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There's nothing worse than being stuck with terrible household appliances, and that's especially true of dishwashers. You can save yourself heartache if you avoid the worst dishwasher brands like JennAir, Samsung and Frigidaire. Whether it's poor performance, inefficiency or high cost, let's take a look at the 8 worst dishwasher brands.

13 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid (Based on Recall Data) | Improved house (1)

Dishwashers remain one of themthe most requested optional unitsin the world, and who can blame people for loving them? They are amazing and lighten your workload. Of course, your dishwasher will only be loved if it works. This is why so many people try to buy a machine from a brand they trust. But which brands do you trust? And more importantly, what to avoid.

Based on our research and recall data fromCPSC, avoid dishwasher brands such as Viking, Maytag, Kenmore, JennAir and Bosch Benchmark. Maytag recalled 1.7 million dishwashers in 2015, and GE recalled 1.3 million units in 2012. Brands like Frigidaire and MOOSOO have low consumer ratings for poor customer service and performance.

Wondering why these brands were ranked as some of the worst? Do you wonder why people have a hard time with them? We take a look at which dishwasher brands you want to avoid... and whether it's really that important to avoid them.

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13 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid (Based on Recall Data) | Improved house (2)

Dishwashers should be avoided based on historical data and recalls

SoDiscontinued modelsTo risk somethingNumber of withdrawn unitsRemember the date
Viking7The part may overheat and cause a fire hazard17 3006. august 2015
Majtag1Failure of the heating element can cause a fire1,7 mio3. June 2010
GE21Fire hazard and property damage reports1, 3 mio9. august 2012
Cove's unit1Fire hazard and failure of the heating element42.00016. June 2021

How important is the brand of the dishwasher?

Dishwasher branding only goes back to a certain point, but knowing your brand's reputation can make a huge difference in what you can expect. Although you can get a great dishwasher from a brand you don't like, the truth is that there are many correlations when it comes to brand reports and problems.

The best way to explain the reputational impact of a dishwasher is that it is similar to buying a brand of car. Yes, the brand name has a lot of influence. But is that the absolute basis for the dishwasher's ability to do its job? Absolutely not.

How did we find out which dishwasher brands are the worst on the market?

Defining a "bad" company can be done in many different ways. We chose a holistic approach with reliability and customer satisfaction factors at the fore. If we notice that a particular brand of dishwasher has specific problems or has an exceptional reputation, we will mention that as well.

Is it worth buying an unbranded dishwasher?

There are now many faceless companies offering discount dishwashers on sites like Amazon. It's tempting to save a lot of money on a new machine, but that's itNOclever. Unmarked dishwashers are unmarked for a reason. Companies that try to sell their products without attaching their name to them will not maintain their quality. They are looking for quick money.

If you get an unbranded dishwasher, you will also run into some problems if or when it breaks. Since it doesn't have a specific name, you won't be able to find spare parts for it. In fact, you won't even be able to *know* if the parts you need are universal or not.

In other words, buying a different brand or "aftermarket" dishwasher is a good way to pay less up front, only to find yourself in a situation where replacement is needed in good time. It's better to cry about the price once and buy once than to cry many times over a few terrible machines.

13 dishwasher brands to avoid

Now that we have established the importance of brands, we can begin to talk about the results of our research. Are you in doubt about which dishwasher brands to avoid? Don't worry, we've done the research. Here's what we discovered, in no particular order.

1. JennAir

JennAir is one of those brands where we've had a lot of mixed results. Some claim to be very reliable, but others just aren't. We decided to go with reports that used hard numbers.Yale Apparatus Examinationrevealed that 38.3 percent of all JennAir dishwashers ordered from the company required service and repair within 12 months of purchase.

The study cited JennAir asthethe most incredible brand of washing machine they sold. Customers report problems with the drying function on models such asJennAir® 24" Built-in Dishwasher - Panel Ready. Another common customer complaint is that the third rack is not as useful as the main rack and gets in the way.

According todoes CSPC, 4 models of JennAir dishwashers have been recalled due to cord fire hazards, reason enough to avoid them

Models with negative reviews

  • JennAir Euro-Style TriFecta 24" Top Control Built-in Dishwasher
  • JennAir 24 inch panel built-in dishwasher
  • Built-in JennAir Top Control tank in stainless steel

2. Bosch

13 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid (Based on Recall Data) | Improved house (3)

The Bosch Benchmark may not have as high a failure rate as the JennAir, but they are not without problems. In fact, they came in second on the least trustworthy scale in the exact same Yale Appliance survey as JennAir. That said, only 70 units were sold during the study, and 25 of those required service or repair during those 12 months.

Roughly speaking, this corresponds to an error rate of 35.71 percent. So if you have e.gBosch, expect to put some cash aside for a repair or two… you know, just like that.

The worst rated Bosch dishwasher is24 inch ADA 300 series front controland customers complain about the lack of space and long wash cycles. Common customer complaints about Bosch dishwashers include a poor drying cycle and self-loading problems.Recent memoriesfire risk, space problems and poor drying function are reasons to avoid Bosch dishwashers.

Models with negative reviews

  • Bosch 300 Series ADA 24 inch dishwasher with front control
  • Bosch SHX863WD5N 24 Inch Fully Integrated Dishwasher
  • Bosch SHE3AR72UC Ascenta 24 Inch Full Console Dishwasher
  • Bosch 800 Series 24" ADA Top Control dishwasher

3. Miele

13 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid (Based on Recall Data) | Improved house (4)

While Miele is generally perceived as a quality brand, the brand seems to have missed the mark when it comes to dishwashers. A study by Yale Appliance found that 20 percent of all Miele appliances required a service session within a year of purchase. It is uncertain whether this is due to the model in question spinning, or whether Miele has just had a bad year.

Common customer complaints about Miele dishwashers include problems with the "Start/Stop" button and the water supply valve.Consumers also reportexcessive noise during draining and that parts such as the rear protective plate do not fit the rest of the dishwasher. Miele dishwashers are cheap, but their low customer service rating and bad reviews are a sign that they should be avoided.

So here's a mixed bag. On the one hand, you want a washing machine that doesn't die. On the other hand, sometimes you may need repairs even if it is early. It's up to you to decide if the endurance is worth it.

Models with negative reviews

  • Miele 18″ Fully integrated built-in dishwasher
  • Miele G6625SCU Built-in dishwasher 24"
  • Miele G7566SCVI Built-in dishwasher 24"

4. Fisher & Paykel

Admittedly, we weren't entirely familiar with the brand, but it seems like it's an independent brand for a reason. The reason, of course, is that Fisher & Paykel turned out to be a luxury line with a high price and lots of problems. A study by Yale Appliance found that 29 percent of all people who bought one of their washing machines required repairs within a year.

What makes it such a huge slap in the face is that Fisher & Paykel is a premium brand and that means the machine components sell for a higher price. Repairs will be a big hit in your pocket.

TheFisher Paykel DD24DCTX7 Drawer for plates 24"is one of the weakest models, with customers complaining about drainage problems. Other common customer complaints include space issues, faulty drawers and short lifespans. Fisher & Paykel dishwashers haveServicerate 9,9%. According toYale Unit,and may not be worth the service and repair costs.

Models with negative reviews

  • Fisher Paykel DD24DCTX7 Drawer for plates 24"
  • Fisher Paykel DD24DAX9 double drawer
  • Fisher Paykel DD24SAX9N 24 Inch Drawer Full Console Dishwasher
  • Fisher Paykel DD24DV2T9N Professional Series 24" Built-in

5. Viking

Viking?! Really? Yes it is true. Viking is usually considered a common, popular brand of appliances, especially refrigerators and freezers. However, it is becoming clear that their range of dishwashers could use a little overhaul.Consumer Reportslisted Viking as one of the least reliable brands on the market this year, despite Yale Appliance claiming otherwise.

Unfortunately, it looks like Viking's problems aren't all about reliability at this point. ManyCustomers' opinioncomplains about the defective drying cycle and poor customer service in Viking dishwashers. Other reports say their Viking dishwasher failed upon arrival or within a few months of use.According to CSPC,

Viking recalled 17,300 dishwashers due to a defective part and fire hazard in 2015, a major reason to consider another brand.

Models with negative reviews

  • Viking 5 Series 24 inch built-in dishwasher
  • Fully integrated 24 inch stainless steel Viking dishwasher
  • Viking FDWU524 24 inch built-in dishwasher
  • Viking VDWU324SS Viking 24″ Built-in dishwasher

6. Electrolux

13 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid (Based on Recall Data) | Improved house (5)

Consumer Reportsnot only did they highlight Viking as a low-rated company in their survey. Electrolux was also named one of the least reliable of all dishwasher brands tested, with a rating of absolutely "POOR". This means you should expect a repair call sooner rather than later, and you may need to replace your device sooner.

In addition to shockingly low reliability, the survey also found that those with Electrolux appliances were the least satisfied with both their purchase and the customer service they received.Consumer Reportstherefore they have stated that they honestly cannot advise people to buy Electrolux.

Models such asElectrolux 24 Inch Tall Built In Tub Dishwasherhas negativeCustomers' opinionwhich refers to ineffective washing. Customers report the need for service several times a year and constant noisy operation. There are countless 1-star reviews of Electrolux dishwashers, and it's best to listen to customer reports and avoid them altogether in this case.

Models with negative reviews

  • Electrolux 24 Inch Tall Built In Tub Dishwasher
  • Electrolux Icon 24" built-in dishwasher with Perfect Dry system
  • Electrolux EI24ID50QS 24″ Built-in dishwasher

7. Samsung

13 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid (Based on Recall Data) | Improved house (6)

Rounding out our list of the worst dishwasher brands is a name we all know: Samsung. It must be admitted that Samsung makes the so-calledhanshigh-tech equipment, including smart refrigerators and mobile phones. Most of the time, this brand is practically synonymous with quality work. Unfortunately,this does not apply to their dishwashers.

According to Samsung, the problem is reliabilityConsumer Reports.It was one of only three brands to receive a "POOR" rating from the publisher, noting that it received the lowest rating they could get. Not what you'd expect from Samsung, so until they start working on quality control, look at other brands instead.

Customers' opinionToSamsung Chef Collection dishwasher in stainless steelare generally negative and indicate a need for ongoing servicing. The most common customer complaints are starting difficulties, problems with washing dishes and a faulty drying function.

Models with negative reviews

  • Samsung Chef Collection dishwasher in stainless steel
  • Samsung 55-Decibel Top Control 24-Inch Built-In Dishwasher
  • Samsung 24 inch dishwasher with front control in stainless steel
  • Samsung StormWash 48-Decibel Top Control 24-Inch Built-In Dishwasher

8. Frigidaire

To be honest, we felt a little conflicted about including the Frigidaire here. Not least because it is the parent company of Electrolux. This is also because Frigidaire actually has excellent reliability ratings despite being the parent company of Electrolux. So when it comes to reliability, you can definitely expect the best from this company.

So what's the problem with Frigidaire, you ask?It is customer service and support that customers get. People have said that the company's help is extremely difficult to get hold of, and customer service reps often don't seem knowledgeable about their own products. Anecdotal evidence suggests they can also have terrible manners.

ManyCustomers' opinionfound that new Frigidaire dishwashers have problems with the water inlet valve. Other common complaints are the lack of space inside the Frigidaire dishwasher and poor heat settings. Meandishwasher repair cost $230, so it is worth avoiding Frigidaire dishwashers due to the high service rate.

Models with negative reviews

  • Frigidaire 24″ Built-in dishwasher
  • Frigidaire 62 decibel front control 24 inch built in dishwasher
  • Frigidaire FFBD1821MB Built-in dishwasher 18"
  • Frigidaire Gallery FGID2466QD 24″ Built-in Dishwasher

9. Insignier

Insignia is an affordable line of devices that Best Buy makes, but many flaws and poor workmanship make this brand worth avoiding. Customers report dirty dishes, long cycles and problems with the water inlet valve in Insignia dishwashers. The drying function in Insignia dishwashers can in some cases fail and leave dishes wet at the end of the cycle.

It can be difficult to determine the end of the cycle, as the display on some Insignia models is not clear. Low costs are tempting, but Insignia dishwashers don't offer as much of a return on your investment as brands like Whirlpool and Thermador.

Negative reviewsToBuilt-in dishwasher Insignia Top Control with built-in handlereport problems with standing water and noisy operation. Stagnant water in the dishwasher can cause problems with mould. Bad customer reviews and reports of consistent service are good reasons to avoid Insignia dishwashers.


MOOSOO dishwashers are cheap but contain cheap parts and are prone to frequent problems. Dishwasher parts often fail, but replacement parts are generally easy to find. However, this is not the case with MOOSOO dishwashers, as parts are hard to come by in the US.

You can have2 years guranteefor the MOOSOO dishwasher, but after that you're out of luck. MOOSOO dishwasher parts are not always reliable and are prone to breakage. Maybe the investment is worth it if you have technicians in the area or know how to repair, but otherwise MOOSHOO dishwashers are worth avoiding.

The brand is best known for its laptopMOOSOO countertop dishwasher, inegative reviewsindicate problems with packaging and height. MOOSOO dishwashers may work well for single customers, but reviews indicate that they are only ideal for light loads.

Models with negative reviews

  • MOOSOO countertop dishwasher - portable dishwasher
  • MOOSOO MX30 stainless dishwasher

11. Magic cook

Magic Chef dishwashers may be tempting due to their affordable prices, but they are far from practical and reliable. They specialize in miniature dishwashers such asMini tabletop dishwasher with the option of placing 3 disheswhich has a small capacity. Mini dishwashers are convenient for some homeowners, butCustomers' opinionfor Magic Chef dishwashers indicates frequent failures and short life.

Typical problems with Magic Chef dishwashers are that the dishes are hardly cleaned and fail after just a few times. Of course, these complaints also belong to some positive reviews, but critical reviews of Magic Chef dishwashers generally point to similar complaints.

Get one star reviews onStorage for the homereference problems with pump failure and fixing the dishwasher to the worktop. The low cost of Magic Chef dishwashers is not worth the risk of frequent repairs, whether under warranty or not.

Models with negative reviews

  • Tabletop dishwasher Magic Chef for 6 dishes
  • Magic Chef 21 Inch Black Electronic Countertop Dishwasher 120V
  • Magic Chef MCSCD6W3

12. Danby

Danby dishwashers are cheap butcritical customer reportssuggests that it may be due to cheap construction. Common problems with Danby dishwashersinclude heater failures and drain problems. Most dishwashers need servicing at some point, but it is difficult with Danby models as parts are hard to find.

Danby dishwashers also make noise andoperates at 52 dBAinstead of an average of 46 dBA. Models such asBordopvaskemaskine Danby DDW621WDBthey are known to stop working in as little as a year in some cases.

Customers typically get a one-year warranty on Danby dishwashers, but negative reviews indicate that this is not enough. Don't let the low prices fool you, better dishwasher brands like Thermador and Café Appliances are worth considering.

Models with negative reviews

  • Danby 18" dishwasher with built-in 52 dBA digital control
  • Danby Smart Dishwasher 18 Inch Front Control 120V
  • Bordopvaskemaskine Danby DDW631SDB

13. SPT

SPT dishwashers appeal to homeowners looking for a simple countertop, but that can be a mistake. Model as18 inch white smart dishwasher with front controlis an example of a cheaply made device with manynegative customer reviews. Durability is important for a dishwasher, but several customer reviews suggest that it is simply not possible with an SPT dishwasher.

Spare parts are often required for SPT dishwashers but are not readily available. Common complaints include poor wash cycles, drainage issues and cheap parts.

Perhaps the biggest problem with SPT dishwashers is that many professionals do not work on them. That may change if SPT dishwashers become more popular, but for now you're out of luck if it stops working.

Models with negative reviews

  • 18 inch SPT smart dishwasher with white front control
  • SPT 21 Inch Silver 120 Volt Portable Countertop Dishwasher
  • SPT SD-9254SSA Energy Star 18 in. Built-in dishwasher

Which dishwasher brands are the most reliable?

Now that you know the worst, let's see who topped the lists of the best dishwasher brands. As we mainly focus on getting to the point of bad brands, we will only pick the top three according to our research.

1. Jacuzzi

13 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid (Based on Recall Data) | Improved house (7)

To some extent, this should not be surprising. Whirlpool's reputation for reliability in all areas precedes it, and frankly, it's well-deserved. A study by Yale Appliance found that less than three percent of all Whirlpool appliances sold ever required a service call within the first 12 months of purchase.

Whirlpool dishwashers are reliableServicerate 4,1%.according to the Yale unit. Their service reliability index has improved since 2017 when it was 4.3%. Whirlpool dishwashers often contain stainless steel, which generally increases the durability of each unit.

While there were conflicting sources for other brands, almost every resource we used agreed that Whirlpool was incredibly reliable. What's more, Whirlpool users are among the most satisfied with their purchases, as well as the quality of service they receive from their employees. Not bad at all!

2. Termador

Met byConsumer ReportsAs one of the most reliable dishwashers, Thermador is another classic example of what happens when you combine excellent engineering with quality materials. It's just good and reliability remains off the charts. If you're looking for one of the least likely washing machines to break in five years, this is it.

Thermador dishwashers are easy to trust and it's no surprise that they haveServicerate 3,6%.. They have always had a good reputation, but Thermador has improved their reliability by improving their service rate by almost a quarter15% within the last 4 years.Models like Thermador - Top Control Smart 24 inch built-in dishwasherhaving a great timeCustomers' opinionand they are worth the investment.

What we love about Thermador is that it offers great value and amenities along with a great price. If you're worried about customer service, don't be. Their satisfaction rates are through the roof.

3. GE

13 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid (Based on Recall Data) | Improved house (8)

GE Appliances has been around since most of our grandparents were young, and perhaps that long history makes them such a great brand. Despite all these years, GE shows no signs of slowing down or sacrificing quality. It's worth talking about, don't you think?

GE is also one of the best when it comes to the variety of models, as well as the number of advances they have helped bring. Because of the excellent reliability and many features that GE Appliances has packed into their washing machines, we're pretty sure they deserve a shout out on our list.

zServicerate 12,2%., you always know you can trust GE dishwashers. It doesn't matter that GE dishwashers can be found everywhere and that their parts are readily available should something go wrong. However, this should not be a problem given the improvement in service prices,Customers' opinionand construction in the last few years.

4. Cafe equipment

Café Appliances is not as well known as Whirlpool, but their dishwashers are efficient and well-reviewed. According toYale unit, Bare10.7% of Café Appliances dishwashers required service. Some of their models, such asTop Control 24 Inch Stainless Steel Smart Dishwasherrecommended by82% of Home Depot customers.

Another well-regarded model is the so-called24 inch platinum glass top control built in tall tub dishwasherhas 604 five-star ratings through Home Depot. The reliability index for Café Hvidevare dishwashers hasimproved by 8.1%since 2019. It should come as no surprise that Café Appliances are so reliable since GE owns them.

Customers praise the quiet operation of 5dBa and the spacious interior of the Café dishwashers. A high reliability rating, lots of good reviews and a handy third stand are reasons to consider Café units.

5. A lot

Asko may not be a household name yet, but their dishwashers have a good reputation and a high reliability rating. A study by Yale Appliance showed that Asko dishwashers have approxServicerate 12,5%.. It makes sense that Asko dishwashers are so reliable given their steel construction and durable parts.

Customers' opinionfor flagship models, e.gAsko DBI663THS Built-in dishwasher 24″praise Asko dishwashers for great performance and longevity. Ash dishwashers are equipped with high quality parts and are known to last an average of 10 years. Customers praise Asko dishwashers for their large capacity, and models such asWanna Asko Extra Tall Design XXLare unique because of the extra storage space.

Service prices for Asko dishwashers have been steadily decreasing since 2017. According to Yale Appliance, service prices for Asko dishwashers have increased from54.2% to 12.5%in the last 4 years.

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13 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid (Based on Recall Data) | Improved house (9)

What to look for when buying a dishwasher?

A dishwasher is an expensive purchase, and you don't want to be stuck with one that doesn't fit your home. Factors such as wash cycles, capacity, extra features, maintenance and cycle volume should be considered. Let's look at the most important factors when choosing a dishwasher.

1. Washing cycles

Not all dishwashers are equipped with different wash cycles.It is ideal to choose a dishwasher with light, heavy and regular wash cycles. Many homeowners choose dishwashers with special cycles such as pots and pans and economy.

In general, dishwashers with multiple wash cycles perform better than frame models. However, this is not always the case, but it is an advantage to have a device with cycles for several situations. Homeowners who often use several types of dishes or have children may benefit from a multi-cycle dishwasher.

2. Capacity

Size matters when it comes to dishwashers, and it can make a huge differencehow many things to wash. Small capacity dishwashers limit the number of dishes that can be washed at one time. Families or homes with many residents find it difficult to cope with a small dishwasher.

Look for a dishwasher with a capacity that suits your needs and the amount of washing. Many dishwashers have extra shelves and compartments to improve capacity. Choose a dishwasher with a large capacity and efficient design to maximize the number of dishes you can wash.

3. Functions

Modern dishwashers have more features than ever, and many include "smart" features.Everyone from LG and Samsung to Frigidaire now makes smart dishwashers. Being able to monitor your dishwasher via your phone or devices like Alexa appeals to many modern homeowners.

Smart dishwashers included$600 to $1000or more and is equipped with several useful functions. You get access to information that standard dishwashers do not provide, such as remote stop or start of a cycle. Users can get notifications and updates from smart dishwashers, and many consumers find it worth paying extra.

Consider a smart dishwasher whether you have existing smart home features or not. Smart dishwashers work perfectly with smart systems such as Nest, Google Assistant and Alexa.

4. Silent operation

Homeowners may agree that noisy dishwashers are a nuisance, but there is no shortage of them on the market.Noisy dishwashers can invade a small or open house. TheWhirlpool WDTA50SAKZis one of the quietest dishwashers on the market, especially if you choose a pot and pan cycle.

It's hard to tell if a dishwasher is noisy until you test it. Pay special attention to the reviews and look for such a dishwasherranging from 44dB to 49dB. Don't buy a dishwasher if it runs at 50dB or higher because that's as loud as modern dishwashers.

5. Low maintenance costs

Low-maintenance dishwashers are what every homeowner might want, but not all.Most good dishwashers come with an integrated disposal system, which in itself can minimize a lot of maintenance. Choose a dishwasher that contains stainless steel if you want it to last a long time and resist wear and tear.

Among them are dishwasher brands such as Thermadorleast likely to break within 5 years. You can expect your dishwasher to last 10 years or more if you choose a low-maintenance brand like Thermador.

Is Hisense a good dishwasher brand?

13 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid (Based on Recall Data) | Improved house (10)

Hisense is a good brand and manufacturers of dishwashers that perform well.Models like the Hisense HUI6220XCUS have garnered many rave reviews despite a few problems with the cutlery basket. The $579 price tag is tempting, and the HUI6220XCUS has some great wash cycle options.

Other models like the Hisense HV6120UK are affordable and efficient, but have more issues. The HV6120UK's biggest concerns are energy efficiency and water consumption, and that can add to your bills. Overall, the Hisense is a good option if you want a simple dishwasher that gets the job done, but it's worth spending the extra money on a brand like Thermador.

Related questions

What is the longest dishwasher brand?

The longest-lasting dishwasher brand is Miele, which lasts almost twice as long as the standard. You can expect a Miele dishwasher to last up to 15 years. By comparison, a typical dishwasher lasts about seven to eight years. This also includes regular maintenance.

What is the quietest dishwasher on the market?

Tired of the noise of a running dishwasher? Currently, the quietest dishwasher on the market is the Bosch 800 series SHPM88Z75N, which reaches around 40 decibels during operation. By comparison, this is about the same level as a silent library or most bird sounds.

How long should dishwashers run?

Dishwashers are sufficient for approxon average 10 yearswith frequent use. Some dishwashers can fail in 5 years or less if you have a problem with hard water or if the machine has defective parts. It is worth replacing the dishwasher after 10 years instead of replacing parts.

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  • How to Attach a Dishwasher to a Granite Countertop
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