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Here are ten of the most underrated horror films released in the last decade. Some may be titles you completely missed and never heard of, others may be titles you know about but haven't played yet. Either way, it's a shame that many of these titles flew under the radar after their respective releases, as they're all absolutely worth coming back and playing.

Apsulov: End of the Gods

Apsulov: End of the Godsis a sci-fi horror game released in 2019 that combines Viking history and Norse mythology with futuristic gameplay elements. In addition to its unique subspecies,Apsulovit also boasts great voice acting and smooth graphics, making the game's overall presentation very strong. This high-quality presentation carries over to the game's environmental design, which is stunning and makes exploration worthwhile.

Apsulovwas developed by the Swedish team Angry Demon Studio. As with their previous games,Unforgiven: The Northern Anthem, DoApsulov, the studio has used aspects of Norse mythology to enhance the game's horror, and it pays off big. Instead of seeming cliche or trivial, the scary Norse elements feel legitimate, almost as if it's a dark folkloric tale told to the player by a Nordic native. All this doesApsulovone of the most underrated horror films of the last decade.

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Broken pieces

Broken piecesit might not be the creepiest horror game on this list, but there's no doubt that the game's horror elements are used alongside adventure and puzzle mechanics to create something that actually feels unique and fresh. Horror fans are always looking for something a little different to shake up the genre. If you are referring to the desire to experience something fresh, thenBroken piecesmight be the title for you, even if it's just tangential horror.

Armed with a strong presentation and decent voice acting,Broken piecesUnfortunately, it flew under the radar when it was released last year. It's definitely worth picking up though, even for the creative gameplay mechanics alone.Broken piecesis a title that will appeal to gamers who have been playing since the early 2000s, and it's also one of the most underrated horror games released in the last decade.

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Silver chains

Silver chainsis a very typical horror title in terms of setting and gameplay loop. Released in 2021, the game sees the player character crash a car and pass out before waking up in a creepy abandoned mansion. As the player traverses a terrifying environment, they must avoid the Mother; a terrifying creature that endlessly pursues the protagonist with aggression.

The game does a good job of making the player feel like they are constantly being watched. It's also a short experience that allows you to keep feeling anxious throughout. The level design of the mansion is also well done, emphasizing a deliberate sense of confinement as you are hunted by the creature lurking within.

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Yuoniputs players in the rather unique situation of a child stuck in a terrifying game of hide and seek. The lore contained within this title is mesmerizing, as is the sun-kissed Japanese aesthetic that makes up the game's setting. The use of overexposed sunlight gives the game a distinctive look and creates stunning visual effects that complement the game's graphical style.

YuoniNor is it the kind of horror that holds your hand and shows you exactly where to go all the time, where game progression relies on the player's intuition. It's also a fairly short experience, lasting around four hours, meaning you could potentially complete it in one intense encounter. That said, there are far worse ways to spend an evening than experiencing one of the most underrated horror films released in the last decade all at once.

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The beast within

The beast withinuses the exciting concept of splitting the plot into two very different time periods. The combination of modern and historical settings along with the high-quality presentation of the game creates striking visuals, and the 3D-scanned environments also help to increase immersion.

If you're a fan of jump scares, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of themThe beast within. The high frequency of terror combined with the thrillingly disturbing appearance of the game's enemies makes players look forward to spending time withThe beast within. All this makes it one of the most underrated horror films of the last decade.

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Martha is dead

There is a lot aboutMartha is deadmaking it one of the most underrated horror films released in the last decade. From the captivating story, to brilliant voice acting, to brilliant graphics,Martha is deadpresents itself as a contender for heavy hits such asResident Evil Villageinstead of just being another first-person horror game. It also features interesting camera mechanics and a series of cutscenes that use a creepy puppet show to give the characters extra depth.

The game also features extremely bloody and depraved scenes of violence. However, it should be noted that they differ depending on the selected version of the game. Although these internal sequences are still fully intact in the PC and Xbox versions of the game, both PS4 and PS5, there is no interactivity in any of the game's numerous mutilation sequences, in fact they can even be skipped entirely if the player chooses.

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The other 104

The other 104however, it was an extremely satisfying game. This achieves a sense of satisfaction in several different ways. First, it's the kind of game that can take a while to get through the first time you play it. But once you're familiar with the game's layout, the next playthrough will be a much shorter experience now that you know what you're doing.

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In the opposite directionThe other 104encounters thanks to the rather original mechanics of death. Each time Matthew dies and returns to the bathtub in room 104, the game becomes more difficult. Enemies become more aggressive and the environment becomes more difficult to escape, which means that death in this game not only has an interesting gameplay impact, but also has some real consequences.

Other than that, the game is worth checking out for its exciting story, brilliant enemy designs, and amazing audio. ConnectionThe other 104the hauntingly beautiful soundtrack and its terrifying, well-implemented sound effects create a palpable sense of tension building throughout the experience, making it one of the most underrated horror games released in the last decade.

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Charons trapper

Charons trapperprobably contains the least horror on this list of the most underrated horror films released in the last decade, though it's still worth checking out.Charons trapperit takes its name from the stairs in the Greek theater that connect the center of the stage with the orchestra, which characters from the underworld usually used. The game follows the story of Desmond, who must descend into the depths of hell to bury the past of a tyrannical government, making the title quite fitting.

The game boasts great graphics and its dark, intriguing story full of twists and turns is worth exploring. While it may be far-fetched to call it a simple horror game,Charons trapperuses classic horror elements such as puzzles, jump scares and a creepy story that are used to create tension and atmosphere.

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Although the game has some scary moments, horror doesn't seem to be the main focus, instead it plays more like a thriller. There is a short horror section at the end that lasts about 20 minutes before returning to the mystery.Charons trapperis a solid game that offers a fun narrative with elements of horror. However, players should not expect an endless horror fest and should be prepared for a more thriller-oriented story.

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Those who stayed

Those who stayedThe action takes place in the small town of Dormont, where a man named Edward must make his way through a mysterious parallel dimension to discover the town's secrets. Edward must use light sources to his advantage to progress through the game while avoiding the darkness that is home to dangerous creatures waiting to kill him. The town of Dormont is shrouded in darkness, with only flashing streetlights and Edward's flashlight guiding him through the eerie, deserted streets.

One of the most impressive aspectsThose who stayedis its atmosphere. He manages to maintain a palpable sense of unease throughout its brief duration. The enemies in the game also add to this anxiety due to their erratic, partially blurred, jutting movements. The game's sound design also helps build the atmosphere, and while the game's graphics aren't the most polished, lighting has been cleverly used here to create incredibly enticing visuals.

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Reworked Bloodrayne

Do you want to revisit one of the coolest games of the PlayStation 2 generation in 2023? Of course. As much as I'd love to see a full-scale remake come out one day, this remaster is probably as close as it's going to get for a while.Reworked Bloodraynecaptures the nostalgia of smashing through hordes of enemies like you were in a Robert Rodriguez movie, complete with a huge amount of slow motion sequences.

Video games have clearly come a long way since the original was releasedBloodrayne, and it's quite evident when you play this remaster. That being said, the game has a bloody, unmistakable appeal that put a big smile on my face during my time with this remaster. Fingers crossed for a full remake from scratch, but in the meantime this build is worth checking out and is definitely one of the most underrated horror games released in the last decade.

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You got it; our list of the most underrated horror films released in the last decade. What do you think of our selection, is there anything that has been missed and should be included? Hit me up on Twitter@DanBoyd95Let me know.

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