and be careful not to hurt your allies in the process. you will receive65 XPfor each board killed (or nothing if the mission was done by an NPC) and an extra800 XPto deal with the threat. After the battle, talk to Orik.

A special piece

How to unlock:Talk to AlrikGoliet.

Elex: Side quests in Goliath - walkthrough (3)

Alrik can be found in the tavern inGoliet. Ask him about the rarest item he's looking for and you'll be tasked with stealing Erik Eisenfaust's sword from Ragnar's chambers. Go toThe ruins of the Goliet Hotel. Ragnar's private chamber is located behind the throne room, to the right. The biggest problem, however, is the guard outside the door. Note that the guard moves between the two pillars. Wait for him to go his way and sneak into the chamber when he is far away. Be sure to use stealth mode in this case. Quick gripAncient swordhanging on the wall shown in the screenshot (100 XP). If you fail once, you must leave the room and return to try again when the guard leaves (you cannot be seen by others in the hotel). Take the sword to Alrik. you will receive1000 ElexituI200 XP.

Note - Alternatively, you can return the stolen sword to Ragnar. You will get200 Elexituand thanks, but the job will be cancelled. You could also warn Ragnar of the planned robbery attempt, but the chieftain would simply ignore it.

Bad debt

How to unlock:Talk with OrnirGoliet.

Elex: Side quests in Goliath - walkthrough (4)

Ornir can be found in the southwestern partGoliet, near the tavern. He will express his concern about the bandit snooping around The Pit and suggest getting rid of him. Leave the village and go to the abandoned oil well west of Goliath. There you will find Bigby.

You can attack Bigby on the spot even before you talk to him. To do this, aim at the red container shown in the picture and complete the task with any weapon (Bigby has a crossbow to defend himself). You get it for killing Bigby300 XPand extra400 XP(I100 Elexitu) after returning to Ornir.

The first alternative solution is to help Bigby restore the deal with Ornir. To do this, you must return to Ornir and convince him to change his mind. You can use optional dialog options (requiredThe ability to suggestOr at least3 points in craft) or bribe him for300 Elexitu. you will receive200 XPand extra150 Elexituafter returning to Bigby.

The other alternative is to betray Ornir. After talking to Bigby and learning about the profession, you can go to Jora in Goliath. you will receive600 XP. You should also go to Angrim. Talk to him about judging Ornir for breaking the law and collect it250 Elexitu.

Clan problems

Unlocking the quest:Tal med CormagGoliet.

Elex: Side quests in Goliath - walkthrough (5)

You can convince Oran to change his mind in several ways.

Cormag is located in one of the buildings next to the stairs leading toThe ruins of the Goliet Hotel. He may ask you to solve the problems caused by the Eldur Cultivator. From Eldur you will learn that the innkeeper Oran does not want to serve him and other members of the Hammer clan. Go to the tavern and talk to Oran. Talk to him about his conflict with the Hammer clan and choose a way to solve this problem:

  1. Use Charisma (required3 points of Charisma skill).
  2. Intimidate Oran (requiredSuggestion)
  3. Challenge Oran to a duel - he's not a difficult opponent, but he can deal damage both in melee and ranged attacks (he uses a bow). During the duel you must not attack other berserkers (fortunately the duel takes place outside the tavern).
  4. Offer Oran 500 Elexit as a bribe.

Whichever option you choose, you win200 XPand learns that it was Angrim who forbade serving the Hammer clan. Return to Eldur to collect200 XPI100 Elexitu. In addition, you can go to Cormag (500 XP) and decide if you want to tell him the truth about Angrim's ban (you get250 Elexit) or keep this information to yourself.

Forbidden technology

Unlocking the quest:Talk to AngrimGoliet.

Elex: Side quests in Goliath - walkthrough (6)

The Elex gun is in the cabin, but if you take it, you're breaking the law.

You will find Angrim in one of the huts inGoliet(north of the hotel). When you meet him, you can ask him for a job. After promising him to abide by the law of berserk, you are tasked with bringing him the forbidden Elex weapon from Jora, which controls objects falling into the abyss. Go to Jora and talk to her about Angrim's weapon. You can act in two possible ways:

  1. Ask Angrim's request and remind her that collecting items from the Abyss is forbidden. You will find that you have passed the law enforcement exam. Return to Angrim to confirm that you passed the test. In addition to improving your relationship with Angrim, you win100 Elexitu.
  2. Ask Jora to give youDamaged Elex weaponwhich is in the hut Jora is standing in front of (you can also try to take the weapon without asking Jora first). After delivering the weapon (100XP) you will be arrested for breaking the berserker law. Angrim will be unhappy, but you can redeem yourself by completing another mission for him:Seedling in the forest(finder Beg).

Seedling in the forest

How to unlock this quest:Talk to AngrimGoliet.

Elex: Side quests in Goliath - walkthrough (7)

You should receive this quest from Angrim after completing (or failing) his previous mission -Forbidden technology. You must search for a missing berserker named Rogar. Go toValley of the damnedlocated west ofGreat elevator. You should go there when your level is high because a tough battle awaits you.

After reaching the indicated location, you will meet five Alb scouts. They are dangerous both at short and long range (they use energy weapons and flamethrowers - hide behind bigger trees if you want them closer to the hero). Surprise them and eliminate them one by one. When the games are over (850 XP) you have to look around for Rogar's corpse shown in the picture. Examine them (800 XP). This will complete the quest, but you can also give your report to Angrim and receive it400 XP but also100 Elexitu.

Note - if you don't want to wait for this quest until your hero is strong enough, you can simply run up to Rogar's body and interact with it. However, you can lose a lot of energy because Albs use good ranged weapons.

False teaching

Unlocking the quest:Talk to AngrimGoliet.

Elex: Side quests in Goliath - walkthrough (8)

Once you've unmasked Bertram, you can kill him or help him escape from Goliath

This is another quest that you can unlock during your first encounter with AngrimGoliet. This time, during the conversation, talk about the priests. You will learn that Angrim suspects that there is a spy cleric in the village. You must identify him. The spy you are looking for is Bertram - you will find him in the central part of the village (he can offer you to buy the weapons of the priests underDangerous goodsSearch). Select all dialogue options to confirm that Bertram works for the priests. Return to Angrim, who will order you to kill Bertram.

Find Bertram in the village again. If you want to kill him, it's best to perform a surprise attack instead of choosing the right dialogue option. After killing Bertram (200 XP) report to Angrim - you get200 XPI100 Elexitu.

An alternative solution is to help Bertram escape from Goliath. You have been sent to Rijka, Ragnar's wife. She wants to arrange an escape. For completing the quest this way you get200 XP. Note - If you want, you can tell Angrim that Bertram has left the village, but you won't gain anything by doing so. Also, you annoy Angrim. Bertram can be found further down in the administration building iHort (the priest's seat). You get his thanks and175 elexit.

Free beer

Unlocking the quest:Talk to loved onesGoliet.

Elex: Side quests in Goliath - walkthrough (9)

Look for beer in the list of drinks sold by Oran

Drog guards the west gate to the village and should talk to you the first time you try to leaveGoliet. The guard wants beer to help him survive until the end of his shift. Go to the tavern, talk to the innkeeper Oran and buy itbeerfor 10 Elexit units. To deliver this beer you get100 XP. As for the payment, you can decline, fight Drogo (don't worry, he won't die), or choose a unique dialogue option that only appears if you have at least1 combat skill point. If you manage to defeat Drag or manage to change his mind, you get it50 Elexitu.

Mysterious aura

How to unlock the quest:Tal med Caldrim WGoliet.

Elex: Side quests in Goliath - walkthrough (10)

Hide the fact that Caldrim sent you throughout the conversation

This is one of the quests given by Caldrim zGoliet(works at the temple and turns Elex into mana). You should unlock it right after completing the side quest:Elex to Mana Temple(which can also be found in this guide). Follow Caldrim's request and talk to Orik in the northern part of the village.

When you meet Orik, do not tell him that Caldrim sent you, because the conversation will fail and the mission will fail. He will tell you all about his seed experiments (100 XP) and promises to share the results in the future. Then return to Caldrim. You can:

  1. Betray Orik and tell Caldrim about the experiments. You get200 Elexitu.
  2. Protect Orik's interests and say nothing to Caldrim. The latter will not trust you, therefore he will not award the reward.

Autumn time

How to unlock this quest:Tal med Born inGoliet.

Elex: Side quests in Goliath - walkthrough (11)

During one of the conversations with Born, you can get a task to deliver ripe healing roots to the villagers. Before you go looking for them, you can use2 survival pointsduring the conversation and instruct Born - you will receive additional25 XP.

You will find these roots on a small island east of the village. However, it is worth going there when your hero is quite strong. There are two powerful monsters on the island, e.g. Shadow of the night. There are also some weaker creatures like Rippers. Of course, you can try to avoid monsters, run up to search for items and run away after collecting them.

You have to find 8mature medicinal roots(200 XP). During this process, you can examine the well shown in the image above (center of the island). Jump into it and you'll land nearbyartistsword stuck in stone (53 damage, +20% fire damage). Take the roots back to Born. you receive5 cultivator breadI180 Elexitu(if Nasty is your companion, he will make Born pay50 Elexitumere).


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